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Lash Lifts, why I get them and more questions answered!

We got our Christmas tree this week! Now it just needs lights, a star, and ornaments!

I finally joined the modern world and bought an Instant Pot. My sister and I were shopping online during Thanksgiving weekend and we found it for a great price! So far I’ve made hard boiled eggs (which peeled so easily!!!) and some Mexican shredded chicken for lunches throughout the week. It’s very, very easy to use! I was a little nervous that it was going to explode because I’ve heard horror stories but it seems like if you follow the basic steps and pay attention it should work fine and be safe to use.

Does anyone else have shopping fatigue after last weekend?! I know it’s supposed to be that way but dang I’m shifting my focus to cleaning out and donating stuff I already before Christmas actually gets here! Actually, I just learned that Vietnam Vets of American will COME TO YOUR HOME to get donations. Honestly I’m good about cleaning out but then it sits in my garage for weeks before I actually take it to a donation site. I already have a pick up scheduled for Monday, I’m so excited.

Speaking of donations, I’m saving all the boxes I get from online orders and filling them with items I want to donate. I snuck through my boys’ playroom a few days ago and rounded up toys they haven’t touched in a long time. They are sitting in a closed box in my dining room until Monday when they get picked up. Well sure enough, David woke up Wednesday morning and came downstairs to the kitchen where I was sitting doing a bit of work and we both heard this strange motor noise. I could not figure it out and he was listening with me. Then we heard “ding ding” and he said “OH that’s Daniel Tiger’s Trolley! It’s just the trolley. . .” And I thought to myself, “THE TROLLEY is in the donation box. . . !!! I’m being OUTED by Daniel Tiger!!!” Thankfull David didn’t seek to find the trolley and I ushered him into the playroom to distract him before I ran over to the box and moved the trolley around so it would stop running. I’ve got a few more days of hiding it, let’s hope he doesn’t come alive again!

My mom bought me some pretty earrings while we were together for Thanksgiving and I found a very similar version on Amazon!

Love this simple pink bag by Fossil!

3 podcasts I’m enjoying!

This blow dry mistakes video has over a million views! Have you seen it?!

Cute pajamas for winter.

A pretty, reversible poncho.

This chocolate mousse looks so easy and delicious!

Some of my favorite boots (available through Prime Wardrobe if you do that!)

Such a pretty smart watch, I just wish they worked better with iPhone!

I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend ahead of you! Thanks, as always, for reading!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.30.18

Ah, I want an Instant Pot so bad, it seems like it does wonders! Just wish I had storage space for it. 🙁

I think I’m going to make that chocolate mousse you linked to! It looks so good. 😀

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 11.30.18

I agree with the smartwatch! My husband has a beautiful, classy one which works well with his phone because he has the Google phone, but it has terrible reviews for iPhone. It’s so disappointing, because as much as I’d like to get a smartwatch, I dislike the look of the Apple Watch and feel there are no classier options for Apple users.

Leza Cruz says · 11.30.18

Love this blog. I’m not someone that does much on my phone but somehow i am subscribed to you. It’s the only one i look at.
Although i am a retired model, single with no children in my 50s living in Hollywood and with not seemingly much in common , , i just really enjoy seeing your beautiful family especially now at the holidays.
Thanks for sharing all your beauty tips!!
Have a wonderful holiday!!

Angie K. says · 11.30.18

You and your kids are so cute! I love looking through all your links and loves each time you post. My husband jokes that if you recommend a pair of earrings that I will want it too. 😉

Rena says · 11.30.18

How wonderful you got already your Christmas tree! And this for sharing this super lovely picture!
xx Rena

Kim says · 11.30.18

What a great pic of the four of you!!! 🙂

Jamie Risen says · 11.30.18

Please share all the Instant Pot recipes and tips you have! I’m still scared to use mine 😉

Jessica says · 11.30.18

I love those Sam Edelman boots. I have the whiskey brown in wide calf. They are so comfy and just the perfect brown for every outfit. The shaft of the boot is so soft too!

Kathleen says · 11.30.18

I also finally decided to get an Instant Pot….the deals were really good! Looking forward to trying it out this weekend.

Natalie says · 11.30.18

I’ve been cleaning out my boys’ room as well! It’s frustrating they have so much stuff that is never played with, just collecting dust and taking up space. I feel like I’m working to get it cleaned out only to fill it up again with more stuff in another month! It’s never ending!