Cool Diaper Bags


I first started shopping for a diaper bag about 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, David. I remember seeing tons of options with bright, colorful patterns but it was harder to find one that looked a little bit more understated and subtle. Ultimately I liked the functionality, pockets, and wipe ability of the popular bags so we used that kind!

But now it seems like there are so many more bags that look like a simple backpack or tote, but have all the pockets and functionality on the inside! I haven’t carried a diaper bag for months, and only keep a stash of clean clothes in my van in case of an accident, but with the new baby I’m planning on getting back into the routine of carrying a diaper bag with me.

I currently carry the Madewell Medium Transport Tote as my everyday bag and have received a few questions from readers asking if I was going to use that as my diaper bag, but I think it’s too small based on the amount of things I like to have with me with a newborn.

So I’m browsing around for a chic, simple bag that will store all of the baby stuff and not feel like it screams out diaper bag. I may downsize my everyday bag as well, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

I actually think Justin would be comfortable carrying some of these as well! If I choose one of these, I’ll likely downsize my everyday purse so it doesn’t feel like I’m carrying around two large bags. I have this one from Sole Society and this one from Target, and both will work great as small springtime bags!

p.s. here’s another bag from Vince Camuto that would be perfect, and a more budget-friendly option too!

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  1. Posted April 19, 2018

    I love how stylish these bags look! Cute and versatile indeed! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Allie says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Six is lovely! It’s funny because I remember Maskcara talking about Petunia Pickle Bottom bags years ago, and I click six, and that’s what it is lol. Good luck with the last of your preparations! xAllie

  3. Carrie Reese says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I love my Lily Jade bag! It’s an investment, but very understated! Also, converts to backpack, which is the single most important feature to me.

  4. Katelyn says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Did your better life bag that you used as a diaper bag not hold up? I’m curious about their quality.

    • Kate says
      Posted April 19, 2018

      oh no it definitely did! I’ve been using it still for a back up change of clothes for both boys to keep in the car!

  5. Heather says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Are you not considering your “better life bag” anymore?

  6. Kim says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Can’t recommend Lily Jade enough. They are so understated and love that they can convert to a backpack. One glance at their Instagram feed and you will be tempted 🙂

    • Heather says
      Posted April 19, 2018

      Yes!!! I LOVE mine!!!!!

  7. Christin says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I just got #4 a few weeks ago and I love it! Especially for my 3 kids since there are 4 cup/bottle holders on the inside which a lot of the other bags didn’t have.

  8. Emily says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Hi Kate! You should look at Leader Bag for a chic diaper bag as an option too. They are in the spendy side, but beautiful!

  9. Ashleigh says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Better Life Bags would be a wonderful place to get a diaper bag from! An all leather Harper backpack could totally be carried by you or Justin and they will add a cross body strap option now too! Best of all, you’re supporting a good cause!

    • Kate says
      Posted April 19, 2018

      I have one from BLB that I’m using for the boys!

  10. Beth Jones says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Love my Fawn bag! It is perfect for multiple kids because it works as a backpack and can fit anything from toys, food, to sippy cups as well as baby gear! It is super stylish and understated at the same time, so works with any outfit. The hardware is so pretty too. I also got these bag organizers from Easy (JellyfishDB).

  11. Erinn says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    These don’t even look like diaper bags! How cute…pockets are a necessity!

  12. Ashley H says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I got the jujube BFF for my diaper bag and LOVE it! You can carry it on one shoulder or as a backpack and it’s machine washable! I love it so far (baby girl is 3 weeks old today) it has tons of pockets to be organized. I got solid black so it isn’t shouting out diaper bag.

  13. Kaitlin says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    These bags are gorgeous!! But, speaking from experience- ditch the backpack style and go with something that opens up wide! I had a diaper backpack that I just KNEW I would love. Three months after he was born we swapped it for a bag with capabilities to open wide so you can actually see what you are looking for!

