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How I balance spending on clothing

This crazy tool I’m holding against my lashes can be found at Ulta. It does a great job of removing clumps from mascara while it’s still wet (use it right after you apply mascara) and it fans all the lashes out perfectly!

Do you have a few things that you ALWAYS travel with?

I tried the new Dove Body Polish, which is a full body exfoliator, and I loved it! It’s great to slough off dry winter skin, and especially great to use before applying a tanning product!

Speaking of tanning, I shared 2 tried and true tanning products earlier this week!

Isn’t this such a pretty watch? I love the marble face and simple leather band.

Been loving these sunglasses this spring!

Andreea made a super helpful video ALL about eyebrows! Watch this!! I learned so much in person, and she breaks it all down in this video!

A casual jacket and a cute baseball tee for spring!

Love this idea of things to keep in your car, especially if you are a mom! I’m going to make one of these to stash in my trunk before the baby is born!

Have a great weekend! We are heading to South Carolina soon to spend time with family!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.30.18

Have fun with your friends and enjoy your time this weekend! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Bethany from CuteCapsuleLife says · 03.30.18

I’m definitely going to try that eyelash gadget – mine always clump!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Bethany |

Allie says · 03.30.18

That tool leaks so funny but also super helpful! Mascara clumps are my nemesis, I’ll bust them however I can! Happy Easter! xAllie

Susan Schnitzler says · 03.30.18

I had a lash tool just like that years ago and it broke. You made my day…running to Ilta to buy it! Thank you.

Susan Schnitzler says · 03.30.18

My posts were really weird looking this morning…I couldn’t see what I was typing in the box. Not too bad for blind typing. Of course that should say Ulta!

Annette Fiorelli says · 04.02.18

I always love your lipstick!