Glosses and Shimmery Eyeshadows from Ulta (and more!)

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I got a handful of new products to try out from Ulta recently and wanted to show you step-by-step how to apply them! I have to say that I was most thrilled about the customizable eyeshadow palette! How many times have you looked at a palette and found the most obscure colors inside that you know you won’t use? With this Ulta palette from Ulta and their range of eyeshadows, you can pretty much build any palette you want!

And as much as I like a matte lipstick look, I’ve been loving glossy options as we are heading into spring. They feel lighter and brighter, plus they’re really easy to wear!

I’ve also been loving the Brightening Vitamin C Body Scrub, which has been perfect because I’m loving all the vitamin C I can get right now. I keep the On-the-Go Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes in my vanity to wipe off makeup from the back of my hand, or clean up any fallout from eyeshadow that may drop onto my cheeks when I’m applying it. These are great, as well, for taking off all your makeup–even waterproof mascara!

I started out by applying the Matte Face Primer, which felt great on my skin. Primers truly make a big difference in how your makeup applies and lasts, and I love that this one felt hydrating without leaving any sort of shine behind!

I applied “Pin-up Girl” all over my lid first, then added “Suede” to the outer corner and crease, and blended all the shadows together with a blending brush.

“Pin-up Girl” is a universally flattering base color that’s great for almost any skin tone. It’s a really pretty light taupe shade that’s slightly shimmery without being too sparkly. I have worn this multiple times since receiving it and love how it reflects the light and blends in so well with other darker shadows to create a nice dimensional eye.

“Roaring 20’s” is one step darker than “Pin-up Girl” and is an absolutely beautiful shade as well.

I applied a bit of “Suede” under my eye with a smaller detail brush, but skipped any eyeliner to keep the look from being too strong or heavy.

A sheer pink gloss was all I needed since the eyes were the focal point of the makeup look. I went with “Lotus” from the Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss collection by Ulta.

This is my go-to makeup look because it has colors I feel really comfortable in. I like to stick with browns and neutrals, and then have fun with different lip colors. I’m happy to have some fresh options in my makeup kit to play around with for my everyday makeup!

This post was sponsored by Ulta, all opinions are my own, and seriously go make yourself a custom palette because it is great to be able to choose everything you want! 


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.08.18

I stick to browns and neutrals as well – don’t really feel comfortable with anything else. The eyeshadows look great on you. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 03.08.18

You look so pretty! And I love the names of those eye shadows. Putting on makeup with fun and creative names always makes me so happy! I’ll have to try all of these out next time i go to Ulta! xAllie

Katie D. says · 03.08.18

Hi there! Did you order your palette online or is it something you can make in-store? I’m always a little wary ordering eyeshadows online because the colors aren’t always true to how they look on the website. Thanks!

Stacey says · 03.08.18

I love that eyeshadow palette! I am heading there tomorrow for a few things. So I will check it out! What blush are you wearing?

Erinn says · 03.08.18

I love shimmery eye shadow! Neutrals are my go to!

Molly says · 03.08.18

I love you too where did you find it?

Molly says · 03.08.18

I meant top lol

Yolanda says · 03.08.18

LOL I am glad you saw the typo and came back to offer clarification. I thought – oh did she say she loves Molly, I missed something here.

Cindy says · 03.08.18

I enjoy reading your blog regularly it truly inspires me to be a better mom/blogger/sister/wife. I would love to have to join me on my journey as a mom too. Stop by my blog and see what my family have been up too or what beauty finds are new on the blog.

Claire Johnston says · 03.08.18

Love the idea of a custom colour eyeshadow pallete ! The worst thing about ones already made there is always a few colours you don’t even touch. The pinks of the glosses are ao lovely.

Zoë says · 03.10.18

You are so pretty! I absolutely love shimmery/glittery eyeshadows! Love the makeup look too! xx

Kristen says · 03.11.18

Any chance you could list ALL of the shadows you chose in the eye shadow pallet? I’m only seeing 2 or 3 listed in the post. They all look like great colors to try! Thanks.

Antri C. | Beauty Blogger & Reviewer says · 03.11.18

Well done!!! You’ve done an amazing simple and minimal makeup! I quite like it! You are looking so fresh with it! Just pin it on my Pinterest Board “Eyeshadow Passion” xoxo

Hannah A says · 03.12.18

How would you say Ulta’s eyeshadows compar to twofaced or bare minerals? I really like the idea of making my own pallet but hesitate because I’m not sure if the quality is comparable. Thanks!!

Kate says · 03.12.18

I was really impressed with the quality! They are buttery and pigmented, don’t flake away when you apply them!

Hannah says · 03.12.18

Oh yay! That’s good to hear. Thanks for replying 😊

Michelle says · 03.17.18

I see another reader had the same idea I did… Is there any way you could list all the shades you have in your palette? They all look gorgeous for us pale girls!! 💓💓 Love your look here!!