3 Fall Girl’s Night Ideas

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I’m very grateful to have such a wonderful group of girlfriends here in Raleigh. We are all in a similar stage of life, have a lot in common while also being quite different as well, and always have a good time together. We’ve done big beach trips with our friends for the past few years, and those are always such great times to really get to know one another on a deeper level.

Growing up I was pretty shy. I was friendly, but I certainly wouldn’t take the first step in reaching out to someone. After I moved to Greenville for college, and didn’t know a single soul in the entire state, I forced myself to seek out friends. Well. . . first I watched an entire season of Prison Break while eating too much French toast in my apartment for a week, but then I sought out friends.

After college we all dispersed, I got married and moved to Raleigh with Justin. From there it was a bit of a “dry spell” in the friend department, and I longed for friends that were my age. After attending a new campus of our church, Justin got connected with the band and was invited to their small group–and from there our friend group was established! It’s been about 4 years that we’ve been together and I consider them all “lifer’s”.

Anyway, to get to my point of all this, we have a lot of girls nights. On average, we try to do something once a month but certain seasons are harder than others. We started Skills Night earlier this year as a way to share what we are all passionate about, which made for really fun girls nights! I talked about makeup/beauty, another friend taught hand lettering, another friend taught us about gardening, and we just had a girls night focused on making homemade pepper jelly!

Sometimes we’ll just go out for dinner, or other times we’ll gather at someone’s home for dessert. And no matter how busy the day was or how tired any of us are, we’re always glad to get together and connect when we have these nights planned.

So, if you are in a tight friend group already, OR if you are trying to reach out to new friends, here are a few ideas for fun girls nights.

  1. Bake something! Making pepper jelly was both informative, easy, and quick to do. Making something together is much more fun, in my opinion, than doing a cookie exchange (which can be a popular “get together” thing to do). The problem with a cookie exchange is no one needs, like, 65 cookies each. It’s too much! I love the idea of sharing the recipes, but there are always too many cookies! It would be fun to take turns hosting and all bake cookies together, especially if you are teaching your friends a specific recipe.
  2. Create something! A long time ago when felt flowers were really popular I had a few girlfriends over to make them together. Some of them knew how to do it, and some of them were total beginners, but it was fun for everyone to just sit, chat, and work with our hands. It would be fun to make homemade wreaths for your front door, or garland for your fireplace.
  3. Listen to/Read something! I started a little podcast club this summer that sadly fizzled out after a few meetings because I was traveling so much, but I hope to start one again in a more steady season of life (does that EXIST?!). Everyone had to listen to a certain podcast, and then we would get together and discuss. We were all mom’s, so the God Centered Mom podcast fit for us, but it would be any podcast that you find interesting and worth discussing. The advantage of doing this, is it gives you focused conversation topics to cover while you are together, but still allows time for casual chatting as well.

I’d love to hear what your favorite things to do are when you get together with girlfriends! Leave your ideas in the comments below!

If you’re planning for a girl’s night out, check out this hair or this makeup tutorial with a fun lipstick color!


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Janet Smith says · 10.11.17

Playing the game Bunco is a great way, in my opinion, to get together with girlfriends! It is a game that is played with 12 people. During the game, you even change partners which is a great opportunity for getting better acquainted. If a regular member is not able to play that month, that member finds a sub to take her place which also lets someone have a “girls night out” without the monthly commitment.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.11.17

Baking, baking, baking! I swear, fall is perfect for making delicious cakes and cookies and tarts and…

Plus, we don’t need that summer body anymore. 😉

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie says · 10.11.17

We get together and play cards just once a month, Dutch Blitz or Phase 10. And discuss all the world’s problems, from elections to parenting solutions to dinner dilemmas. Sometimes there’s wine, sometimes it’s hot cider, sometimes the card games are abandoned, but it’s always a comforting night. I love the podcast rec-thank you!

Dana says · 10.11.17

Love these ideas and so glad you made a post about this – I always need a new “excuse” to get my gal-pals together! 😉

One of my most fun/memorable girls night’s I planned was a “Favorite things” night. We all had a small budget (just a few dollars) and bought something that we loved that was in that price range for each person attending. So if we had 5 ladies coming, you brought 5 items to share. Then everyone exchanged their favorite things and you went home with some new items to try (kind of like an Ipsy or Birchbox!) It was so fun!

Michele says · 10.11.17

This is adorable! I wanna play!

Kim says · 10.11.17

I love the idea of making something and being crafty! Great ideas!


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Elle says · 10.11.17

Def gonna check out that podcast! (If I can find any time.. I really don’t think a slower/steadier phase of life exists! lol). Between working and my 2 young children and maintaining a home.. it’s hard to find time but I need to make daily devotions part of my schedule. Thanks for the rec!

Kristine says · 10.11.17

I host Craft Nights, that used to be monthly, but lately and especially in summer months, we go a few months in between meetings. Usually we all bring some sort of craft we are working on and just check out what everyone else is doing and hope to be inspired to try new things! One time we did have a friend teach us hand lettering, and everyone loved it.

I love the idea of baking something together, or discussing a podcast or book.
Friends in this stage of life is crucial. Glad you found your girls!!

Katie says · 10.11.17

Sounds so fun! Check out the Risen Motherhood podcast! Gospel hope for moms. It’s awesome! I highly recommend following them.

Brenda says · 10.11.17

A group of us women get together once a month to play Mexican Train – Dominos. It is always fun, we put in $3 and depending on how many games /people play there is $ to be won.

I have also hosted a monthly game night at a local coffee/wine bar. I bring a box of board/dice/card games and we choose what to play based on interest.

We share life’s ups and downs, laugh and have friendly competition.

Michele says · 10.11.17

Wine and design on pumpkins could be fun for fall.

We’re planning a “friendsgiving” so we can gather before the holiday season has us running around, especially as we’re all new parents.

Laura says · 10.11.17

I’ve been hoping to find a podcast like the god centered Mom one you mentioned! I can’t wait to start listening to it! The topics look so good to me!

Lisa says · 10.12.17

I love my girls’ nights! My girlfriends and I are pretty crafty, and since I teach card making classes, we often make cards together. I’ll put out some snacks and light refreshments, and have the music going in the background. It’s so fun!

Coral Allen says · 10.17.17

These are such great ideas! I’m going to use these!

Kelly || Old Blue Silo says · 10.17.17

This past Saturday, I met a client at our local coffee house where everyone goes for breakfast and lunch in our small, rural town. One of my best friends and her husband walked in and sat down. On my way out, they invited me to join them along with another friend that was meeting up. We had so much fun just laughing and talking over coffee. We never take the time to do anything like that! SO – my friend and I decided that from now on, we will always get together for breakfast every second Saturday “Second Saturdays” of the month. Our first official standing date starts in November! We told a few friends about it and I can’t wait to see who shows up! I hope it is as fun planned as it was spontaneous.