Extra Volumized Easy Curls

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I’ve done a few curling tutorials already, but I filmed another one pointing out some specific ways I’ve been getting extra volume in my hair lately!

I’ve been using a new product by Bumble and Bumble for the past few weeks and really see a difference in how thick my hair feels which is always a win in my book!

What I used in the video:

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Go Big Volumizing Treatment

T3 Cura blow-dryer

T3 Singlepass Curl 1.25”

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

I’m wearing Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick in 105.

When I was placing a recent order online at Sephora.com, I added this fun kit of a few nude lip colors to my cart. I typically wear color on my lips but I thought I’d try out some favorite nudes just for a different look this fall. It comes with 2 full size and 3 smaller (but not tiny) sizes of nude lip colors, from a classic lipstick to a long-wear matte finish. If you like a nude lip color, this is a great price to get your hands on 5 different shades!

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This post is sponsored by Sephora.


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Jennifer says · 09.28.18

If only my hair looked that good after blowing upside down…

Anglea says · 09.28.18

This post came at the perfect time! Planning on curling my hair tonight for an event and will be using your tips!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Emily H says · 09.28.18

I’m always trying to add more volume to my hair, so I really appreciate this tutorial!

Do you have any tips for keeping the sections of hair separate while you’re curling? As soon as I un-clip the hair at the crown, I have a really difficult time grabbing those sections to curl without also picking up already-curled hair below.

Sadie says · 10.01.18

I have the same problem with separating freshly curled hair from uncurled hair. Hopefully we’ll get some helpful tips from others :-).

Emily says · 09.28.18

So no aquage when you use the Bumble and Bumble spray??

Marianne says · 09.28.18

I was wondering about the Aquage also…

Jane Davidson | Typically Jane says · 09.28.18

You are a hair wizard! It looks amazing and all that volume!

Pam A. says · 09.28.18

Is this better than Aquage? And used instead of?

Kate says · 09.30.18

It’s totally different. Aquage is a root lifter foam at the roots and the bumble product is more of an overall spray for lift and fullness throughout the hair! Aquage won’t add much thickness or fullness mid shaft to ends!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.28.18

You look beautiful! I always struggle with my hair having a lack of volume (it’s too straight!) so this is awesome! 🙂 ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Shaunna Johnson says · 09.28.18

Would you recommend the living proof product over the amikatexture spray you sue since it is for loose curls rather than flat iron? Or is the Amika texture soray ok for loose curls also?

Michele says · 09.29.18

Ive been using a h eapermtexture spray and love how it keeps my growing out bangs out of my face and adds lift! So glad I found a budget friendly option!

I also had a very vivid dream that I met you and you showed me how to use Aquage…It was weird😛

I’ve been using a similar method with a curling wand (irons and I just don’t coordinate well together) and can’t manage to get that uniformity that you get in your curls. And hints in how to get that to happen? Do you find it’s easier to get curls to last when your hair is at its current length rather than when you’ve worn it longer?

Kate says · 09.30.18

Thanks for the suggestions and video! Did you have any other product in your hair before drying besides the B and B spray?

Shelley says · 10.01.18

Did you also use Aquage uplifting foam or just the new Bumble and Bumble product?

Morgan says · 10.01.18

Does the texturizing spray go on white like a dry shampoo?

Emily says · 10.01.18

Love your videos! Your hair always styles so nicely! I have a lot of “baby hair” or shirt hair around the front of my face. Any styling ideas other than just hairspray to get them incorporated with the rest of my hair??

Donna says · 10.01.18

Hi Kate, I have longer hair and the texture is coarse. Would you recommend this product for long hair women? I’m looking for something to help me at the root area and for it to last all day.

Karlie says · 10.06.18

When oh wash you’re hair at night, how do you go about this process? Do you use the bumble spray, dry, then style in the morning? Does the volume stay? This was SO HELPFUL!

Kate says · 10.06.18

Check the link I just shared, that should answer your questions!

Kathy says · 10.13.18

Is there a lot of fragrance in Bumble & Bumble? I can be a bit sensitive to certain fragrances…are there specific products you would recommend that are non-fragranced?

Priscila says · 10.16.18

I would love to buy the Acura one but it’s too much for my budget. What’s the difference between this T3 Cura blow dryer and the T3 featherweight luxe 2i? the reviews from the featherweight is not so good but Costco is selling for a very low price but I see it’s been discontinued in other stores. Can you please tell me if it’s worthy buying it? I have very fine hair prone to breakages, curly and frizzy. Thanks

Nava says · 10.24.18

I’m curious, did you use any other products before using the Bumble volumizer for this tutorial? Thank you!

Jenna Pearson says · 01.24.19

As someone with long, thick, healthy straight hair, I find it difficult to make curls last without applying excessive amounts of hair product/spray. Even then and letting the curls cool while pinned up, the results are not long lasting. I was excited to try a few different brands of curling iron, wands, and even flat irons with no major differences noted. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this! I am just not a fan of adding so much product to my hair, so any advice would be helpful. I also have hooded eyes, and a makeup tutorial on that (sorry if you have done it and I couldn’t find it) would be excellent.

Kacie says · 08.19.19

I wish my hair would keep the curl when I use a 1.25 iron… but sadly it does not, no matter the length. I’ve tried a few different types of irons too (both Hot Tools). I can only use a 1″ iron.

Susan says · 08.19.19

Are you still using the Amika dry texture paste ?

Kate says · 08.20.19

I use it some days! I like using a wide variety of products!

Andrea says · 08.20.19

The Bumble GO Big creme is EVEN BETTER. I highly recommend it if you like the spray!

Sadie says · 08.27.19

Kate, have you (or anyone else here) tried Living Proof’s new “Body Builder”? If so, how does it differ from the “Full Dry Volume Blast” Living Proof product that you feature in your video?

GMom says · 03.15.22

I have been following you since the very beginning. I love seeing how far you’ve come. My income after divorce means I am not in the B&B, or the likes, ballpark any longer. Might you be able to offer similar products in the drug store line-up?