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Well we are over 4 weeks into Emily being here and it’s been an absolute joy. An exhausting joy, but a joy nonetheless. I wrote a full post about her delivery and our time in the hospital, but I wanted to share how things are going at home.

One perk of having a scheduled c-section is you know the exact date and time that the baby will be born. My parents and sister came in the day before since they were going to be watching the boys while Justin and I were in the hospital for a few days. The night before her birth we all ate a delicious dinner on the deck and I enjoyed our last evening as a family of 4. It wasn’t until I was putting the boys to bed that it really hit me that everything was changing the next day. I tried to explain to them that the baby was going to be born the next day and that mom and dad wouldn’t be home, but I don’t think either one of them really grasped it. In fact, I was crying while talking to both of them and they were both much more concerned with why I was crying than what I was actually saying. I attempted to explain that I was crying happy tears but that was kind of lost on them. I laughed with Justin after we closed their doors that that went differently in my head versus how that played out in real life.

We were in the hospital from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon. We were thrilled to be released before the traditional “3 day stay” when you have a c-section. On the way home I slept in the car only to wake up right before we pulled into the driveway.

The boys were on their scooters with my mom when we arrived. They saw that we had the baby and then decided to come inside so they could hold her.

That first evening was focused around paying attention to the boys and spending time with them. They both asked me a few times to play with them but I was till pretty sore from my incision. I was discouraged and emotional about not being able to play with them like I used to. I knew this was just going to be temporary, and I would be able to crawl around and play again one day soon, but the mixture of being a bit overwhelmed, hormones, and exhaustion made everything seem much more dramatic and extreme than it actually was.

That night a storm rolled in and was scaring Luke, so he got to stay up a little later and ride out the worst of the lightning and thunder with us. Emily did perfect, as she was still in her “newborn coma” until bedtime. She seemed to be unsettled the entire night but again-I was so tired that I’m not sure how long she actually was fussing.

The next day we had put her in something different for sleeping and that helped her sleep much better.

The first week or so my mom was still with us which was really helpful. She took care of the house, cooked, grocery shopped, and we even got some fun time in as well. She has come to stay when I’ve had each of my babies and that time is so special since I don’t live near her. She’s the reason the transition home was so easy, and I’m so grateful that she took that time to come stay with us!

My mom left on a Saturday, but it was only going to be a 5 day gap from when we’d see her again. My family has a tradition of going down to Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina for Memorial Day and even though Emily was only a few weeks old we decided to go for it.

That trip was a huge highlight of my summer. Emily did perfect for the 5 hour car ride, as did the boys. We met my parents and my sister and her husband down there and enjoyed the long weekend together.

After that weekend, real life began. The babysitter for the boys started, Justin and I talked through who would spend what time with Emily so we could both work, and we jumped into “normal” life as a family of 5.

In general, the transition was pretty easy. I still felt like I was missing the fun with the boys, like swimming in the pool, because feeding Emily would take so long, but I reminded myself yet again that this was just a brief season.

I’ll never be able to express how thankful I am that Justin is around more and works from home like me. He’s a hands on dad and helps so much around the house as well. It’s proven challenging to find enough time for each of us to work during the day, but we knew this summer would take a lot of experimenting and testing out different routines to make sure we could get enough time.

The boys have adjusted really well to Emily and David loves to hold her. I expected Luke to be more interested in holding her based on how he has interacted with babies in the past but I’m finding that David is more into it! They both love to help me burp her after she eats, and somehow no matter where I’m feeding her, the boys come to find me and hang out near me. I’m happy to have them near and learned quickly that they don’t seem to mind how long it can take to feed her like I thought they would.

Overall, the transition from two to three kids has been the easiest. Going from no kids to one kid was challenging for Justin and I, but it seems like since we adjusted to that change it’s continued to get easier and easier to add more children.

I will say that I think three is our final number, and that has made my mindset a little bit more relaxed knowing that this is our last round of going through the sleep deprivation of a new baby, trying to figure out her cries, and all that comes with a newborn. We also know that this season will move quickly, and suddenly we’ll look back and be surprised at how swiftly the time passed.

I can’t wait to get to know Emily’s personality and see the boys really play with and interact with her. One of the best parts of motherhood, to me, is watching my children grow into their individual personalities.

There is so much more I could share, but I wouldn’t know when to end the blog post! On that note, my intention is still to keep the blog content focused around beauty, but I also want to share a bit more behind the scenes of what is going on in my life beyond my latest favorite lipstick!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. I’m slowly getting back into a groove here with work and hope to be more interactive in the comments and on Instagram as well soon!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.07.18

Awww, the boys are going to be such great older brothers to Emily! It’s so sweet how attached they are to her. I’ve always wanted an older brother growing up myself! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

MIchele says · 06.07.18

Such an exciting time!

