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It felt like it took an eternity, but we are finally crawling through the dark, cold, dreary hole of winter. Other than soaking in the sunshine and warmer weather, are you switching up your skincare with the new climate?

Wintertime is usually a time that I’m looking for deep hydration, glow, vibrancy, etc. I want my skin to look healthy, and the dryness of winter sort of sucks the life out of it, if you know what I mean? But in the spring, skincare needs change a bit!

The humidity is still light, but I find that I can lighten up my moisturizer a bit and go for more lightweight makeup products. When the dead of summer comes, I’ll be looking for even lighter products and perhaps some that absorb any excess oil to try to fight break outs from sweat, sunblock, and pool chemicals.

I don’t make a ton of changes, but here are a few swaps I make as the weather starts to warm up a bit.

  1. I apply less moisturizer, or will skip one of them. A few months ago, I got into the routine of applying these 3 products to my skin daily. It works perfectly in the dryer, cooler air of winter. But now that it’s getting warmer, I can skip one of them, and it’s usually the Bobbi Brown Face Base. I ALWAYS use that when I’m applying my makeup, even if it’s just around my nose, but on a day-to-day I’ll pare it down to the Vitamin C Serum and the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.
  2. In winter, I’d happily apply any deep hydrating face mask to my skin and let it sit for 30 minutes. Or I’d use a heavier night cream to do the work overnight! In spring, when it comes to masks, I’m going for skin luminizing and resurfacing options, like the Power Peel by Ole Henricksen. This reveals fresh, soft skin that has zero flakes or patches.
  3. Looking ahead to summertime, I’ll add a charcoal mask into the mix – either Origins Charcoal Mask or Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask. Both are great for combating breakout prone areas and clearing pores. I tend to get breakouts along my chin and jawline, so even if I applied a nourishing mask on the rest of my face, I would apply a charcoal-type mask along my chin and jaw to handle those areas.

I’m still searching for my “holy grail” sunscreen for my face. I have yet to find it, but you can be sure I’ll write a post about it when I do! My foundation has SPF in it so that has gotten me through thus far, or I’ll set my makeup with a SPF powder for extra coverage!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.24.18

I definitely lighten up on the moisturiser in summer too, since it’s super hot and humid here in Hong Kong. I’ve got to add a charcoal mask to my mix, been looking around for a good one! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 05.24.18

I have a Revision Skincare sunscreen I really like. It’s SPF 45 and has a slight tint to it which works as a primer since it evens out redness before makeup. It hasn’t clogged my pores at all either!

Erin says · 05.24.18

I just started using Clinique face sunscreen in spf 50 and I love it. I have such sensitive skin that is oily and no problems with it.

Leslie says · 06.23.18

Yes! The Clinique Pep Start? I tried the Super City Block SPF, and it was just too greasy for my skin. But I do really like the Clinique pep start and it’s a relatively “clean”product I feel good about using.

Anna says · 05.24.18

What SPF powder do you recommend?

Christina Hamby says · 05.24.18

For facial sunscreen…try Avene or La Roche Posay. They feel awesome, absorb nicely, and the Avene actually is also a mattefying primer.

Lara says · 05.24.18

I love love love la roche tinted fluid sunscreen. Most days that’s all I wear. Love it!!

Kady says · 05.24.18

I just bought NARS tinted moisturizer with spf 45, loving it!

Julie says · 05.24.18

I’m trying Supergoop. These 2 products.
So far so good. I keep the stick in my makeup bag and use it while I’m out and before I head out of the office to go home. SPF in your makeup is great but my dermatologists suggests a separate one. Thanks to your blog I use all three of the products you recommend. Love them! I use Retin A so I have to use super moisturizing stuff all year long and sun protection is a MUST!
Love your blog!

Natalie says · 05.24.18

I have been using Supergoop! sunscreens and really like their products.

Julie says · 05.24.18

I just ordered two products from them and so far I love them!

Kayla says · 05.24.18

I’ve been using this face sunscreen for 5+ years and can’t recommend it enough. Feels light and doesn’t have a sunscreen smell. Not the easiest to find but it’s very good.

