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The wonderful surprise of Emily – her birth story

Now that we are on our third baby, Justin and I really know what is needed and what simply isn’t when it comes to newborn gear. We hung on to so many things from the boys’ baby days so we really didn’t need to purchase much of anything for Emily!

Stupidly we didn’t store our car seat well and it developed mold in the attic so we replaced it with a new one, but other than that almost every other baby item we had is back in action!

So after 3 kids, these are some of my long time loves that I’ve used for all the kids.

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I received a Spectra breast pump through insurance and was very excited to try it since I had heard so many great things. I still had my Medela Pump in Style from when I had David, so I thought I would keep one up in my office and one in the kitchen area and use both. Perhaps old habits die hard, but I’m favoring my Medela pump much more than the Spectra. I’m able to pump a lot more with Medela, but I’ll still use the Spectra when I’ve run out of clean pumping attachments! I read this post comparing the two from another mom, so check that out if you want another opinion!

I’ve loved UPPAbaby gear since David. Their strollers are my favorite and I love the Mesa car seat as well. We originally bought a single stroller, the Cruz, when I was expecting David but when we found out I was pregnant with Luke so soon after having David, UPPAbaby was kind enough to send over a Vista stroller, which has the option to be the double. My boys LIVED in that stroller. LIVED I tell you. And it never let me down either.

So now we are back to using it, essentially as a single stroller since the boys are walking or scootering everywhere now, but I’m so happy to have a stroller that the car seat clicks into seamlessly. I’m sure Emily will log a lot of miles in walks in the Vista!

My favorite burp cloths and bibs are the MatiMati brand. They are so soft and thick. I will also lay one of these down if I need to change her on the floor!

A lot of her clothes are from Old Navy, Target and H&M. It’s funny, within only a few hours of her being born she probably received about 30 outfits from friends and family. Girl clothes are so much fun, I’m having a blast dressing her. I bought these cute little fruit swaddles from Target and have been using them a ton in this first month or so. They are large, so good for swaddling, but lightweight and breathable.

We’ve been loving the Tommee Tippee bottles, the Avent bottle warmer and these velcro swaddles for bedtime. With David, Justin and my first son, Justin would swaddle him in two swaddles every single night, multiple times a night after he hate. With Emily, ain’t nobody got time for dat, we’re using velcro swaddles that take about 3 seconds to put on. My only note is that the velcro is STRONG so it’s loud when you take it apart.

In general we really haven’t added too many new things to our gear, and I’m so glad to get a lot of use out of baby stuff we already had!



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Lauren W says · 06.04.18

Interesting that you are getting more output with the Medela! I also have both and so far have preferred the Spectra now on my third baby. But I like that the Medela is more portable.

Thanks for the rec on the Matimati burp cloths — good ones are hard to come by! I love the Matimati paci clips and have used them now through 2 babes. Velcro swaddles are amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.04.18

I’m no mother myself, but I don’t doubt you have great taste! 😀 Loved reading this post! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Samantha says · 06.04.18

Oh man! I was really hoping to hear you liked the Spectra more than the Medela. I used the Medela the first time around, but just got the Spectra through insurance. Good thing I kept my Medela, just in case! 🙂

Han says · 06.05.18

Just remember- everyone is different! I had a Medela for my first and a Spectra for my second and thought the Spectra was amazingggg! 🙂 It’s quieter and, to me, more comfortable. Also, the nightlight is a great feature!

Allie says · 06.04.18

You’re daughter is so beautiful! I hope we are so blessed one day <3

Eva says · 06.04.18

Baby clothes are so sweet! Glad you could reuse almost everything, that must make it a touch easier!

Eva |

Denise Muncie says · 06.04.18

Hey friend, yes we’re friends! Lol when she’s bigger try the Magic Merlin’s sleep suit, it’s amazing. Our youngest is 3 months and he is now sleeping 9pm-730am in that bad boy!!

Kate says · 06.05.18


Kaily says · 06.04.18

My baby girl Quin was born the day before Emily 🙂 we love the Tommee Tippee bottles, too, and those swaddle blankets from Target are too cute! All of them! I want to buy every set!

Michele says · 06.04.18

We are firm believers in the Velcro swaddles…so awesome!

This being our second and having all gender neutral big ticket items (car seat, swing, etc), we were so happy not to ave to acquire everything new other than clothes (we went from a girl to a boy, so we couldn’t reuse anything but the few gender neutral things we had from our daughter). I made it very clear I wanted much less stuff this time around!

Lyndsey says · 06.04.18

Two words: Copper Pearl. They sell on Amazon Prime too so it’s a win in my book! I was also hoping you had listed a baby monitor because I am desperately searching for one for my 4 month old before she transitions to the crib! She’s our second, but I haven’t found a reliable one yet and my son is now 3.5! Congratulations on your sweet girl!

Nnedi says · 06.05.18

I don’t have a baby, and really don’t expect to have one anytime soon, BUT she is soooo cute and precious. Congratulations!

Nnedi || iamncxo

Denise says · 06.05.18

What monitor did you end up with this go around?

Roxanna says · 06.06.18

Did you find a bassinet you liked? One that was easy to pick her up in the middle of the night?

Rivera says · 06.13.18

Newborn babies are curious with everything that surrounds them. It is good to surround them with good sounds and things that can further improve their vision. Rattles will always be a number one toy for newborns.

Amanda Smith says · 06.13.18

What baby monitor did you end up going with?

Jaiden says · 06.18.18

I know you have mentioned it before in your Instagram stories but for the life of me I cannot remember! What is the name of the wrap that you use for Emily? Is it very breathable?

Thank you!

Roxanna says · 06.18.18

It’s the Solly baby wrap. It’s fairly breathable. I just dress my daughter in less clothes when she’s in it, if it’s hot.

Kate says · 06.18.18

I do the same!

Aishwarya Surve says · 08.16.18

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Tula Baby Carriers says · 02.22.23

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