Like you, my husband didn’t work from home when we had our first, but was working from home when we recently had our second. It was definitely a different experience! I think it would be great to have Justin write a post (he does on rare occasion) about what bringing home baby when not working from home vs. working from home is like from a dads perspective. Or a he said/she said style post about it! Just a thought, certainly not a demand…just something I thought would be fun and a cool collaboration/reflection for you.

Monica says · 06.07.18

Reading the part about it hitting you as you were tucking them in brought years to MY eyes, as I vividly remember leaving my 2 boys with their grandparents the night before I got induced. Wow. They were 2.5 and 5.5 and as I was telling them bye they burst into tears and begged me not to go. I thought “everything is going to change. Our routine the last almost 3 years is all but over and they don’t realize what’s coming” I was a MESS. Of course things changed but we eventually found our new normal and all was right with the world again. But holy smokes – 4 years later, I’m still emotional when I think of that night and how I felt I was betraying them (SO silly to think that!) and leaving them behind.

Allie says · 06.07.18

What a beautiful family! David holding Emily is just precious. I love these behind the scenes posts, and am blow away at home much you have been able to do on the blog and Instagram. You rock! Have a wonderful Thursday, xAllie

Ryann Carter says · 06.07.18

This is so sweet to read! We’re thinking of trying soon and I love reading about good baby stories (because the horrors of sleepless nights and learning cries and tiny colds keep me up at night already). But having a baby is so fun too! Thanks for sharing!


Melissa says · 06.07.18

Congrats! I love your blog and have enjoyed following your motherhood journey as well. I feel like I can relate so much to you because I also have two boys (18 months apart), about a year older than your boys, and I just had my girl in February. Thank you for sharing your life with us all, you are doing great!

Diane says · 06.07.18

So happy for you and your family. I had two c-sections with my two girls and I completely know what it is like to recover. It’s hard trusting your instinct because you learn early on that it is easy to overdo it. I had no help whatsoever, and having a messing house drove me crazy, so I would vacuum, wash the bathtub, etc… and feel happy with the clean results and then later curse all the extra soreness and exhaustion. Learn from your past experience, try not to do too much!
Kate, I really miss your hair tutorials. You are so gifted at explaining how to do hair. Please consider a few summer hair videos or How-To blog posts. Summer means my hair is less shiny and more frizzy. I need ideas on how to keep it off my face and neck without a severe ponytail or bun. Take good care!

Tara says · 06.07.18

I’ve been a LONG time follower and I am loving your blog more and more lately. I NEEDED to hear this today. I am expecting my second son in a month and getting so nervous about having another newborn and all the emotions of adding a sibling. I love how you kept saying that you’ve kept your mindset positive and I think that’s what I’m going to have to remind myself, too.

Thanks for being honest and sharing your story.

Kristen says · 06.07.18

So so sweet! I love following along with you and I’m so happy to see that the adjustment to three kids went rather smoothly!! I’m still in college & not expecting motherhood to come my way for a long time, but I love seeing all the joys that role brings 🙂 blessings, Kate!

Megan says · 06.07.18

You have a lovely family! I love your candor as you share peeks into your life.

Angie says · 06.07.18

I love to hear about your family. I can completely relate. I have 2 girls and my last was a boy. All by c-sections. We are also done having kids and there really is a change in your mindset when you know this is your last baby. Knowing that makes everything much more tolerable. That’s not exactly the right word. It’s hard to describe – the tough times seem not quite so tough because you know from experience that these phases are short and also that it’s your last time. Then the sweet quiet moments of snuggles or little baby firsts are moments when I would find myself stopping and really trying to soak in the moment so I would never forget it. Knowing it’s your last baby is very bittersweet. Heck I’m crying as I fishing typing this. You and your family are so sweet, and I really enjoy your blog. Thank you!

Alyssa says · 06.07.18

This is so so sweet!
You are one of my favorite bloggers and I look forward to all of your posts, but please take as much time as you need to ease back into it. We can wait! This is such a special time in your family and you deserve to take all the time you need with those precious babies of yours. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Charlotte says · 06.07.18

You have a beautiful family! God has surely blessed you 🙂

Jennifer Chiddenton says · 06.07.18

Congrats on Emily, she is absolutely precious and your boys interacting with her just melts my heart!!! So nice to hear that your settling into things so well! I’ve loved seeing your updates on Instagram and continued blog content, but it always surprises me that you don’t take more time away. I live in Canada where everyone takes an entire year off for maternity leave! You’ll find your groove, and I think it’s perfectly fine to ease back into everything slowly. Take some some for you and your family of 5 when you need too!

Katie says · 06.07.18

I have been following you for a few years now and I have to say your posts about your kids are my favorite. You have such a cute family! I can’t wait for posts about little Emily, what she is wearing and when you start doing her hair like you did with the boys! Thank you for always sharing with us, the good and the bad, makes this crazy world a little better.

Renee says · 06.07.18

AWWW this is so exciting! I applaud you for being able to be a mama of three and a career woman! Such an inspiration and not to mention seeing baby Emily makes me want a baby too! BABY FEVER!! CONGRATS once again!

