My go-to eyeshadow palette

A dream vanity

I picked this palette up on a whim at Ulta a few weeks ago and since that very moment I’ve been using it every single day that I do my makeup. It’s so versatile! I love the shades, they apply like a dream, and I really love that it’s full of true neutral shades.

The names of the shades are a little edgy, which is sometimes hard to avoid in the beauty industry, but if you can look past that, you’ll find that the colors are really great!

My favorite way to layer these shadows is with Silk Teddy all over the lid, then Nudie right on top. In the crease I apply Cashmere Bunny and then just on the outer corner I’ll add the slightest bit of Sexpresso. Along my lower lash line I’ll use the same smudge brush I used for my Stila eyeliner in damsel, but pick up a bit more of Sexpresso for a little more depth.

I haven’t tried a truly smokey eye with it yet, but if I do I’ll definitely share what shades I use over on Instagram!

p.s. For more recent makeup looks, check out this post!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.21.17

The shades of this palette are truly beautiful, and very versatile too. It would make a lovely gift this Christmas. ❤

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kacie M says · 12.21.17

This is also one of my faves! I ran out of silk teddy; it was my main shade all over my lid. I now use Stila’s kitten until I buy a new one, but still use the other colors in the crease and to get the slight smokey effect in the outer corners. I use all the colors except honey pot and chocolate martini. It’s such a nice neutral palette.

Erinn says · 12.21.17

Neutral shades are my ultimate go-to! I rarely branch out of my comfort zone and always gravitate toward greys, tans, and browns!

Kay says · 12.21.17

You always look so fresh and stunning! I will give this palette a try <3

Allie says · 12.21.17

I love the names of the shadows! This sounds like a great neutral palette I’ll have to check out, liked my Urban Decay Basics. Thanks! xAllie

Gwen says · 12.21.17

Thanks sooooo much, I have been hoping for this! Merry Christmas!!!

Farty says · 12.21.17

All your makeup looks the same. Wish you would stick to hair…

Redkat says · 01.26.18

There are better/nicer ways to word this. For example “Great neutral daytime look. I would love for you to show us some more dramatic looks too.”

Olga says · 12.21.17

I really like how simple and natural your eyeshadow looks!

Olga from Myme

Gracen says · 12.21.17

I have this palette in the all matte version and absolutely love it! I don’t feel like I even need any other palettes because neutrals are my favorite shades and this palette has everything!

Kim says · 12.21.17

There are plenty of sites out there that demonstrate ultra-trendy and avante garde looks. I love that I can always turn to you for an updated but classic approach! You always recommend solid, versatile products, so I’ll definitely be checking this palette out. Congratulations on the pregnancy – hope you and your family have a lovely, blessed Christmas!

Megan says · 12.21.17

When you did a demonstration on instagram I laughed so I hard I cried at the names. Apparently I’m a 13 year old boy at heart 😉 But I’m going to pick it up because I love the look on you!

Joy says · 12.22.17

This is my absolute favorite palette! I’ve had it for years and just last week finally needed to buy a replacement – bought the same one. I was so glad to see you try it and will definitely give your application process a try. Never commented before…but I’ve been following your blog for years. Love it!

Alexis A says · 12.24.17

I have the all matte version of this palette, and I love it too! I love doing a warm smokey eye with it, or even a grungey one-and-done kind of look with just Cashmere Bunny.

Dee says · 12.25.17

The shades look pretty and it definitely suits you! I’m thinking about getting one myself <3

Dee | The Jackie Of All Trades

Amy Parks says · 12.26.17

I just ordered the eye shadow palette 50% off directly from Too Faced online! Can’t wait to try it!

Ami Downing says · 12.29.17

I followed the link for the Bare Minerals lip color. What shade are you wearing? Thanks!

Kati says · 01.16.18

I have the matte version of this palette and absolutely love it!

Bella says · 01.17.18

After reading this blog amoung others I invested in this palette. I love this palette. I tried the looks you reccomended and they all turned out great. Thank you!

Rocky says · 01.21.18

I know! I love this and I will not go back to my other eye shadow!

Alyssa says · 02.19.18

I’ve had my eye on this palette. Thanks for showing me what it can do!

Autumn says · 05.31.18

My TJ Maxx has it today for $15!

Jennifer says · 03.04.18

Hi. You’ve created another beautiful look. I know I’m coming to this late, but would you tell me what color Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor you’re wearing? I would greatly appreciate it since I’ve been looking for a similar color. It’s gorgeous.
Thank you!

Alexa Coco says · 05.22.18

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Autumn says · 05.31.18

I was in the checkout line at TJ Maxx this morning and found this pallette for $15. I always look for pallette you do tutorials with because I struggle with layering eyeshadows.

I only remembered you did this because of the edgy names… and then I searched “nudie” to find this blog post. Haha!

Kari says · 06.15.18

I’m looking the post you did for the crime eyeshawdow but can’t find it anywhere. The name and where it’s feom would be awesome.

Lee says · 07.19.18

You look stunning. Wondering what you use to keep you skin without pores. Palette is super aesthetic and Cosmetic Boxes like these appeal the most to me

max says · 01.29.20

nice one thanks for sharing it.