Deanna says · 05.24.18

Do you have a preference for mineral vs chemical sunscreens? Hot & Flashy on Youtube has great, in depth sunscreen videos! I found one of my favorites that way: Australian Gold Botanical tinted SPF 50 sunscreen. I have pretty dry skin but I still really like that one for standing up to sweat and the smoothing look it gives. I’m currently living in the Caribbean and it has been the best one for preventing burns on my face and chest since it’s waterproof. The tint is super subtle and doesn’t rub off on anything while I’m sweating either. I also enjoy Neutrogena Healthy Defense daily moisturizer sensitive skin SPF 50. It rubs in easily but definitely looks more glowy and isn’t water/sweat proof.

Emily says · 05.24.18

Thanks for this! Would absolutely LOVE a face sunscreen post. It is so hard to find the right one – especially for a fair skinned, sensitive skin gal!


Lisa says · 05.24.18

Elta MD Clear! It’s SPF 45, has lactic acid, and has made such a difference in my skin. For pool days, I’ve recently tried the Lancome face sunscreen and really liked it. It’s made to go under makeup too, but it’s not my favorite for this.

Linda says · 05.24.18

Dear Kate,

I suggest you to use a real spf, don’t rely on the one form the foundation as you would need to apply a lot to actually get the benefit of it. I doubt that you want to put so much foundation specially in the warmer months. The more you wait to do this the more sun spot you’ll accumulate. I use one from Shiseido (wet force or something like that) which is spf 50 and then I apply a very light hand of foundation. I am 40 and I really look on my late 20s. I somedays don’t even use foundation at all because my skin is so great and I am sure it is because I have used spf 50 all my life even if I know I’ll be indoors all day. Just a kind advice from this 40 year old woman!! Love your blog!!

Melissa says · 06.03.19

Yes, I agree! I am in my early 60s and wish I had been more serious about sun protection a lot sooner! I

Deborah Litt says · 05.24.18

Try Keihls moisture sunscreen …luminous finish light hydration all year long !

Sarah says · 05.24.18

I’ve been using the Clarins UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen for many years. I use the untinted formula and love that soaks in quickly and has SPF 50. (I’m fair-skinned.) And YES to lightening up my makeup routine! I’m definitely feeling the transition to a more minimalist look and routine.

Jen says · 05.24.18

I have been using Clinique’s mineral liquid SPF for faces and it seems pretty good. No issues with my sensitive skin. It does leave that SPF feeling behind which I’m not a huge fan of but my skin hates the sun so I’ll take it. I tried this one on the recommendation of an Ulta employee but I think when its gone I might try the La Roche Posay serum SPF. I tried it in store on the back of my hand and it made my hand feel so soft. Plus its an antioxidant serum too! On another note, I am in desperate need of hair advice. I live where its super humid where I live and the general rough texture of my hair makes it hard to even run my fingers through it to pull it back. I’ve tried Redken All Soft but didn’t see much improvement. Any thoughts?

tsrobin says · 05.24.18

try super goop..there products are great for the face!!

Ariadna says · 05.24.18

It cc cream +50 spf – phenomenal!!!!

Susan Kerr says · 05.24.18

Try this one from Nivea – no oxybenzone which is BAD. And it feels like nothing – literally absorbs and feels like a water gel! No stickiness or heavy layer left behind.

Corinthia says · 05.24.18

Try DMK hydrating masque This water based masque aims to hydrate, cool, calm and moisturize the skin and is suitable for most skin conditions.

KIM says · 05.24.18

Great products! I love the Mizon all in one snail repair cream as an affordable alternative to the Bobbi Brown. I promise it is AMAZING 🙂

Stephanie says · 05.24.18

I can’t stand the way traditional sunscreen feels on my skin, especially on my face. Have you tried Cotz sunscreen? It’s the only one that I’ve used on my face that doesn’t have that goopy, sticky super heavy sunscreen feel to it.

Julie says · 05.24.18

I love RESIST Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 facial moisturizer and sunscreen by Paula’s Choice. It is a mineral sunscreen that glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave my skin chalky or greasy.

