An Easy Choice I Made for Emily

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This post was sponsored by Pampers Pure Protection.

I’ve had the most confidence with my third child than with any of my other kids. Experience, age, and practice play a major role in that for me. I remember being pretty stressed and nervous with my first because I had no idea what I was doing. I had read books and articles online but when David actually arrived I felt panicked because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do!

With time I’ve also learned what to focus on and what to let slide. I was rigid with my kids’ schedule before, but now I’ve learned to be a bit more flexible and not rely on a specific timeline with Emily. In the words of my friend Kacia, “they aren’t little robots you can program.”

I was in my second trimester with Emily when I excitedly joined the Pampers Pure Tribe. I went to Cincinnati for two days shortly after starting the partnership to learn all about the Pampers Pure Protection diapers and wipes. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the event but I learned so much and wanted to share all of the information that I learned while I was there.

One of the coolest things I experienced was feeling the difference between the breathable Pampers Pure Protection diapers and another leading diaper. Since Emily was born in May, we have several very hot months ahead and I was so pleased at how much more comfortable the diaper was for her. And in case you’re confused, breathable doesn’t mean leak-prone! It simply means that the outer layer of the diaper offers the right amount of airflow while still keeping leaks away.

Pampers Pure Protection diapers and wipes are free of fragrances, lotions, and chlorine bleaching, but still have the Pampers protection I trust. We used Pampers Swaddlers on the boys, and that was the only diaper we would put on them at night, because it was the only one that didn’t leak! We love the Pampers Pure Collection because we feel we don’t have to compromise between protection and ingredients. It’s what I want for Emily – and for me.  

Let’s not skip over the fact that the patterns on the diapers are so cute. I’m imagining many days of just putting her in a cute top and skipping anything on bottom to keep her cool. We used to do that with the boys when the temperature exceeded 100 degrees in the summer.

I’m only several weeks in to having a little girl, but it has been so much fun to dress her. I feel great about having a gentle, cute diaper option for her that will keep her comfortable and dry!


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Alicia says · 06.14.18

I always felt that Pampers were the best diapers, especially for my little twins. She is adorable!

Kate says · 06.14.18

thank you!!

Paula says · 06.14.18

I always used Pampers. Cute pics! I think she looks so much like your husband. Congrats on another beautiful healthy baby.

Kate says · 06.14.18

thank you!

Lindsay says · 06.15.18

I was just thinking from these pictures that she looks a lot like him as well! She is adorable for sure.

Amanda - Life at Cloverhill says · 06.14.18

Gosh, Emily is just the cutest! I’m a Pampers brand ambassador up here in Canada and we just got a sneak peak of the new Pure diapers – I can already see the difference with my daughter’s skin. So excited that this with be something I can easily grab at the store for our next little one due in October 🙂

Kate says · 06.14.18

congrats! They really are great, I’ve been so impressed with them!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.14.18

Adorable pics! Emily is so cute! 🙂 ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sherry says · 06.15.18

She is just so cute, she seems to look a lot like Justin at the moment.

Allie says · 06.15.18

Your daughter is so beautiful! And these photos are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your advice and pictures with us, xAllie

Eva says · 06.15.18

Emily is so cute!! It’s amazing how great they’re getting with baby products. Making life easier all the time <3

Eva |

Tiffany says · 06.19.18

I love your blog and appreciate you sharing your opinions. However, this post read like one big advertisement for Pampers, which is a little off-putting.

Kate says · 06.19.18

It was. I’ve partnered with Pampers for the year and am excited to be working with them and sharing about their new products!

Karen Ward says · 06.20.18

Look at her sweet smile! Precious!

control panel says · 09.04.18

Thanks for giving this type of relative ideas that should be uses more in our life.