3 Gift Ideas that Aren’t Physical Objects

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Sometimes gifts that aren’t things you can necessarily wrap are the best gifts! Plus, these are good last minute options as well!

  1. A subscription to Shipt. I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this service. I’ve been using it for a few months and the convenience is a game-changer for me. I signed up during a whirlwind moment of listing out everything I could outsource in the middle of my busy season and I’m so happy that I did. All the shoppers I’ve had are wonderful and they are very careful to make sure they get exact items you request. If the store doesn’t have it, they text you to see what you would like instead. Overall, super easy to use and very much worth it in my mind. This would also make a fantastic gift for a new mom!
  2. A meal delivery service subscription. I’ve used a few different services throughout the years and each one has it’s high points. Blue Apron has the most unique food items, Hello Fresh has a mix of different and familiar common meal option, and Home Chef has the greatest variety (and they just added a customization option to their plans!). So, depending on what you are into, there is a meal delivery service for you! These are not only fun, but they get you out of a food rut. They are typically quick and simple, and there’s so little prep time that you start cooking right away.
  3. A gift certificate to a spa service. This is always welcomed in my my book! Whether it’s a massage or a pedicure, it’s one of those things that feels luxurious that is sometimes hard to prioritize for yourself!

If you are giving a gift that is a gift card, or something that you print out a subscription confirmation of, putting it in a cute pouch is a nice way to make it feel like a bit more of a gift!

Do you have any ideas for non-physical gifts that you give friends or family?


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.13.18

I think subscription services are a great idea! In fact, just today I decided to get my Secret Santa a beauty subscription box! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Ashley says · 12.13.18

My girlfriends and I like to gift experiences. We will plan a concert, or a weekend away each year.

Erin says · 12.13.18

We do gift cards in the amount to cover day trips- this year we have a local amusement park, kids museum and a zoo as gifts for family members.

Angela says · 12.13.18

Great ideas! I’ve never gotten a spa giftr card I didn’t use or enjoy and the meal delivery service would be a Godsend for me.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Gwen says · 12.13.18

We appreciate the gift of experiences – especially shared memories. Designing and wrapping a vintage movie ticket with lunch included is a fun idea. My kids enjoyed taking their grandparents for an outing as a Christmas gift.

Angie says · 12.13.18

I might get my husband a book on all the breweries in Wisconsin (because we live in WI :)), and the then the gift can be to take our time and visit some (or all) of the breweries!
Also, since my sisters and I have a few kids each, we decided that instead of getting every kid a gift, we’d all book a weekend at a waterpark together, where we can all enjoy ourselves. We are looking forward to it!

Kali James says · 12.13.18

Succulent Studios is a great gift to give to anyone who likes plants!

Bridget Rauch says · 12.16.18

My husband and I take our nieces and nephews shopping instead of having wrapped gifts under the tree. Then it’s more about the experience and time together. They each have a set amount of money to spend, and then they pick one want and one need. It is always a fun time, and we’re at the same time teaching them it’s not all about the gifts, but time together!

Claudia Pertzborn says · 01.06.20

Kate, can you share your Homechef code please?

Kate says · 01.06.20

Kate80 !