Eva says · 05.24.18

I have a couple of favorites when it comes to sunscreens for the face and they’re fantastic! My skin can tend towards the oily, so I look for products that are not greasy. My go-to for bright sun (beach visits and long outdoor hours) is Chanel UV Essential (SPF 50). I have never gotten burned when using it and have never broken out. For everyday during the summer, I use Lancer’s SPF 30, which is super thin and reliable. I also use NARS tinted moisturizer occasionally. I always use SPF 15 in my Olay, but those are my 3 main levels of sun protection. I wrote a post about it here:

P.S. I love your freckles!! Hope you and baby are doing well 🙂

Eva |

Christine says · 05.24.18

Ohhh girl today is your luck day!! I found the best natural (no chemicals) sunscreen makeup ever ! It’s a powder & you just apply it right from the container. It’s MINERAL FUSION, mineral SPF 30, brush on sun defense. It also comes in different shades to match your skin tone. I use it anywhere the sun is hitting on me. Don’t have to wait 20 minutes for it to get into your shin like the creams. This stuff rocks !! They also carry a SPF 40 Moisturizer cream that’s great. One last sunscreen that is excellent is BADGER. I get the Baby chamomile & calendula. SPF 30.
All of these are totally natural & good for the skin. 🙂

Shannon says · 05.24.18

Check this one out. It’s even lightly tented, doesn’t go oily and doesn’t smell like sun block and its’s only $13. Love you hair and beauty tips!

Jenny says · 05.24.18

Is the Lotus at all similar to the rose deep hydration face cream?

Joanna says · 05.24.18

Try Lancome Teint Idole cushion foundation with SPF 50! I love it for the summer months!

Jessica says · 05.25.18

Try Image matte spf for summer..and their hydrating spf for the winter. Trust me!

Erica says · 05.25.18

Is there a particular mask you would suggest for someone newly struggling with eczema on their face?

Kristina says · 05.27.18

Try Image skincare! I love their sunscreen, it’s SPF 50, smells amazing and it’s great under makeup!

Jessica says · 05.27.18

Supergoop is pretty good! I teach band and my late summer and late Springs are spent outside for marching band and this is the only sunscreen that stays on my skin when I sweat. I got it in a Birchbox and use that in place of moisturizer during those seasons.

Lisa Ferguson says · 05.28.18

You might want to try out Glycolix Elite . It’s lightweight , easily absorbed , wears and plays well under makeup and does not break me out or cause irritation . For the record I have sensitive rosacea prone combination type skin.. I have tried many sunscreens over the years . Found this product on Dr Cynthia Baileys website . Hope this is helpful!

Julie says · 05.28.18

Hi Kate!

I love your blog and have been eagerly keeping an eye out for your SPF recommendations, as I have had such a hard time finding one that works well with my sensitive skin.

In the meantime, I’ve tried a few samples here and there and have really liked the lightweight texture of the Shisheido line of sunscreens. Check them out! I’d love to hear how they compare to some of your other new faves.

Catherine says · 05.30.18

I am a big fan of Garnier Ombrelle SPF 60 Weightless Face Lotion.

Donna Peer Wooldridge says · 06.01.18

Just curious….have you tried the Rodan + Fields products? The products have high SPF coverage in addition to making your skin feel and look amazing. Let me know if you’d like a sample. Complete my solutions tool and I’ll get some out to you.

Erika Jensen says · 06.28.18

The charcoal face mask, also referred to as the black face mask is made from activated charcoal, which does not harm the skin. Activated charcoal helps to replace harsher cleansers for those with dry skin and also prevents acne outbreaks. As we go about our daily routine, toxins clog our pores, and charcoal face masks have been shown to help unclog these pores, pull the oil and dirt out of them and make the skin appear flawless. Studies have also shown it to be great for people with blackheads.

Jennifer Tedd says · 03.14.19

I have been using Clinique SPF 50 sunscreen from last month and its really really good. I have sensitive skin.

Tammi Ostrander says · 06.02.19

I cannot find sunscreen that doesn’t break me out!!! I walk my beloved dog everyday and wear sunscreen but usually break out 😞

Danielle says · 06.02.19

I like Elta MD UV clear sunscreen. You can get it on Amazon, it has 4.5 stars with over 3k reviews. Great for every season and especially for sensitive skin. I have rosacea and it’s one of the few sunscreens that doesn’t irritate it!

Jamie says · 06.02.19

I use a sunscreen moisturizer/primer from Lancôme ( What’s nice is you don’t have to put on an additional primer when applying make up!

Polline says · 05.16.20

Hi Kate! I’ve been a long time follower, and recently purchased the power peel. Should I plan to not be exposed to sun the following day I use it or can I just use a sunscreen?