Zoe says · 06.07.18

Long time reader, and first time posting! You look so gorgeous and happy, and Emily is a doll. As I think about going from 1 baby to 2, I am taking inspiration from you. Congratulations!

Bailey says · 06.07.18

I think it is great you decided to go on vacation despite having a newborn! I’ve told so many of my friends that traveling with a baby is so much easier than it seems like it should be! We unexpectedly had to fly from Houston to Chicago when our 3rd was about 2 weeks old (our older ones were 6 and 3 at the time) and honestly, every trip we’ve taken since that one has been much more stressful and difficult. We even took a hiatus from flying as a family for nearly 3 years because the same newborn as a 2 year old screamed for an entire 3 hours plane ride!
Our easiest transition by far was from 2 to 3 as well.

Caitlin Wallace says · 06.07.18

That photo of the boys with their ice cream and baby sister in her carseat will be so treasured <3 !!!! Congratulations. She's perfect!

Sarah says · 06.07.18

Our second was due on the 8th, also my oldest’s birthday, but came on the 13th. I had the same feelings as you with our oldest regarding the lack of time I could spend with her and 3 weeks later still struggle with that guilt. But you’re right that it’s just a season! My husband is a teacher and is off for the summer so I’m blessed with the extra help and the extra attention he can give our oldest.

I also had a week of help from my mom. Aren’t they lifesavers? 🙂

Congrats to you and your family!

Leslie says · 06.07.18

I just love how the boys look like you and Emily looks like dad. You have such a sweet family. Thank you for sharing life with us!

laura says · 06.07.18

I personally love that you are sharing about life with 3 kids, I currently have 2 boys and my husband really wants a third, he wants to try for that girl but I just don’t know how I would adjust to taking care of another person.

Beth Mann says · 06.07.18

It really has been a joy watching you and your growing family! You are a wonderful mom and I love how you still take time for yourself, you always look put together and pretty, you deserve it! And every mom NEEDS that time 🙂

Carrie Irons says · 06.07.18

You are such a precious mama! I love your blog for so many reasons but I really love when you share about your sweet family!!

Mary says · 06.07.18

So neat to read about your transition and all, but the big thing today I noticed is how beautiful and young you look! I suppose you had some baby weight ( water) that was around your face? Or your hair is longer, but your face looks thinner, but just so happy and healthy, I think💕😊

Janet Smith says · 06.07.18

Congratulations on your beautiful family!

Allison Martin says · 06.07.18

Love reading about family life! You are so right that this time is brief. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Elizabeth says · 06.07.18

love this! how sweet!

Emily says · 06.07.18

I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, and have shared it with many of my friends, and my mother in law. My MIL and I love to keep up with you (she says that you remind her of me in some of your videos). I like to follow with your family, too. I have a son who just turned 2 and a 3 month old daughter, and it’s so nice to read your positive attitude towards parenting and the obstacles we face! I can totally relate to the saying goodnight the night before your new baby, it was so emotional for me too. Those postpartum hormones and emotions are a tough ride, you’re doing great!

PS. I’ve been inspired by you and a few other successful bloggers I’ve been following since 2012 to finally take the blogging leap, too! It’s overwhelming but I’m excited to start!

Jenny says · 06.08.18

Sounds like things are off to a great start. My youngest is 11 now… doesn’t seem that long ago that I was right where you are. They grow up so fast! Enjoy these days! 🙂

Misty Lakin says · 06.08.18

The adjustment from two to three was the easiest transition for our family also. I’m thankful that you’re recovering well and that you guys are both able to enjoy this season with the children at home together. Only the best to you and your sweet family.

Traci says · 06.08.18

Gosh, you just always seem so kind and patient with your children, even when you’re probably SO tired. You’re a wonderful role model!

jennifer says · 06.08.18

Beibg a parent has its challenges but its most rewarding. I cant imagine life without my girls! I wonder what I did before I had kids. Lol
Your children are adorable!

Amanda E says · 06.08.18

Emily is adorable and how nice to have big brothers who love her. I’m glad you got your beautiful little girl after the two boys. Glad you were able to enjoy your Memorial Day tradition too. When you are healed and feel a bit better, I’d love to see a couple new hair videos for some more modern updos. However, I do understand this will take time so no hurry All th best to your family.

Cathy M says · 06.08.18

you are a great Mom, Kate!!!! Your children are so blessed!

Rachel says · 06.09.18

Don’t ever think that you have to keep your interactions and posts with us about one key topic. We love to hear about it all and genuinely enjoy your personality and authenticity! So glad this transition has been a good one!

Sarah says · 06.10.18

I’m not sure what my problem is but I found the transition from two to three kids to be the hardest of all. And I am still struggling. I guess things like spacing, temperaments, family support, and spouse work schedule play a factor. I’m glad it was such an easy transition for you and other commenters but man, three kids is still kicking my butt ten months in ☹️

Angela A. says · 06.18.18

Congrats on the new addition to your beautiful family.