How To Layer Eyeshadow and A Few NYX Favorites

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This post was sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own. 

I love finding drugstore cosmetics at great prices that also deliver on performance. Today’s post is all about a few favorites I’ve discovered from NYX and a quick lesson on how to layer eyeshadow shades for a multi-dimensional eye look.
NYX Professional Makeup is a large line of cosmetics that you can find at Walmart. They have everything you need (and more!) and over the years NYX has established itself as a great brand to find drugstore makeup options. The NYX Micro Brow pencil in blonde is great, and perhaps one of the best shades of pencil that isn’t too warm for my brow color. I also really love their translucent setting powder (it’s pressed, not loose!) for setting makeup in place!
I picked up their Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals and had fun building an eye makeup look from the shades. I’m new to using warm shades on my eyes, but I find that the warm browns look really nice against light blue eyes. I’ll walk you through the steps I took to create this eye look here, but even if you don’t have these shades you can still duplicate it with whatever you do have!
Below is the order that I applied the shadows!

After applying eyeshadow primer, I dusted my lids with shade 1, then followed right on top of that with shade 2 for a slightly darker wash of color.

Next I picked up shade 3 and pressed in into my crease and outer corner, sweeping back and forth until the shadows blended together nicely. Sometimes drugstore eye shadow can feel dry and is hard to blend, but I found these shadows to blend beautifully!

I picked up shade 4 to apply to the inner corner of my lids for some brightness and lightness! This is a great way to make your eyes appear a bit larger too.

Finally, with shade 5, I blended around the “edges” of the darker shadow onto my brow bone so everything looked soft and balanced.

With a smaller brush I picked up shade 3 and applied a bit onto my lower lashline. I love using a shadow for liner instead of actual eyeliner because it makes my eyes look a bit bigger and more round, and also doesn’t require a bunch of blending and smudging to soften up a strong line.
A setting spray, like the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray, when applied correctly, may be the quickest and easiest thing to try if your makeup tends to fade or melt during the day. I like to spray it at quite a distance and then push my face into it versus spraying it too close to my face. It should just feel like a light veil of mist to cover your face. A little goes a long way!

The NYX Lip Lingerie DID NOT MOVE. I had to WORK to get it off, which is exactly what I want in longwear lipstick! The finish is matte and the shade I’m wearing is Bedtime Flirt. It’s a nice soft rosy shade and the matte finish makes my lips look a bit bigger than they actually are! If you are a more of a satin finish kind of person, just top this Lip Lingerie with a gloss like the NYX Butter Gloss. You’ll still get the long wear performance, but you’ll have a little extra moisture and shine on top!


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Allie says · 06.06.18

Wow that liquid lipstick sounds amazing for the price. I had it when they pill of your lips…NYX is such a great brand. I remember a few years ago when I could only find a few of their products at Urban Outfitters and would get so excited when they had the lipstick color Maskcara recommended. How times have changed – now they’re all Walmart! I love the products you picked, the colors are so perfect for hot summer days, xAllie

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.06.18

I loved this, thank you! I’m a make up newbie and I’m still only restricting myself to the “safe” colours. This is super useful.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Tracy Brake says · 06.06.18

That liquid lipstick sounds great, what color would you recommend in the Lip Lingerie for me? Things tend to turn orange on me. I need something with more of a blue undertone. Also I would love to try the warm colors on my eyes but always feel like they look too orange. Any tips?

Lynn says · 06.06.18

Not Kate,but to Tracy Brake..try NYX Perfect Filter e.s. palette in Gloomy Days..really pretty neutrals that make my blue eyes pop! I cannot wear warm shades at all.

Karen Ward says · 06.06.18

I have loved NYX cosmetics for a while. The butter gloss in toasted marshmallow is my go to in the winter time. I love the setting spray too. I’ll have to try one of their eyeshadow palettes soon!

Kim says · 06.06.18

I love NYX – it’s such a great product for their price point. Love this tutorial too!

Kim .. the perfect floral rompers!

Karly says · 06.06.18

oH i love that lip color!!

Angel says · 06.06.18

What mascara did you use? Love the look of your lashes!!!❤️

Kate says · 06.06.18

Roller Lash by Benefit

Sherry says · 06.06.18

Is nutmeg the color foundation you used? That is the one that pops up when I click on it. Thanks!

Kate says · 06.06.18

No I used Nude!

Elsa says · 06.06.18

Your eyelashes look amazing! And that lipstick looks great on you!

Erin says · 06.06.18

Which translucent setting powder by NYX did you use and love?

Sarah says · 06.06.18

I love this look! Especially that lip color. You also mentioned the Butter Gloss to go on top of that matte color. What colors would you recommend in the gloss?

Megan Trawick says · 06.06.18

This is a great tutorial! You should try the Nude palette by Luminese Airess or the Nude & Naughty & tarot series or optics palletes they are 18 hour wear shadows you can find them on my website ask me how to get them free!! also some amazing long lasting 55% pigment lipsticks & 24 hour mousturizing lipstains & a full line of airbrush makeup & waterproofing final seal setting spray in airbrush or spray bottle its the best finisher I’ve ever used.

Megan Trawick says · 06.06.18 is the website oops didn’t realize it wouldn’t show in the post xoxo

Felicity says · 06.06.18

A few months ago, you made a comment about your eyebrows and I actually thought about leaving a message about the micro brow. I’ve tried the more expensive pencils but I love that NYX colours aren’t as ashy as some brands! Also loving the lipstick colour on you.

Felicity |

Sydney says · 06.06.18

This lip color is gorgeous on you! I’m such a fan of NYX products!!
xo, Sydney

Melissa says · 06.06.18

Agreed, that lip color is really pretty on you!

Natalie McDurmon says · 06.07.18

Beautiful! What is the link for your earrings? Love them!

Mary says · 06.07.18

Love this! I am always looking for new makeup tips. I typically stay very basic on my eye lids and sometimes I wish I knew how to be a little more adventurous. I will have to try this because I have some shadows in the same colors. You look beautiful!

Marianna Lucas says · 06.07.18

Love the lipstick shade here!

Lindsey says · 06.14.18

Killin it with your makeup on this one!!! 👌 👏

Kate says · 06.14.18

thank you!!

Kitty Shields says · 06.15.18

You are so beautiful and still look as young as the first time I started following you years ago

Katy says · 06.16.18

What were your thoughts about the nyx foundation you used? I’m on the hunt for a new foundation and find the options overwhelming. I love your reviews on products because they are honest and thoughtful. You look lovely in this post.

Ashleigh says · 06.20.18

I have used NYX products for several years now, but recently tried the Lingerie line of lipstick per this post. I don’t remember the exact name of the shade I got (babydoll, or babydoll something…) because it was a little closer to the color I’ve been wanting. It went on terrible! I used lip scrub, and I always put chapstick on before lipstick and it felt like I was rubbing my lips with a glue stick. I tried it without the chapstick and it went on a little better but still doesn’t look as “smooth” of a finish as yours. Do you have any tips other than the gloss?

Martin says · 06.21.18

Thanks for posting Really Such Things. I should recommend your site to my friends.

Christine R Harward says · 06.24.18

I love you! I look forward to your posts!

Diana says · 06.25.18

Love the make up and also love your hair. Simple, understated and very stylish.

Megan Imhoff says · 08.01.18

What a gorgeous neutral look. I’ve always liked NYX, glad to know the finishing spray is good.

Rita Zangari says · 05.24.20

Love your simple to follow directions for make up. Question- is it ever ok to use a liner or shadow the color of your eyes? Seems to brighten Natural color but I notice you use neutral shades.