  14. Brittany says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I ordered the Freshly Picked bag after seeing so many reviews of people who loved them, even though I wasn’t sold on the backpack style. I’m due with #3 in a couple of weeks and I wanted something I could use in place of the PPB I have + my purse. FP has pouches you can buy too, which I purchased to put things that I’d usually have in my purse. The pouch is a very good size and will easily go in the diaper bag when I’m carrying it but will also be able to be used separately.

  15. Betsy Pollastrini says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I absolutely love my Fawn Design diaper bag and get compliments on it all the time! It’s get for a newborn, but even comes in handy with carry my toddlers things around. And I love that it’s a backpack!

  16. Heather says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Have you seen Lily Jade bags? So beautiful and classic…all of them turn into backpacks as well. They’re also a Christian based company started by a few moms (just as a fun fact)!

  17. Posted April 19, 2018

    I have number three and it’s been terrific! It’s big enough to hold all your necessities as well as anything extra. It’s sturdy so it stands up perfectly on its own.

    Another favorite of mine is The Collins by Kelly Moore, it’s technically a camera bag but it’s super gorgeous and has held up amazingly well over the past two years. It’s my go to!

  18. Michelle says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    These are so cute! You have such good taste and yes, I’m so glad the patterns have changed to be more subtle. I had a ju ju be but now I’m eyeing this one from baggallini, which I might still get some day as my own backpack since most regular backpacks don’t have a place for cups!

  19. Michelle says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I just recently bought number two on sale at Target and have been really happy. The blue is really pretty in person and it holds all the zillion things I carry for my toddler. Plus my husband isn’t embarrassed to carry it. Can’t beat it for the price point!

  20. Jamie says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I love my Freshly Picked diaper bag so much!! It fits everything and I get a ton of compliments!

  21. Kathy says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Hi Kate! When I click the link for the budget friendly option Vince Camuto bag it takes me to the same Vince Camuto link. I don’t think I’m missing it. Can you please add the budget friendly option??? Thanks!!

  22. Sarah W. says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    The Land Baby diaper bags are very affordable and super cute.

  23. Jen says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    I’m currently expecting baby #3 and I’m all about this backpack. My other kids are older so they could even help carry it. Plus, my hubby is more likely to carry a backpack than anything resembling a purse 🙂

  24. Shelb says
    Posted April 19, 2018

    Love my fawn diaper bag! My husband even wears it!

  25. Sarai says
    Posted April 20, 2018

    I see several other commenters suggesting Lily Jade. They are quite pricey, but very chic, genuine leather, can be carried like a purse/crossbody/backpack and have a removable insert that you can leave with a sitter while you take the bag to work or date night.

  26. Chantal says
    Posted April 20, 2018

    How about shopping local in the Raleigh area? I have purchased Holly Aiken bags from several friends when they had their babies and all of them still carry them today — long after their kids are past diapers. The bags are cool, made of easy clean-up vinyl and have strong straps. They even come with a diaper roll — a vinyl roll-out barrier you can put down when changing kids in a public restroom. You can go to the store (downtown Raleigh) and purchase directly or shop online and pick up in store or have your bag shipped. You can even custom design your bag with the accents and colors you like. Note: I have no affiliation with Holly Aiken… I just love her bags and enjoy promoting local businesses.

    • Kate says
      Posted April 21, 2018

      I’ve seen her bags before. They aren’t my personal style, but I know she’s popular in this area!

  27. tara says
    Posted April 20, 2018

    Love those options. I can’t wait to start shopping for my first diaper bag really soon!

  28. Sarah says
    Posted April 20, 2018

    Did the Sole Society one smell like fish like so many reviews state?? I have been wanting one from Nordys but hesitate , because…gross if it does!

  29. Chrissy says
    Posted April 21, 2018

    Have you seen Lily Jade bags? I tried MANY diaper bags over the past 6 years. Lily Jade is my favorite! Best part is it lasts way beyond baby years. Pricey, but worth every penny.

  30. Alex says
    Posted April 24, 2018

    These are cool diaper bags!! I am looking for one for my wife and I think I found one! I think Sophia will like the number 5!

    Thanks for the idea!

  31. ashton says
    Posted April 27, 2018

    love our fawn design!