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You’ve heard that J.Crew Mercantile is now available on Amazon, RIGHT?!?! It’s a lot (or all?) of the same items you’ll find at their factory store! Plus some items are available for Prime Wardrobe as well if you want to try it out without a commitment. I recently added the chambray shirt to my closet which I’m excited to wear with both jeans and fall dresses this season. There is also a great selection of their basic tee’s and dressier tops that you must check out!

A cute dress for under $40!

Fun family costume ideas for Halloween!

We’ve had a few cooler days which I’ve welcomed with open arms. Speaking of arms, I forgot my deodorant when I traveled to my parent’s house recently and so I used my mom’s natural stuff. It ruined my underarms for a few days! I was irritated and sore, then it began to itch. I finally decided to forgo deodorant for a day before I could get back to using my regular stuff. I know a lot of people like the natural stuff but in case you tried it and had a reaction, you aren’t alone!

Doesn’t this closet look like a dream? So organized and spacious!

If I wasn’t currently breastfeeding, I’d be all over this dress!

I’ve been thinking more than ever about a minimal wardrobe (I can’t call it a capsule because it feels like that puts too many constraints on it!!) and this post by Sherry was inspiring to read!

Andreea did a follow up to her first “makeup mistakes” video and it’s so helpful!

This is a cute hemline for an otherwise simple turtleneck.

9 dinners you can make with a rotisserie chicken!

We are going to be carving/painting pumpkins this weekend with our neighbors to get ready for halloween! The boys are going to be Catboy and Gecko, and they asked that I dress up as Owlet. 😉  I may try to make their little sister Owlet since I think that would be a cute photo!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.19.18

I love clothes from J.Crew – so happy it’s more widely available now! Need to stock up on my basic pieces for fall and winter! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Shana says · 10.19.18

Sherry’s post was pretty amazing! Natural deodorant is a trial and error process for sure but worth it 🙂 A lot of people react to baking soda so maybe that has been the issue??

Stephanie says · 10.19.18

I was so excited when I saw J. Crew on Amazon. I may have already ordered a lot from there…..maybe…

Jessica says · 10.19.18

Cute Halloween costume idea! Maybe you and Justin could be the bad guys, Luna Girl and Romeo?

Myra says · 10.19.18

It must be the baking soda. I experienced the same thing!

Rena says · 10.19.18

Yes, this definitely looks like a closet dream! Thanks for sharing 🙂
xx Rena

Ashley says · 10.19.18

So I had a similar reaction when I was trying different natural deodorants. I finally found one that worked in Native’s Sensitive collection. I think it’s the baking soda that causes issues and their sensitive line doesn’t contain any. Just thought I’d share in case you were interested in trying it out!

Angela says · 10.19.18

Ok, that organized closet has made me so jealous! I really need a closet overhaul this year. Also, I love Andreea on YouTube and that video was great!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Marybeth Lobato says · 10.19.18

I am SO GLAD that I’m not alone in the natural deodorant thing! I couldn’t sit comfortably with my arms at my side. So painful! Have a great weekend with your sweet family!!

Sarah Beth says · 10.19.18

I’ve had reactions to natural deodorants! I’ve used them for 4 years and tried everything and reacted to everything but the mineral crystal one. I actually made my own and have no issues. My body doesn’t like the baking soda that’s used in most natural deodorants and I get a rash.

Cristina says · 10.19.18

Yes! I agree about Sherry’s post. I read it a few days ago and it inspired me to try to be better about shopping. I could never have a closet like hers as I adore clothes and it’s fun for me but I do agree with her that we tend to gravitate towards the same kinds of styles, cuts, and colors. There are pieces I don’t wear often because they don’t flatter me as well. So keeping this in mind as I go shopping in the future. Although not sure if you saw in her insta stories that she wears her PJs inside out to paint. Now THAT was a little too much for me hahah 😛

Eva says · 10.19.18

Love that chambray top! I have an older one from JCrew that is a little thicker, but that one is a nice color!

Eva |

Sarah says · 10.19.18

I recently switched over to “Primally Pure” ( deodorant and had a reaction at first until I did Wellness Mama’s deodorant detox –

Now the natural deodorant works great!

Marah says · 10.19.18

I read most of your link about the “uniform” wardrobe and I was actually thinking about this a lot earlier this week about how I can simplify my three young daughters’ clothing. Getting clothes picked out for church is especially frustrating because you gotta have the appropriate socks, tights, or shoes that aren’t always readily accessible. I was thinking of getting all three girls black legging pants and buying dress shirts that only go with those so that they always ever need the same black pants, the same black socks and the same black dress shoes. The “Uniform” article seems to be speaking the same language that I was thinking! And I have always kind of wondered without fully logically doing the math, that it seems like laundry would be so much simpler if you had less clutter and smaller loads, even if you had to wash more often! (And more often doesn’t even seem to need to be the case if you play your cards right) Thanks Kate, for the post! This was an especially interesting link and loves!

Brenda Hastings says · 10.19.18

Kate, I love the style of these casual shoes! Do you wear socks with them? If so, what kind?

Kate says · 10.20.18

I do not wear socks!

CLARISSA says · 10.21.18

The Cuyana bag is so cute. Is the link you posted for the Classic Leather tote? It looks like it is crossbody but on the Cuyana website it’s just a tote? Always wonderful classic style!

Kristy says · 10.26.18

I love Andreea Ali’s videos!!

Also, if you’re looking for a non-irritating natural deodorant, Routine makes some excellent ones! ( (I use “Like a Boss”) They’re a Canadian company, but I believe they ship to the US 🙂