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As much as I love maternity clothes and being pregnant, I’m really getting to the point where I’m looking forward to shopping at my regular stores again! I must say that investing in a great pair of maternity denim at the beginning of my pregnancy has seriously paid off. I wear these jeans multiple times a week and am so happy with how they fit despite my pregnancy weight gain.

Other than tops and bottoms, I’m still wearing my favorite non-maternity outerwear, shoes, and bags! I found these booties at Target a few months ago and they have to be my most worn bootie for the season! They are so comfortable and go with nearly everything. I’ve paired them with dresses, denim (obviously) and I’m sure I’ll continue to love them in the fall.

The green utility jacket I’m wearing is an old one that I found at an outlet mall a while ago, and haven’t been able to find an exact dupe to refer you to yet. But similar jackets can be found at Old Navy and J.Crew Factory in a variety of colors!

I carried the deep brown Madewell medium transport tote almost all winter, and it was so perfect that I couldn’t pass up on the pink one that showed up in a recent Trunk Club. It’s such a great size, and I love using this insert in it to to organize my stuff!

p.s. check out this great jacket and these pretty dresses for spring!


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Marianna Lucas says · 04.02.18

I love that pink madewell bag! It is perfect for spring!

Allie says · 04.02.18

You look so pretty. Honestly, you’re positively glowing! Warm wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.02.18

Your outfit is super cute! I love the casual colours and the tote matches really well, too 🙂

Hope you’re having a good start to April! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jessica says · 04.02.18

You look great! I think you’re having a girl. Random question… during your pregnancies, have you had any contractions prior to scheduled C-section? Just curious. Take care! 🙂

Veronica says · 04.02.18

This is totally random, but this weekend I went back to one of your wintertime hair tutorials and noticed you mentioned that putting a little texturizing powder on your hands and rubbing it into your curls helps them to hold better – WOW, 2 days later and my curls look better than they ever have at this stage – I have only ever used my powder to help tease my hair in the past and didn’t know this was possible! I know you did a Live a few weeks ago asking for suggestions for topics – I would love to see your “round up” of best texturizing powders, and possibly including your thoughts on some drugstore versions? I have Powder Play but it’s so expensive I try to use it very sparingly.

Caitlyn says · 04.02.18

Hi Kate! I’m curious to hear how your brown leather medium transport tote has held up. I bought one about a week ago (and luckily haven’t taken the tags off yet) and noticed that the long strap is peeling. I was wondering if you’ve experienced anything like that. Thanks! 🙂

Kate says · 04.02.18

No I haven’t had that issue at all!

Meems says · 04.03.18

Hi. I clicked on the link for the insert but it does not seem to populate?

Help Please :o)

Erinn says · 04.03.18

I love the field jacket! I am on the hunt for one similar…that green color is just perfect for spring/fall!

Tonya says · 04.08.18

Really like handbag. Where is good place to get handbags on a budget?

Laura says · 04.27.18

Where is your adorable shirt from???