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As a mom, I love that one piece bathing suits are back in style! I’m not in a season of life where laying by the pool is realistic, so being able to wear a suit that is functional but doesn’t feel boring or basic is right up my alley.

This is my first summer being somewhat newly postpartum. My boys were born in the winter so I had a bit more time to lose some baby weight before summer came. I knew I would need a swimsuit that I felt comfortable in, even if it was cheap and just for the purpose of this summer, so when I saw a blogger that I follow mention this one on Instagram Stories, I immediately went and bought it. It is *perfect* for nursing and holds everything in the waist area in. Even if you aren’t looking for a nursing-friendly suit, I’d recommend this one. It’s comfortable, has adjustable straps, and the stripes are small enough to be flattering and make it more interesting than just a plain black one piece swimsuit!

I did try on this orange one, but found the torso to be too short for me. So if you have a shorter torso, try this suit! If you have an average or long torso, stay away.

I found a few cute coverups on Amazon that are the easiest thing to throw on over your suit. This white one will go with any swimsuit, and I love the design of this one!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.05.18

I’m such a big fan of one-piece swimsuits this summer, which is such a change from my high school self (I was all about the bikini). I love these pieces! Numbers 1 and 5 are my favourites! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 06.05.18

I’m so excited about all the cute and interesting one piece bathing suits I’ve seen this year! They used to be so hard to find, but not anymore. I got a Lilly Pulitzer one and it’s so fun and the quality is really amazing. I know it’s one of those bathing suits I’ll have for years!

Chelsea says · 06.05.18

Have you checked out Albion Fit? They’re a more modest, yet young swim company out of Utah (I think) with so many cute options!!

Sarah O says · 06.05.18


Michelle says · 06.05.18

How does the H & M striped suit fit ? I’ve found their clothes to run small. Would you say the same of the swimsuit? Or TTS?

Bethany says · 06.05.18

Yes, please tell us how it fits! I have a long torso, so would this style work??

Kate says · 06.05.18

I’d say true to size but it’s kind of hard for me to judge right now being postpartum!

Jane Davidson | Typically Jane says · 06.06.18

I’ll take one of each!! So cute!