Quick Hair Tip: How to get a soft swoop

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Creating a curve shape right along your hairline is the easiest way to “fake” a professional blowout. It looks as if a round brush was used to create volume and lift, and even if the end result is smoother and flatter to your head, having the hair swoop back from your face instead of being blown back away from your face is really flattering.

I wrote a step by step tutorial awhile back but thought I’d update with a short video demonstrating how to achieve this look! You’ll see a big difference in the before and after photos below!




I didn’t use any other tools than my blow dryer and brush for this final look. You may have noticed I used a paddle brush but you could use a round brush if you would like more lift and bend in the hair!

In the tutorial I used my T3 Cura blow dryer and a vented paddle brush. I applied a few smoothing/conditioning products beforehand, and you can learn how to do that here!


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Melanie says · 02.04.19

My cut is very similar. I have the widow’peak cowlick in front, so this drying method is perfect. Thanks for the tips!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.04.19

Ooh, this is a great tip – thank you, Kate! It’ll be useful on a day when my hair isn’t cooperating – sometimes I wake and it likes to curl the wrong way!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Angela says · 02.04.19

Getting the right swoop is so hard! I get a weird cowlick in the front so that always throws it off. I find those large round brushes great for creating a nice swoop.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Marta says · 02.04.19

That looks amazing and honestly, I feel like sometimes the only reason why I don’t really like my hair that day has everything to do with how it “sits” on my head so this tutorial is really gonna help me. I’m not too talented with hair but I’ll try and see how it goes haha

A Woman Of A Certain Age says · 02.04.19

I was wondering if you’ve tried the Revlon volume styler. It’s wonderful for those of us that aren’t a pro like you!


Annette Silveira says · 02.04.19

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a tutorial on how to manage the cowlick at the crown. On day two/three I can usually get away with wetting the front and restyling (today’s post is perfect) but the cowlick in back separates even though I rewet and dry. I spend so much time on it I may as well just wet my whole head.

Michele says · 02.04.19

Would this work on growing out bangs with a cowlick? Would product help encourage the hair to better swoop?

How did you get your bangs, which were awesome, to grow out so seamlessly? I was recently convinced by a new stylist to let go of my signature bangs, since the cowlick was really keeping them from being great. I’m struggling with recognizing myself without them and putting my hair up without the awkward chunk of growing out bangs looking sloppy. The stylist did a great cut to incorporate them and make them look like a face frame for the time being, but I’d love to know what you did to go from bangs to not almost overnight.

Deanna says · 02.04.19

Tried this today and loved it! Thank you so much for all the great ideas and hacks! Love reading your blog and following along on insta! xx

Steph Z says · 02.04.19

Is it possible to slow down the video when you are brushing and drying the bangs? The video is moving so fast, I can’t tell exactly which way I should be brushing….is it all back and forth or do you brush downward also? Thanks!

Kate says · 02.05.19

Unfortunately I cannot. You brush forward, left and right. Thanks!

Rebekah says · 02.10.19

Steph, you can slow the video down by clicking the Settings icon on the Youtube video. It will pop up with a menu that let’s you change the speed. Good luck with the swoop!

Sadie says · 02.11.19

Thanks Rebekah . . . that’s great to know! Very helpful :-).

Sadie says · 02.05.19

Great video! Thanks so much.
Trying to make a front sweep with my bangs has always been such a problem for me.
Really appreciate your video and tips.

Kim says · 02.05.19

Love this hair tutorial! I tried it today and am so happy with the result!

Charity says · 02.06.19

This couldn’t have been better timed on my part to see this post because my hair is definitely looking every bit of the “before” right now! Such a helpful quick tip – thanks Kate!!

Debra says · 02.07.19

This is an awesome tip ! I am new to your site and I have learned so much already !
I am definitely hair challenged and can’t even do a simple ponytail the right way ! So thanks for all of your tutorials. By the way does anyone ever tell you that you look like a blonde Amy Adams ??

Aseel says · 02.09.19


jyothi kare says · 07.06.19

really pretty images

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