4 Easy to Wear Soft Pink Lipsticks


I love playing around with new lipstick colors but my go-to is always a soft, rosy pink. It’s mindless, works with any makeup look, and most of these you can apply with your eyes closed!

It’s no secret that I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, so it equally shouldn’t be surprising that I’m featuring two in my round up here. They are so easy and wear so well.

From top left, clockwise:

One. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose ($22). This is the shade from this line that I’ve worn the longest. It’s very hydrating, feels like a great lip balm, and deposits a nice rich pink color that while still sheer, leaves enough color on the lips to help your makeup to look finished.

Two. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal ($22). A slightly more “baby” pink color than Rose, but equally softening and easy to wear.

Three. #Lipstories lipstick in Oui! ($8). I love how this feels on the lips. It’s a satin finish that feels very hydrating and soft. I have found that it can feather a bit if you don’t pay attention to it when you apply it, but otherwise it’s a win for me.

Four. Bare Minerals Generation Nude Matte lip color in Famous ($19). This is the most nude of the bunch and feels comfortable despite being a matte longwear option. I love how easy it is to wear color-wise, and it doesn’t suck all the moisture out of my lips either!

Do you have a color that you always wear or a tone that you stick to? 






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  1. Ashley Higgins says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    I just bought Oui! per your recommendation over the weekend. Love it! My all time favorite pink sheer and wearable lipstick is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Truffle. It is super hard to find, but worth it!

  2. Posted January 22, 2018

    I’ve always stuck to paler colours since I’m still wary of red, and often my lips always look the same. Love this guide, it can give me a bit of variation to my look within my comfort zone! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Jen says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    I bought a Fresh Lip Treatment set around Christmas time because of your recommendation. I LOVE it! Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful recommendations!

    • Kate says
      Posted January 22, 2018

      love to hear that!

    • Claire says
      Posted February 7, 2018

      I also bought the fresh lip treatment set and when I tried them on they “smooshed” and broke off. I want to love them because the colors are great, but what am I missing?

      • Kate says
        Posted February 8, 2018

        really? I’ve never had that happen to any of mine! I would take that back to the store you bought it from!

        • Claire says
          Posted February 9, 2018

          Sephora – so no problem with a return. Guess I’ll stick to the Burt’s bees lip recommendation 🙂

  4. Donna says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Love your blog & sharing of products with us, but I am curious… how & where do you store all of your products, much less find your favorites among so many?

  5. Michele says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    I was surprised that you hadn’t included your birch box lipstick in your 2017 roundup.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 22, 2018

      Thats more of a bolder, coral pink and this post was about soft easy to wear pinks!

  6. Posted January 22, 2018

    My go-to neutral lip color (no matter how hard I try to branch out and wear new things) is Loreal infallible 24 hr lip colour #117. I have been wearing this lipstick for over 3 years and I love it just as much today as the first time I tried it. It seriously lasts 24 hours and doesn’t leave that lip liner look from long wearing. The best part is the price. You really can’t beat this lipstick.

  7. Eva says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Wow, all of these are such beautiful colors on you! Great picks! I’ve never tried Fresh’s lip sugar, but now I’m super interested. I’ve just started using their rose toner and I love it!


  8. Shana Feldpausch says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Bare Minerals matte Juju is also a great rich rosy color as well as the non matte Notorious.

  9. Jenny says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Speaking of pinks…what lippy are you wearing in your October 25 2017 tutorial for volumized flat iron hair? I’ve searched and cannot find where it’s mentioned and I just LOVE that slightly lilac cool pink! Thanks so much for all you do Kate!

  10. Carol says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Clinique Rosette is my everyday go to color for day time and Clinique All Heart is my evening shade.
    Love them both!

  11. Kim says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Love your style Kate, I’ve been reading your blog for years and it has been so fun to watch your family grow! I’d love to see a post on your top makeup recommendations during pregnancy. Were there any major changes you made to your skincare and makeup product regimen during your pregnancies?

  12. Lynda says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Kate, your Instastories today about Oribe – i’d love to hear what you think about their mousse and hairspray. And – OMG – you must try their fragrance. It is THE best smelling perfume ever!

  13. Angela says
    Posted January 22, 2018

    Great picks! I love rich shades for my lips but I always keep a few soft pinks to throw on in a hurry. Love the “Oui” shade!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  14. Lisa says
    Posted January 23, 2018

    My coloring is similar to yours and my go-to for years has been Revlon’s Unlimited Mulberry. I also have the same Fresh colors as you. I store them in the fridge because they get a bit soft.

  15. Ashley Cox says
    Posted January 23, 2018

    My go to is Revlon balm stain in Honey. It’s such a pretty everyday pink that goes with any look. I also reach for IT Cosmetics je ne sais quoi lip balm in Rose. It feels amazing on the lips!

  16. Alisha says
    Posted January 23, 2018

    All the colours are so beautiful on you!

    Alisha x | http://alishaxali.blogspot.co.uk

  17. Allison says
    Posted January 23, 2018

    I ran into Sephora today and bought the Lipstories lipstick thanks to your suggestion. My daughter was asleep in the stroller and I knew that precious time was limited so I was thrilled not to have to swatch a ton of colors. I found “Oui” and that was it! I love it and for $8!! Thanks again.

  18. Katy says
    Posted January 25, 2018

    Are these really listed clockwise from the upper left? To me, the picture in the lower left looks more matte than the one on the lower right. I would have guessed that the picture on the lower right was the satin finish Lipstories lipstick, not the lower left. I love the look of the lower right and want to make sure I’m getting the right one!

    • Kate says
      Posted January 26, 2018

      You are right, I switched 3 & 4 by mistake! I just updated the post!