Remember Buying One Eyeshadow Instead of a Palette?

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In a world of eyeshadow palettes it can seem like single eyeshadows have gotten completely shoved to the side. I’m always excited about new eyeshadow palette releases even though it is literally the last thing I could possibly need in my vanity! Now listen up, I love an eyeshadow palette! I use one almost every day! They are great for travel and you can find some that are small but still offer a great variety for a few different eye looks, or you can find huge eyeshadow palettes with a wide variety of shades.

But sometimes a simple single eyeshadow is all you need! I recently purged my vanity table and these were the only single shadows I kept! And after seeing them again I was reminded about how great they are.

The most uncomplicated eye look can be done with a little bit of concealer or foundation and one single eyeshadow. Simply apply concealer or foundation on the eyelid as a base, to even out the skin on the eye and covering any discoloration. Then pick a color slightly darker than your skin to apply in a sweeping motion to the crease. It should take no time and you’ll have a dimensional look with only one shadow!

You can also use eyeshadow in a more pigmented way by applying it with a wet, tightly packed brush, like this smudge brush from Sephora.

The shadows are named and linked below if you care to check them out. Of the bunch, I love using Urban Decay Teased or L’Oreal Cafe Au Lait in my crease area. Urban Decay Laced is pretty all over the eye, as well as NARS Ashes to Ashes.

Urban Decay Secret Service is great for a darker eye or a smudge along the lower lash line. And if you are into shimmer, the Nude Glow from Maybelline is gorgeous!

NARS Ashes to Ashes. NARS- OndineUrban Decay-Secret Service. Urban Decay-Laced. Urban Decay-Teased. Maybeline New York-Nude Glow. L’Oreal Colour Rich-Cafe Au Lait.

Do you have one or two eyeshadows that you use regularly, or are you a palette kind of girl like me? 


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Courtney says · 01.14.19

I stopped buying palettes when I realized 90% of the time I just wear MAC Patina and if I’m feeling fancy, some Satin Taupe in the crease 😉

Terri says · 01.14.19

Satin taupe is my life

A Woman Of A Certain Age says · 01.14.19

Putting on my must buy list. Thanks!

Kim Babcock says · 01.14.19

Kate, I do exactly as you mentioned. A little concealer as an eye primer and then a single color all over or in the crease. I’ve been minimizing my whole house, makeup included!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.14.19

I personally prefer buying single eyeshadows instead of a palette. I’m fairly new to makeup, so I try to stick to simple shades. And a single colour is so much easier to bring out! 😀

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Laura says · 01.14.19

Totally a single shadow girl! Nice and simple and I hate being tied into buying all the colors that are in a pallette!

Allie says · 01.14.19

I use Stilla Kitten all the time, and some single NARS shadows that are discontinued. I’ll have to try Ashes to Ashes!

Hilary says · 01.14.19

Love these! On a regular morning I just use a single eye shadow because I don’t have time for more. I love Sephora’s shadow stick in Taupe- neutral enough to go with anything but interesting too. It’s super affordable too which is even better!

MomofTwoPreciousGirls says · 01.14.19

Can you link to the storage thing you have pictured for your palettes??

Kate says · 01.14.19 Reply
Andrea Porter says · 01.14.19

I found a couple on Amazon, too. Just search “palette organizer.” 🙂

Andrea Porter says · 01.14.19

I don’t like buying palettes because, inevitably, it has a few colors that are way off base for me. I have been a Mary Kay user (not a seller) for years and I love that you can buy the single colors and build your own palette. I know other brands do that, too. I recently bought a single shade from Sephora and saw that they offer the same option to build your own.

Natalie says · 01.15.19

Yes I do this too! I have the mini compact that holds 6 shadows and that is more than enough for me.

Allie says · 01.14.19

Sin by Urban Decay is a single shadow I always have in my makeup bag! It is the perfect shimmery neutral/pink color. When I’m traveling light I’ll use my bronzer in my crease and then use Sin on my lid and I’m done!

Geneva Jackson says · 01.14.19

I love the clear organizer used to store the pallets. Could you share a link for that?

