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When I had boys I always heard about how boring it is to shop for boys and how fun it is to shop for girls. Since I was only shopping for boys I actually found it to be pretty fun and easy. I actually looked at the girls clothes that were full of tulle and sparkles and it didn’t look very comfortable.

I’m not really into dressing my kids stylish at the cost of comfort, especially with two boys who love to jump and wrestle and generally MOVE.

When Emily was born and we learned she was a girl I was immediately so excited to buy her clothes! My mom and sister took a trip to Target while we were still in the hospital to get her some basics and I loved every single thing. I found it so fun to dress her up!

I still look for comfort, though, and find more often than not that I’m leaving her in footie sleepers during the day since it’s gotten so chill outside. She’s at the stage where she yanks her socks off so I don’t want to mess with lost socks and cold toes!

I rounded up a few of my favorite items for her above. Like the boys, I try to stay within smaller color palette so I can mix and match everything and naturally that color palette is PINK!


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Lindsay says · 12.08.18

Have you looked at Janie and Jack? The clothes are adorable!

Blondie says · 12.08.18

My spring baby spent her first winter wearing Robeez shoes all the time. She couldn’t get them off and the suede soles were nice and stable on our wood floors.

My fall baby spent his first winter wearing fleece Zutano booties, which I think are also made with non-slip soles.

Katie says · 12.08.18

Such cute pieces! I have a LO a couple of months older than Emily and comfort definitely is key for us, also. Are the stores those pieces are linked to your favorite places to purchase baby girl clothes? I only saw Target mentioned in the post.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.08.18

I love your picks for Emily, they’re so cute! Baby’s clothes are the best to shop! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Whitney says · 12.09.18

Obsessed with her little polka dot outfit. Where is that from???

Linsen Einfach says · 12.10.18

For me best baby clothes are from lindex, next and zara. If you want something cheaper but good quality – LIDL
And the worst i think H&M. Overpriced and really bad quality ;/

Sindy Pena says · 01.02.19

Such cute outfits! I agree, comfort is best for babies no matter how cute an outfit can look on the hanger. I love target, Carter’s, H&M, and Gymboree’s! I’ve found some great items in all of these stores. Funny, I really dislike Children’s Place but recently decided to go in just to look around and found a beautiful dress for her 1st birthday!