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More often than not, I keep it pretty casual with my daily wardrobe. I’ll sometimes dress up a bit for work things, and I like having a reason to wear a nicer outfit on Sundays to church, but generally I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl.

Well THESE DAYS I’m a maternity leggings and tee kind of girl, but you get what I’m saying.

As far as shoes go, I usually avoid anything with a heel higher than about 2 inches. It’s just easier for running around with the kids, and I don’t want to worry about changing my shoes if we make a last minute decision to go to the park!

I rounded up some of my favorite slip-ons and sneakers to wear now that the weather is warming up! A few of these I’ve had for over a year, while a couple others are new, but I definitely like to stick to simple shoes since they go with pretty much everything!

(real life backstory: David thought it would be fun to hopscotch on all of these shoes after I lined them up #norespect 😉 )

From left:

  1. I wear these white slip-ons the most! I got them last year at a styling appointment at Trunk Club and absolutely love them. They are certainly an investment, but for a shoe I’ve worn multiple times a week for almost a year, I think that’s pretty worth it!
  2. I bought these soft blush pink slip-ons (similar) last spring or summer and wear them quite a bit as well. I haven’t worn them much this year yet, mostly because it’s been so rainy, but I’m sure they’ll go into my regular rotation soon!
  3. These were another Trunk Club recommendation, and I love how easy they are to wear! I’ll wear them quite a bit this spring, but imagine I’ll put them away until fall once the really high temperatures hit. They are a great neutral color!
  4. My sister inspired this purchase, and these are my go-to athleisure shoe (similar). I don’t work out in them, but on the days I’m just running errands or going to a playdate, these are my go-to!
  5. Finally, the most recent addition are these cute grey sneakers I found online at Target. They run slightly narrow, but keep in mind my feet a slightly larger right now in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy, but generally I find them really comfortable and easy to wear.

I’ve found so many other great slip-on or sneaker options for the spring and summer in the graphic below!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven

p.s. how to wear sneakers with a dress and some transitional booties for spring!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.09.18

You look super good! The sneakers are cute and must be comfortable. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Chris says · 03.09.18

I have a few pairs of the Dr. Scholl’s slip ons. With a 4 year old to run around with, they are perfect. I think I can use a another color or two for spring.

Rena says · 03.09.18

Wow, your collection is so amazing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Megan says · 03.09.18

These are great! Im in the market for new sneakers right now so this post was perfect timing. The sneakers from target, did you find the heel uncomfortable at all? I know some styles can rub or cause blisters.

Kate says · 03.09.18

No I haven’t had that problem yet

Katie says · 03.09.18

All of these sneakers are my jam! Believe it or not, crocs has an awesome slip-on too. The Citilane Roka in Pearl. 👌

Karly says · 03.09.18

All are so cute! I cant believe the grey Dr. Scholl’s Madison didn’t make the list. Lol. Im late but just ordered mine this week!

Natalie says · 03.09.18

Cute! I can never figure out how to wear sneakers with jeans. It looks super cute on you so I guess I just need to go with it.

Jordan says · 03.09.18

I love wearing these style of slip on shoes. My only problem is I HAVE to wear socks or else I have to toss them after the season because they have fallen over the cliff of stinkiness. Do you wear socks with yours? If not, how do you combat stinky shoes?

Kate says · 03.09.18

I do wear socks, just really low ankle socks!

Ali vizzo says · 03.09.18

I found some no-show footies on amazon that work perfectly for this type of shoe!

Erinn says · 03.09.18

I’m a huge fan of all the new shoes at Target! They look just like the more expensive brands 🙂

Allie says · 03.09.18

I love those pink perforated ones from Target. They look a lot like Lanvin ones. Amazing find! xAllie

Carla says · 03.09.18

How does the sizing of the grey lace up joggers feel? Some review say run big and some say run small, wondered what you though

Kim says · 03.09.18

I love pick eight! This outfit looks so comfy but practical!

Kim — the best fitness apps and get spring break ready!

CL says · 03.09.18

How do they fit length wise? True to size or do they run large or small?

Angela says · 03.11.18

I love all of these! I’m in the market for a new pair of sneakers for the spring, thanks for sharing!

Angela | Cue the Coffee

Steph says · 03.11.18

SO Darling! Do you always wear socks or never wear socks with these? Do these make your feet smell bad if you just slip them on without socks? I hate socks but hate my feet smelling bad! Ha

K says · 03.12.18

You look super cute! Wish we were as put together when we were pregnant!

Shannon says · 03.13.18

All the light colored shoes – how do you keep them clean. I avoid the pale colors like the plague, because I know inevitably I will step in a puddle or a kiddo will step on my foot. HELP!

Alice says · 03.13.18

How do you keep your shoes so clean?!

Debra Apple says · 03.14.18

The sneakers from the target, did you find the heel uncomfortable at all? I know some styles can rub or cause blisters.

Kate says · 03.14.18

No I didn’t!

Varuna Jithesh says · 05.16.18

Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

markcalloway says · 08.08.18

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