Kate says · 01.14.19 Reply
Alexandra says · 01.14.19

I’ve fallen back in love with eyeshadow lately! I can’t stop watching tutorials on all these looks and now I want to buy every single shadow out there haha! | Alexandra

Angela says · 01.14.19

I have so many single eye shadows that I haven’t touched in a long time. You’ve reminded I should pull them out and decide which to toss and which I to keep and use more often!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

A Sparkle Of Grace says · 01.14.19

I’m a palette type of gal, but I do love a good Colour Pop single.
A Sparkle Of Grace

Mindy says · 01.14.19

I prefer to buy single eyeshadows, but they get lost in my makeup bag. Any suggestions for keeping those organized? I grab the palette because it’s easier than digging for the right color in the mornings.

Natalie Redman says · 01.15.19

Individual eyeshadows are something I just never think to buy but they are so handy!

cristy nottingham says · 01.15.19

the nars eyeshadows are beautiful and i love that they are so big and you get so much product xx

Michele says · 01.15.19

Unrelated, but do you find your hair knots easier with dry shampoo? I’m new to the dry shampoo/second day hair game, and as great as I think it is, I’m finding that the name of my neck gets terribly knotted. Is this typical?

Brittany says · 01.15.19

I was just thinking the other day how I never buy eyeshadow singles anymore! It would probably help simplify my morning routine if I had a few though!

genevieve says · 01.15.19

There are lots of niche brands coming out with beautiful, high quality and varied single eyeshadows. Sometimes it’s just one shade that you love – be it a purple, blue, green or teal. Or that perfect cool toned tauple.
Brands that do fabulous singles include:
Colour Pop (which ships internationally)
Dose of Colours
Sydney Grace
City Colour – I recently purchased 4 of these and they have all been sensational.
Cleo – gold/copper
Sandstorm – warm brown
All Eyes on Me – cool toned taupe
Tidepool – subtle mint shade.

mila says · 01.16.19

I do 🙂 have a whole box of them and love the way of use so different from palette haha

JENNIFER says · 01.16.19

Do you still use any of the Revlon Colorstay creme eye shadows?

Samantha Hees says · 01.17.19

I love eyeshadows but found I wasn’t wearing them because I hated finding them in my makeup area. I found a magnetic pallet at Sephora and put all my powders, eyeshadows and mini concealers in it. I can now travel lighter and use all my products!

Momzi says · 01.18.19

I thought that was NARS Fez and Ondine. Well .. I got one right

Caroline says · 01.18.19

To be honest I find it really rare I have an eyeshadow palette which I use every shade, there is always like one bright colour or dark colour that I won’t ever use, so I do actually use individuals quite often! That’s why sometimes I find Z Palettes a lot better because you can buy all those individuals but make them into your perfect palette! xx

Arianna says · 01.18.19

I used to love individual eyeshadows but now I much rather prefer palettes. They are so convenient and I love having all the shadows I need right in one place. I still every once in a while though!😊

Arianna |

jenna says · 01.21.19

haha you are so right girl! it’s a palette world out there now. I still keep few single shadows- though I keep giving them away. I think I only have like 3 colourpop supershock shadows, and one nyx pressed glitter one in “frostbite”, and one loreal pressed glitter too in “Iced latte

Amy says · 01.21.19

This year, as I’ve hit deep pan on the palette I bought for truly only 2 colors within in, I decided to find those 2 colors in singles instead. I am having a hard time finding the right combo within a palette. I have warm hazel eyes, and none of the marketing teams at any of the big companies want to market to my mauve, taupe, maroon needing self. They want to sell me red, orange, pink, and mustard. (Yea…no.) So yes! All the yes to going back to singles.

Fernanda Freitas Makeup says · 01.25.19

Top post. Love makeup!!

J says · 02.13.19

It also seems that, with some brands, they skimp on the quality when making palettes to make up for the cost of packaging and multiple shadows. I also prefer really light, shimmery shadows over dark and usually that means not caring for more than half of the shadows in the palette. Single is the way to go! For me, at least!