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My parents came up for a quick visit last week and we tackled my guest room. The wall lights can be found here, the wall color is Behr Winds Breath, the comforter can be found here, and the bed frame is old from IKEA.

I found my favorite Bible study tool on Amazon! This journal is my favorite because it isn’t full of questions, so you just write out the scripture and then write out your thoughts.

I love my striped robe but it was getting a little rough after years and years of wear. I’ve been intrigued by this brand that I’ve seen around a bit in the last year and so I tried one of their robes. It’s great! I bought a robe for my parents’ home in SC last year and I wish I had bought 2. This new one by Lake is nice and light, so I know it will be great for getting up all night with the baby in the summertime.

3 ways to take better care of your hair (for free!)

I’m not a huge ice tea drinker but I’ve been looking for drinks that are a kick-up from water, but not too terrible for you and I found Bai drinks. Their raspberry tea and peach tea versions are delicious! I know everyone is into La Croix right now but literally there is nothing worse to me to drink!

If you’ve ever wondered what the names for things at IKEA mean.

I love this cozy vest!

I tried this lipstick on in store at Sephora earlier this week and loved it! For only $8.00 I knew I had to have it. They were out of stock in store so I ordered it online, and now they are out of stock online! Keep an eye out for it though, I’m sure they will restock soon!

I had a fit over these adorable kitchen prints on Instagram Stories earlier this week as well. A FIT.

In other unrelated news, I finally tried taking Valtrex for my coldsore break outs and it worked WONDERFULLY. I do not know why I waited to so long to try it. If you also suffer from coldsores, get a prescription for this immediately.

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Stephanie says · 01.12.18

So glad you’ve got on board with Valtrex. I’m a pharmacist and I recommend it to all my patients I see buying Abreva and such. It’s the only thing that stops them dead in their tracks or really cuts down on the length of time of the blisters. I’ve dealt with them for 20 years and Valtrex is the most amazing thing!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.12.18

Oh, I loved the Ikea post! Thanks for sharing it!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kay Nguyen says · 01.12.18

That bed looks so nice, I especially the wall lamps! Lovely blog as always <3

Stacy says · 01.12.18

I know this is completely unrelated to the content of your post, but can you please post your cold kicker smoothie recipe (with oranges and carrots) that you shared on insta stories awhile ago?

Nicole says · 01.12.18

Oui is back in stock this morning. I ordered it along with three other colors. Can’t wait to try them!

Kate says · 01.12.18

oh great!

Hannah B says · 01.12.18

Did you mean for both robe links to take readers to the same robe?

Kelly says · 01.12.18

And I thought I was alone in the world as the only human who does not like La Croix. I have tried SO HARD to like it, but I just can’t. Will have to try the Bai.

Erinn says · 01.12.18

Ahh! IKEA stresses me out…I can only handle going there every few years because I get completely overwhelmed!

Olga says · 01.12.18

I love these kind of posts! Can’t believe that the names of the ikea collections/items actually mean something! They always appeared so random to me!

Olga from Myme

Allie says · 01.12.18

I have been intrigued by Lake pajamas so long – they look perfect for more humid temps. Maybe this will be the year I get some! xAllie

Stacey says · 01.12.18

I want the satin finish tan lines lipstick just because I love the cover! It’s beach themed! I didn’t realize they had $8 lipsticks. I thought all of their stuff was very expensive. I may have to go to Sephora for that lipstick! I have so much trouble picking a lipstick color that looks good on me, so I haven’t bought lipstick in years (I always end up throwing it away because the color is off). Do they help you choose a shade at Sephora? When I was a teen different companies had little samples you could take and I loved that!

Sarah says · 01.12.18

Hi Kate!

I love the Bai drinks myself, I always brought them to my therapy sessions during my divorce…so I think I have covered all the different flavors lol. I tried the Coconut one and I really like that one, typically I don’t like coconut flavored drinks at all…but its better over a bunch of ice…really cold. And the Pomegranate, Mango and Strawberry Lemonade are my favorites. The stores around where I live don’t always stock up on my favorite flavors…so when I come across them I buy them in bulk.

The new Sephora lipstick looks really nice, I am a Bite brand addict myself…but what shade of the new lipstick did you get? There are so many options.

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Hil says · 01.12.18

Ohhh I miss those Bai drinks. I LOVED them but due to GI issues, I can’t drink anything with sugar alcohols. I still stare wistfully when I pass them at Target….

Jennifer says · 01.12.18

I ❤️ Lake. It’s all I wear. I ask for a pair for my birthday in July and a pair for Christmas. I have had them for several years, and can tell you they wash and dry well. So comfortable and worth the money.

Amy says · 01.12.18

Thanks for the tip about not completely rinsing conditioner. It has made a big difference in my wavy hair.

Laura says · 01.12.18

I have to try the Bai drinks. I don’t like La Croix either. At all. Ick. 😉

Chelsey says · 01.13.18

I love those kitchen prints you shared on Instagram! We want to revamp some things in our kitchen this year, so I might have to get some to hang! So cute!

Julie says · 01.19.18

Ugh…I despise the La Croix drinks as well. I gave up sodas last year and desperately need something other than water. Thanks for the Bai recommendation!

Briana says · 01.29.18

Yes valtrex was a game changer when my I got it, cool sores are the worst ever