Evening Skincare Routine

New & Old Fav’s from Sephora (just in time for the Holiday Bonus Beauty Insider Event!)

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I’m more of a night owl than Justin but we try to get ready for bed around the same time in the evening. Our kids go to bed at 7:00pm so we usually have about 2 hours together before he goes to sleep, and then I take that time to head downstairs for a little quiet alone time (which is sweet nectar for my soul!).

I love beauty products so the evening is usually when I’ll take time to apply a mask or do a facial peel, but if I’m tired I just stick to the basics.

I’ve been using POND’S Original Wet Cleansing wipes since high school. It’s my favorite way to take off makeup. If I have some eye makeup that won’t budge, I’ll saturate a cotton pad with Garnier Micellar Water and press that onto my eyes to loosen the eye makeup. Once my makeup is removed I’ll wash my face with the Origins A Perfect World Cleanser. This cleanser DOES remove makeup, but I feel like I need to wash my face twice if I use it right on top of makeup to ensure I’m really getting a deep clean.

If I take a shower at night, I’ll exfoliate with the Ole Henricksen Pore-Balancing Facial Sauna Exfoliator. If I’m not

Then I apply a moisturizer, eye cream, and the last thing I apply right before going to sleep is the Bite Agave Lip Treatment. I always sleep with my hair up, and you can read more about why I do that on this post!

I don’t use every single one of the above products every night, but I do use a handful!

I’m always on the hunt for quality pajamas that will last and are comfortable to replace some old tanks that I have in my pajama drawer. These look lightweight and comfortable, and these slippers are cute as well!

P.S.  A good evening skin care routine is only complimented by a good morning routine.  Here’s a post about mine!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.27.18

I haven’t changed my morning and evening routines in a long time, but I’m really curious to try out some of the products you mentioned – the sauna exfoliator in particular! I still haven’t found an exfoliator I like, so… 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Shannon Skinner says · 10.27.18

These all sound like such amazing products, I definitely need to get hold of some of these. Great post as always x

Shannon | https://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.com

Hannah B says · 10.27.18

I think you either left off a sentence or forgot to delete: “If I take a shower at night, I’ll exfoliate with the Ole Henricksen Pore-Balancing Facial Sauna Exfoliator. If I’m not”

Anika May says · 10.27.18

I love Garnier’s Micellar Water! It’s amazing 🙂

Anika | anikamay.co.uk

Megan says · 10.27.18

In regards to wonderful pajamas, have you tried Soma’s Cool Nights line?! Their pajamas are crazy soft, but the fabric is stretchy and keeps you cool at night so no sweating in the hot months. I absolutely love them and they have held up great!

Michelle says · 10.27.18

Soma pajamas! They are amazingly comfortable.

Angela says · 10.29.18

The Garnier Micellar water is great at removing makeup and it’s probably time to grab another bottle. You’ve also reminded me to grab a few scrunchies for me and my daughter.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Margaret says · 10.30.18

The Vince Camuto boots on Outfit #2 are on TJMaxx.com right now! 😀

Gina says · 11.20.18

Glad im not the only one who uses these products! if you’re a fan i would highly recommend checking Virginic out! https://virginic.com/pages/why-us. My aunt is very dedicated to vegan products, so i was introduced about a month ago and still obsessed with their products. They smell way too good and my skin definitely saw a massive different than using some random products with chemicals

Daniella says · 12.06.18

Love everything on your list! The micellar cleansing water is my go-to for waterproof mascara. Another one of my favs is scarguard. I’ve had a raised scar on my face for a while from a flat iron incident and after a couple of weeks it’s almost gone. Also, dr. bronner’s! I always recommend them whenever anyone asks for a new facial wash.

Haley says · 01.11.19

I’ve heard that exfoliator is amazing.

Lidia says · 01.25.19

I love your posts about the products you are using .
I was wondering what are your thoughts about Rodan and Fields skincare products.
Thank you

Maria says · 01.29.19

I love the simplicity of this routine! Your skin looks so healthy overall! Have you ever tried any of “the ordinary” brand products? I’ve been trying to figure out which products to use to begin my own routine, but need to find products more friendly on the wallet.
Or do you have any skincare product dupes for higher priced ones?

Sintia Wiranata says · 10.10.19

Very nice to see your post!. I like what you wrote in this article. I think your article is very helpful about using skin care for me. Thank you for sharing your content with us.

Viva Glow says · 11.05.19

Have you tied using cleansing balms in place of the makeup wipes? I’ve also found that micellar water sometimes won’t pick up all the eye makeup so I only use that when I don’t wear any.Thanks for sharing your routine!

Amanda George says · 11.18.19

Wow! Thanks for sharing your amazing skincare routine. I’ve been searching for others routine where I can get ideas and this one is the best. Well done!
We have to adopt the best skincare routine for healthy skin!