Layering pieces for Fall

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I love the light layering in the Fall. Somehow adding one extra layer to an outfit can take it from totally simple and basic to “pulled together”. I’ve always been a vest girl, and I love that they add that layer without adding a bunch of heat! I can still move my arms freely to hold my kids, but I feel a bit more pulled together.

I have a few lightweight jackets in army green, grey, and navy blue and these get so much more than my winter jackets do! I realize that depends on where you live, of course, but for me it’s totally worth it to invest in lightweight layering pieces that can translate from fall to spring and remain timeless. A lot of my vests and outerwear are items I keep for years, but I’ll switch out my tops and jeans annually. I think sticking with neutrals is the safest bet when it comes to vests or layering pieces, but I do love an occasional plaid option too!

We had a moment of 80 degrees earlier this week and I felt like I was living in an alternate reality when the ICE CREAM TRUCK came down our street! I don’t think it came around one time this summer, but on Oct 22nd, there it was.

As this week progressed, the temps dropped again and I’m happily layering in vests and sweaters!

More of my fall favorites here and here!


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mara says · 10.26.17

So cute thanks Kate!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.26.17

Cardigans and vests are essential for fall. They’re great to style too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Bettye says · 10.26.17

Oh, I love me some layering pieces! I haven’t quite gotten on vest wagon yet but I see a lot of pictures of them looking cute so maybe this is the year! Thanks for the inspo!


Lauren says · 10.26.17

Yes! I’m all about the rule of three! A jacket or vest or cardi always completes a look! And the ice cream truck came down our street last weekend too!

By Lauren M

Allie says · 10.26.17

It’s finally cool enough to wear light layers here in South Florida. I’m so excited!! I love your picks, xxAllie

Kim says · 10.26.17

I’m obsessed with number six!! A cold front is moving into Dallas tomorrow and I can’t wait to layer up.

Kim .. HOW TO buy leggings!

Holley says · 10.26.17

I love the puffy vests from J. Crew. I just bought the utility vest from Target (2). I was wondering if you could share a few ways to style it. Thanks. I love your blog.

Rachel says · 10.26.17

Can I ask what program you use to create these collages?
Beautiful work! Thanks!

Lindsay says · 10.27.17

I live in Florida, it’s hardly ever cold enough for a “jacket” and when it is, I can’t stand how bulky I feel! Thanks for the tips for vests – I’ll probably go with the one from target or amazon =)

Deanna says · 11.27.17

Thanks for this post! I fell in love with #6 in the red plaid version. I’m currently in the U.K. right now and they had something very similar on their amazon site for even cheaper. I’ve never been a vest person because I feel like they add more bulk to my short torso but it’s now part my new Christmas outfit ❤️