Ask Kate (lots of beauty hair + makeup ?’s answered!)

Extra Volumized Easy Curls

I filmed another Ask Kate video recently! I forgot how much I enjoy these! I always put a call out for questions on my facebook page so make sure you follow along there to see when I’m getting ready to film!

  • why does hair get “used” to shampoo after a while and get so dull and lifeless? How often should you switch up shampoo?
  • Do you recommend an eyelash primer? If so, which one? My mascara always flakes off and leaves a residue under my eyes. Thanks!!
  • When washing hair at night, when/how do you apply products? I.e. Blow dry before bed, re-wet in morning and start fresh?
  • What is the difference/benefits between hair conditioner, leave in spray conditioner and hair serum. Do I need all three every time?
  • What do you do with your hair in the shower on days you don’t wash? Shower cap? High pony?
  • Do you still get Birchbox or can you recommend any monthly beauty boxes?
  • What is the difference between bronzer and contour? How do I know which one I need?
  • Best eyeliner for super humid weather and oily eyelids?

Click here to see how I sleep with my hair in order to wake up with it being easy to style!

Click here to read a bit more about my favorite clarifying shampoos!

Here is my latest FabFitFun unboxing video!

Click here to see how I styled my hair for this video + photo!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.01.18

I love your Ask Kate videos and blog posts! It’s always nice to learn all about my favourite bloggers. 🙂 Thank you for the question about the eyelash primer! 😀

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Page Miller says · 10.01.18

Love these kind of videos, but am I missing where to click to watch it? Thanks Kate!

Kelly says · 10.01.18

I had the same question, but just found it directly on her YouTube! 😉

Page Miller says · 10.01.18

Thank you!!

Allie says · 10.01.18

I love Ask Kate videos! You are such a wealth of knowledge! I can’t wait to try the slip scrunches, I love the pillow cases! xAllie

Kristen says · 10.01.18

Oh I can’t wait to watch ! I just don’t see the link to the video ?

Kate says · 10.01.18

Sorry! It’s in there now!

Kristen says · 10.02.18

Thank you !!

Kim says · 10.01.18

Can you please share the shampoo and conditioner you use…

Christy says · 10.01.18

What kind of shower cap do you use? Thanks! 😊

April says · 10.01.18

What is the best foundation for dry to oily skin. I have been using MARY Kay CC cream.

Jenn says · 10.01.18

I love your makeup in this video. Your brows look amazing!

Laila says · 10.01.18

I found them sort of distracting.

Melissa says · 10.01.18

What is your favorite hair serum. Humidity is a real downer for me! Pardon the pun! Lol I end up with frizz and limp hair. I have med length hair and usually bend the mid to end pieces with large curling iron.

Jenn says · 10.06.18

Can you also suggest a good heat protector for thin, stick straight hair? I want to protect it without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Emily says · 10.02.18

When is Love Story Part 4 coming?!

Shannon says · 10.02.18

I love that you left the #reallifemoment in the final edit! “oh. even worser” LOL

Chrissie says · 10.21.18

Can I ask a q for ur next video – how do you manage post pregnancy hair??? Currently mine is thick as anything (early post partum), but I know the shedding is going to start… then it’s thin, then the regrowth – insert a billion little fly away hairs that are like fishing wire and impossible to tame. How do u make your hair look good with its thin and frizzy with lots of short regrowth coming through? Ta!!

Angela says · 01.08.21

I have been watching your blog for years and I respect your opinion. 😊 I am in cosmetology school and I am looking to purchase the T3 styling tools for when I graduate. Just want to know what your opinion is on that brand?