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2017 Favorites from the Year!

I bought a new lens for my Nikon DSLR and had lots of fun taking some photos of my family out on the frozen lake last week! If you missed all the action on Instagram stories + Instagram, the lake that my parents’ home is on completely frozen. It does this most winters, but Justin and I are rarely there to see it! Justin and Mike, my brother-in-law, made an awesome ice skating rink so lots of fun was had when we could tolerate being outside in the below zero temps! To avoid confusion, I did not ice skate because I’m pregnant.

A small part of my soul died every time I got asked if I took this with my iPhone on portrait mode, since it was taken with my brand new (and most expensive) lens and edited in Lightroom, but I guess that is the world we live in! Anyway, I saved a few of the stories from our frozen lake adventures that you can still watch over on Instagram if you go visit my page.

In other much more exciting news, my brother got engaged! I’m so glad it happened right before Christmas so we could all celebrate! His fiancée Jess was a little under the weather all weekend so I didn’t want to bug them for photos, but I’m very much looking forward to their wedding which may be as soon as next summer!

On to more links + loves:

This salad looks so fresh and delicious! Although I would swap the kale out for spinach.

A pretty ponytail.

Justin and I watched “Charged” the other night and it was really interesting. It’s a crazy story about a freak accident that changed one man’s life and how he learns to thrive with the changes it caused. It’s really inspiring. The man, Eduardo, is a very active guy that has a likable and warm personality. Definitely check it out when you get the chance!

If you are craving getting organized for the new year, I recommend this label maker! It’s easy to use with the app that you download onto your phone, and you have so many customizable options for fonts, sizes, and colors.

I received a lot of questions about my puffer jacket on Instagram stories and it’s this one from H&M maternity. They only have a few sizes left, but it did a great job at keeping me warm for such a low price point!

Doesn’t this robe look like a dream?!

If you saw the cozy open cardigan I was wearing on Instagram sstories yesterday, this is it! I wore it almost every single day in Wisconsin!

If this baby is a girl, I’m thinking about adding floral wallpaper to one of the walls! I saw this on Pinterest and immediately added it to my secret board!

Have a fun and SAFE New Year’s weekend!


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Nikki says · 12.30.17

I love that picture! I live in Wisconsin by Green Bay and yes- it’s freezing! One of our cars won’t start after not driving it for a couple days. I’m just starting to get into photography. What camera and lens do you use? Thanks!

Kate says · 12.30.17

My cousin was at the game last Friday night! I linked to my camera and lens above!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.30.17

Wow, thanks for the recommendation on Charged. I think I’m going to watch it too! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kerry mcelligott says · 12.30.17

What channel is Charged on? Or is it Netflix?

Tara says · 12.30.17

Love that floral wall paper, I have it on a mood board I’m designing for my parent’s girls guest room (for all their granddaughters)! Also your photo is beautiful! I’d love to learn how to use a great camera like that someday! Happy New Years to you and yours!

Patti says · 12.30.17

Happy New Year Kate! So glad you clarified that you didn’t ice skate for the critics. Beautiful picture!

Sarah says · 12.31.17

I have the plush robe in mauve, it is the most comfortable robe I’ve ever owned, and it’s perfect for the cold weather (especially with a latte in hand!). Highly recommend!

Elle says · 01.02.18

I had been wondering if you had a brother since I felt like you mentioned him at one point a long time ago, but rarely talk about him. What an exciting time for your family 🙂

Jen Gilbert says · 01.03.18

Hi! I know it’s a bit late, but I’m just catching up. I’m a VERY newbie with a camera, and I wondered if you have trouble with your lenses fogging up when you take pictures in the cold outdoors? I do, and I hate the thought that I’m damaging an expensive lens. Any tips you can share? Thank you!

Rachel Butler says · 01.04.18

Just wondering if you are planning on a tutorial for blow drying hair? I know, seems pretty self explanatory, but I remember you talking about the gym lady and how you can cause unnecessary frizz. I’m sure we could all use a refresher course!