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Cool Diaper Bags
The beautiful hostesses, Caroline and Andrea.
Grateful for each of these women!

My sweet friends threw me a little baby shower last weekend. It was so nice to just sit around and chat with my girls. We collected diapers and wipes to donate to a local pregnancy home for young mothers which made my heart happy. I’m working with Pampers on their newest diaper and wipe launch so it was nice to be able to collect items for moms in need.

Justin and I spent a little time this past week nailing down our top names for the baby. We now have 3 boy names and 3 girl names on our list. Before that we only had 1 each so I feel a little better having a few options to bounce around after he or she is born.

Speaking of he or she, David is utterly convinced it’s a girl and I think he will truly be sad and possibly pout if I reveal another brother to him in the hospital. I’m spending the next few weeks trying to explain to him that if the new baby IS a boy, it’s going to be great. So far I’m making zero progress in creating any kind of interest in another brother so we will just see how this all unfolds in May.

These are some of my favorite earrings.

A great post on white t-shirts, just in time for warmer weather!

A great body exfoliator to use before tanning products OR just to slough off dead skin!

I picked up this hand cream last week and LOVE it.

Fancy grill or not, if you love to grill but don’t have a meat thermometer yet, let this be the last thing you read before buying one. My parents have been using a meat thermometer for years but for some reason Justin and I never felt compelled to buy one. With Justin’s newfound interest in grilling, he bought a cool thermometer that allows you to keep an eye on the temperature even when you are inside. Not only has is given him more confidence in his grill skills, but our meat is cooked better than ever. If you are thinking,”Obviously, where have you been!?” then I don’t blame you because I’m not exactly sure why we waited so long to get one! We grill ALL summer long and I’m glad we have this helpful tool now!

Have any plans this weekend?

p.s. check out this rose gold bar necklace and a maternity denim button down!




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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.20.18

Loved reading about your baby shower! What a great group of friends you have! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Marianna Lucas says · 04.20.18

I love those earrings you are always wearing in your insta stories from madewell. They go with practically everything you are wearing!

Allie says · 04.20.18

I’ve seen so many great earrings lately! Madewell and Baublebar have so many pairs I love! (And Etsy too) have you seen the Target Baublebar one’s? They’re so cute! Happy Friday! xAllie

JC says · 04.20.18

When people asked my oldest if he wanted a baby brother or a sister, he looked at them like they were crazy and said I already have a baby brother so it is a sister (and it was). He was convinced too!

Jenna says · 04.20.18

I think it’s a girl and I think you’re going to name her Emily. I’ve been right about these things before. 😜

Erika says · 04.20.18

Kate, I’m so excited for the baby’s arrival! Seriously! I feel like it’s one of my girlfriends from back home or one of my cousins that’s about to have a baby 🙂

Stacey weaver says · 04.20.18

I just had my third baby last week and we didn’t find out either. My two other kids (a boy and girl who are 4 and 2) insisted that it was a girl. We kept talking to them that it could be a boy but they said no mommy it’s a girl….and they were right! I think tlittle kids have superpowers!!

Kristina Barstad says · 04.21.18

I’m pregnant with our third and my oldest daughter told me over and over no matter how I asked what this third baby would be, every time she would say a girl. And she is right. We are having another girl! (3 total!) for some reason and way those sibs know!!