Spring Cleaning in the Closet

Retinol, Retin-A, Vitamin A . . .what is it and why should you know about it?

I’ve sorted through all of my winter clothes and clothes I don’t wear anymore to prep my closet for spring. I have to admit I’m pretty good about letting go of things (aka donating) but it can just take me awhile to get to the point of donating, if that makes sense.

I’ll let my closet fill up for MONTHS and then donate nearly 6 bags of clothes in one day.

Justin and I share a closet and while I’d love the layout to be a little different, right now i’m just trying to make simple changes to implement a system that will work. I was having trouble with shoes being all over the house, so I moved the laundry baskets (we have 3!) to a new spot which allowed for about 50 inches of space for two shoe racks.

I found very inexpensive, easy to assemble shoe racks at Target (similar) and they are perfect for what I needed.

When I’m sorting through my clothes, I try hard to ask myself if that item is something I really need to keep. If I’m waivering about an item, but I’m fairly certain I can live without it, I’ll store it in a bag “out of sight” so I can see if I miss it or not.

I’ve never, ever gone looking for an item that I stored away. 

Amazon is one of my go-to places for inexpensive organizational finds. Here are a few items I’ve bought over the years to keep my closet somewhat tidy!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer – Not only is this a good place to store my statement jewelry, but it also acts as a divider between my husbands dress shirts and my dresses.

Garment Bags – These are great to visually contain items that you want to keep in your closet but don’t need to be seen. I use a few for dresses, and otherwise use them for my husbands suits that don’t get worn very often!

Very tall Shoe Rack – If I had the upright space I would love to use something like this for my shoes.

Velvet hangers – These keep my clothes neatly hung, and they are very sturdy.

Handheld steamer – I used to store this in my laundry room but now I’ve moved it over to my closet. Since I use it at least once a week, it made sense to keep it close to my clothes!

3 Basket Laundry sorter – One for darks, one for lights, and one for “special care” items. This makes laundry so much easier since I don’t have to spend any time sorting.

More than anything, being thoughtful about purchases, and simply putting things where they need to go is the easiest way to stay on top of my closet clutter. Also, I shared a bit more about storing my winter clothes on this post, if you care to see more of the process.

p.s. Here are a few ideas to refresh your home, and my favorite places to shop.


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Sam says · 04.10.19

We have a 3 basket laundry sorter and it’s great. Thinking about switching to the velvet hangers, but haven’t ordered them yet!

Hilary says · 04.10.19

So much YES to the jewelry organizer. I used to keep all my jewelry in a box and it was a jumbled mess. I went to container store and got an earring organizer, bracelets, necklace tree, etc. and now I can clearly see everything that I have. I can’t believe I waited so long to do something so simple!

Claire says · 04.10.19

love the jewelry organizer that you got! what a great idea! i think i might need to grab one as well ! it’s way more practical than storing everything in a box!


Sarah B says · 04.10.19

We sort our laundry the exact same way with lights, darks, and “special care.” I agree that it is a game changer! Love your idea about the “out of sight” bag when you’re on the fence.

Kate says · 04.10.19

Try it! 🙂

Krista says · 04.10.19

Where are those earrings from that you’re wearing? I love them!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.10.19

Ooh, now I’m reminded that I need to get going on my spring cleaning! I have tons to clear out and declutter… better start asap! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Marta says · 04.10.19

I’m really good at getting rid of things as well but my biggest problem is storage. I never know how to store things neatly and with easy access. It doesn’t help that my wardrobe and dresser are old, doors and drawers are hard to open and the available space doesn’t fit my needs very well. Definitely gonna check out some of the things you listed like the jewelry organizer.

Gena says · 04.10.19

I love the idea of keeping the steamer in the closet!!! Never thought of it but it makes SO much sense!

Kate says · 04.10.19

Yes when I moved it in there I was like “duh”. 🙂

Christina says · 04.10.19

This comment isn’t meant to sound mean or judgmental, but let’s be honest for a second… you buy A LOT of clothes. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a couple years now, and regardless of the whole “quality over quantity” you still purchase new items very frequently. I think it would be highly beneficial to see what items you’ve decided to get rid of. Just a thought.

Kate says · 04.10.19

It’s an extension of my brand to share great finds seasonally. Most of the items I’m donating are past season.

Kelly Parsons says · 04.10.19

Thank you so much for the tips. I organized and picked up in my closet today! I need desperately to get rid of some stuff. I am hoping your blog pushes me to do so! Thank you!

Liz says · 04.14.19

I love the jewelry organizer! What to do you use for non-statement/more delicate pieces, especially necklaces?

Leslie says · 05.10.19

When I switch my closet over I always hang the hangers the opposite way and then when I take out an item and wear it when it’s washed and I’m putting it back in the closet I hang the hanger the proper way. Hope that makes sense. Then at the end of the season when I’m changing my closet back I can see what items I never wore very easily and donate them.

Mary Lauren says · 05.24.19

Thank you for your information! The steamer link doesn’t work and I didn’t get any other hits when searching your site. I know you’ve put it on instagram, but I don’t know how long ago that was. Would you repost the brand/type? Thank you!

Emily May says · 04.04.23

I love all of these tips! Did I miss where the blouses are from that you are holding in the picture! 😍