What blush do I wear with red lipstick?

Fall/winter comfort food

I received a great question on instagram that I thought I’d answer here today!

“What color blush do you wear with red lipstick?!”

Since the holidays are around the corner, and red lipstick is arguably the most classic winter/holiday beauty statement, I thought I’d cover my thoughts on what blush to wear here so you are fully prepared when the moment hits!

Are you ready?

Just skip the blush altogether.

That’s right, those words just slipped through my fingers onto the keyboard. And you should know by know that I’m a blush LOVER. I love blush. I’ve always loved blush. I used to wear WAY too much of it years ago but I heard that Reese Witherspoon loved blush so I thought that made it okay.

If you know you are going to wear red lipstick, I recommend this one for long wear and beautiful color, let that be the only “color” focal point on your face. I really think you can go as dramatic or subtle as you want with eye makeup, as long as it stays in the neutral family, but skip blush and just double up on bronzer and highlight.

If you can’t even wrap your head around skipping blush, find a deep, natural looking hue. Tarte has a great range of blushes that last forever and have great color payoff. Tarte’s “exposed” is a great nude shade, and NARS “impassioned” is a very subtle warm pink that is hard to over do.

For choosing bronzer, I love Benefit’s Hoola (do you know they make a lite version?). I typically prefer matte bronzers as I tend to avoid any kind of shimmer on my face, but there is such a huge range of bronzers to choose from. I’d head over to Sephora, Nordstrom, or Ulta and get your hands on some to see how they look on your skin. Tarte’s “park avenue princess” is also matte and a little goes a LONG way.

More lipstick tips here and here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.18.17

Love your makeup guides and tips! I rarely wear red lipstick, but now I know to skip the blush!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

FAB says · 10.18.17

I love using a very light pink blush with a highlight sheen with a bold lip.

Karly says · 10.18.17

totally agree. Red lips + light bronzes= perfect combo!

Kim says · 10.18.17

I agree! I normally opt for using my bronzer on my cheeks as well. Love the tips!


http://trendkeeper.me .. DRONE LOOKBOOK!

Kristie says · 10.18.17

I was worried I saw the title! But relieved when you said none. I’ve always gone bare face with red lips. Oh and mascara, of course!


Tina says · 10.18.17

What red lipstick would you recommend for a green eyed redhead?

Amanda E says · 10.18.17

Great post and answer to a good question. Like you I’m very pale and find even using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, for countouring, I look to washed out. So I’ve been recently looking at 1950’s makeup tutorials that often require bold red lips and I have found that a peachy blush, such as NARS orgasm or shade near this works well. You can apply it sweeping back from your cheeks and actually around your forehead, as you would do with a contouring, as that’s how they wore it in the 1950’s for a classic everyday look (not a rockabilly one).i very like the orgasm shade (or similar one) with this look, as the blush is subtle but still gives your face a bit if color. Especially if you opt for the lighter Hoola contour shade.

Live yourblog abc looking forward to more hair tutorials and makeup looks 🙂

Dianna Miller says · 10.18.17

Wonderful makeup tips! Love your blog!

Tricia says · 10.18.17

Beautiful look and I agree 100%! Perfect bronzer recommendations, too!

Christian Elizabeth says · 10.18.17

I love Au Naturale Gilded Sunset Blush, it is basically a subset naturale blush and honestly it’s a very bronzy color with rose gold shimmer that looks good with a bold lip! Highly recommend it if you feel like you have to wear blush!

Laura says · 10.19.17

Love this! So what would lipstick would you wear if you were wearing a red shirt?

kaylee says · 10.19.17

Skipping blush is definitely the way to go! I always think the blush + red lips color match looks good in the mirror, but the second I see a picture it’s horrifying! Thanks for sharing!


Other Kate says · 10.19.17

The same day (6 years ago!) I went to the MAC counter for the perfect bold, red lipstick, the saleswoman pointed me to their Mineralize blush in Warm Soul as a pairing. A great neutral that I just sweep in the hollows and to my temple. It’s still my go-to daily blush, red lip or not, only I’ll also pair it with a vibrant pink blush (seriously vibrant – gifted by a friend who thought it was way too bright), sparingly applied to the apples when I’m going lighter on the lips.

Rebecca says · 10.19.17

I have worn red lipstick religiously since I was 21 (8 years ago) and have bounced between pink, coral and…tan(?) Blush and have never found one that looked right. So I followed your tip of no blush today, and oh man, you are so, so right. I cant believe I never thought of it in all this time. Thanks a bunch!

Kate says · 10.23.17

I’ve found Charlotte Tilbury ‘Sex on Fire’ looks amazing with a red lip! x

Alina says · 10.31.17

Great tip! I also forgo blush when I am wearing a red lip color. I feel like the blush would compete with the boldness of the lip color, which should be the focal point. I usually just bronze and contour if I am looking for some definition on my cheeks.

Marthilde Lambert says · 09.22.18

Wonderful tip. But some darker skin tones I think definitely need a little blush to finish the look. I love red lipstick and put it on every chance I get for my social outings.