3 Festive Drugstore Lip Colors

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I couldn’t help myself and grabbed 3 super pigmented festive holiday lip colors at Ulta the other day. This my very first time trying out the fantastically priced Colour Pop and I’m very impressed with the lipsticks! They felt like butter, had a great color pay off, and looked rich and shiny on the lips!

These 3 lipsticks may look very similar in the photo, and they are, but red lipsticks can be kind of hard to choose so I wanted to break down a few things that make each of them different.

Lipstick #1: Colour Pop “What If”

This looks almost pink in the tube but wears much more red. It’s a bright, pink toned red that was certainly a statement. I’d reach for a cool pink blush and make sure you kick up the bronzer with this shade.

Lipstick #2: Colour Pop “On Display”

A very classic red both in the bullet and on the lips. It has more of that “fire engine” red than the first lipstick (above) but isn’t too orange or warm. I loved this one.

Lipstick #3: Revlon “Love That Red”.

This was very similar to the second lipstick but I found it to be a touch warmer. It felt great to apply, slid right on without dragging at the outside of my lips, and had a really nice finish! It wasn’t as shiny as the former two lipsticks I mentioned above, but it certainly wasn’t matte either.

So if you are going to rock a red lip this season, here a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Have a light hand when applying blush and choose soft, neutral eyeshadows. Let the lipstick be the star of the show, and it will be, so don’t make your other makeup choices compete.
  2. The best way to apply red lipstick to last is to apply it, let it set for a few minutes, then add a translucent setting powder on top, finally apply the red lip again. If you want to be really extra you can use a lip brush and liner, but I usually keep it simple and apply it straight from the bullet.
  3. Check your teeth. Smile, talk, laugh all while looking in the mirror and make sure none of the lipstick transfers onto your teeth! You can even stick your finger, wrapped in a makeup wipe into your mouth, close your lips around it like a straw, then pull it out. That shoudl grab any of the color leftover that could possibly hit your teeth.

It’s fun to dress up a bit around the holidays and there is nothing that screams festive quite like a bright red lip!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.10.18

I love the shade of lippie you’re wearing! It adds such a nice pop of colour and it’s so perfect for Christmas! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sindy Peña says · 12.10.18

It’s so much fun playing with red lipstick! They all look very pretty on you. Sometimes I like to apply a bold color like red with a very light hand then sheer it out with my fingers for a softer look.

Jenny Silva says · 12.10.18

OMG they brought “I Love that Red” back! We used to have to wear it for Figure Skating competitions and hated it. When it went away, we all wanted it back. Thanks for sharing!

Home Arise says · 12.10.18

Number 3 is awesome! I love it!

AA says · 12.10.18

When you say a lipstick has a nice finish, can you explain what that means? Thanks!

Caroline Malone says · 12.11.18

Absolutely love all three of these lipsticks, I tend to go for much more orange toned in the Autumn time like Mac Chilli, but in the winter time Blue toned ones are just perfect, totally give you that fire engine red like that Colourpop one, am desperate to try their lipsticks! xx


Emily H says · 12.12.18

Is there a special setting powder you’d recommend, or can I use the same powder I put on my face? And how best to apply it? Thanks!

Laura says · 12.12.18

But colour poo isn’t a drug store brand….

Laura says · 12.12.18

Pop*. Opps

Kate says · 12.13.18

Right, I need to clarify that. I found it in the “drugstore” section of Ulta and was confused.

Alexandra says · 12.22.18

Love That Red is what my high school drill team wore in the 80s.