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How to Look Awake and Refreshed (when you aren’t!!)

I’m often sharing easy, casual outfits on Instagram, click here to follow! This top is under $20 from Amazon and I’ve been wearing it on repeat the past few weeks.

How was your week? We had lots of sunshine all week which always makes for a happy week in my book. I got my first ever “dip” manicure at a nail salon earlier this week. I usually do my own nails but I wanted to try dip and got tired of being disappointed in gel manicures from nail salons! So far I’ve liked having the dip on my nails, but it definitely feels like a thick acrylic. I’ll keep you posted on how long it lasts and if I’d recommend it in case you are curious about dip/powder as well!

Did you catch my Saturday in the Life Vlog? I’d love to hear if you like that style of video and would like to see more. Let me know in the comments!

So very tempted by these rosy pink sneakers.

This spinach dip looks amazing!

I found new designs of tassel earrings at Madewell–they look beautiful! I love the color selection and am very tempted by the orange/red.

A beautiful navy winter jacket.

30% off calendars at Paper Source! I just flipped mine over to February this morning.

What a pretty, dainty little ring! Only $18!

I hope you have a good weekend! We’re expecting sunshine and warm temps while the rest of the country seems to be freezing! Stay warm if you are in the midwest!


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Tarah Solomon says · 02.01.19

Hi Kate!
I was hoping for a link to your shirt in this post…;)
Do you like it? Is it long enough?

Marina says · 02.01.19

Me too, I love it!

Kate says · 02.01.19

Yes it’s long enough to cover if you wear leggings!

Jenn says · 02.02.19

How do you find the sizing? True to what you would normally wear? Thanks!

Lindsey says · 02.01.19

Yes, I loved your Saturday in the Life vlog!!

Kate says · 02.01.19

thank you!

Angela says · 02.01.19

Can’t resist tassel earrings! Loving your hair in this pic!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Michele says · 02.01.19

I’m crushing on those sneakers, too!

Also, details on your new hair (or is it just a more “shrinky” curl?), please!! It’s that sweet spot between what I have now and your sister’s new hair and I WANT it!

Kammi says · 02.01.19

Hi Kate!
I love that shirt it looks cute and comfortable. What do you do with the extra fabric in back? Do you let it hang or tuck it in?

Kate says · 02.01.19

I let it hang 🙂

Cheryl says · 02.01.19

The dip manicure severely damaged my nails. They peeled, chipped, cracked and broke off for about 3 months after I had it removed. Also, when the dip manicure is finished, it does not dry immediately like gel and it can smear if you don’t let it dry completely before leaving the salon.

Brittani says · 02.02.19

I thought you had posted one time that you didn’t use dry shampoo? If so, how do you keep your hair from looking dirty for third day hair?
Thank you!!

A Woman Of A Certain Age says · 02.02.19

Links sminks, your hair looks FANTASTIC!! (And, so does the rest of you)

Tanya says · 02.03.19

Hi Kate! Just wanted to say I loved the vlog you posted. My favourite part was the honesty with eating dinner in front of the tv…love it. Also loved David’s seriousness about Mario Kart 🙂 so sweet.

Polly says · 02.05.19

I love the dip manicure! I’ve been doing it for over a year and my nails grow like weeds and never break. I’ve never had it chip, ever! I go every three weeks and I pay $45 and it’s worth every penny! I saw someone comment about it not drying and if that’s the case, your manicurist is doing something wrong. It’s literally dry in less than 5 minutes for me. No heat needed at all.

Kate says · 02.05.19

That ring is so adorable I definitely need to get myself one!

-Kate Christine

Katie says · 02.06.19

I *finally* ordered those J Crew ear jackets you’re wearing in the photo and I LOVE them! The quality is much better than I expected for the price. Thanks for the recommendation!