Not your average middle school backpack. .

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Ever since I got a backpack from Better Life Bags for my diaper bag, I was converted. I loved the ease of just throwing it over my shoulder to get it out of my way! With a 3.5 and 2.5 year old, I needed both hands available for crossing the street or just general wrangling.

I’ve been looking for a bit more of a dressier backpack for everyday life though, and something a bit smaller too. I bought a travel backpack for times I’m traveling with my laptop, and after wearing that around downtown Chicago one day I realized that I would really love to have a smaller purse-type backpack.

I found a bunch of great options online, from a smaller size to something that I would say is more of a medium size. I ended up ordering #5 because I loved it so much!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

It’s always a bit crazy to see back to school items pop up in the stores in July, but I thought if all the kids are getting backpacks, maybe I should too?

Do you have a backpack that you use daily that you love? Tell me in the comments!

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.11.17

I love, love, love all your picks! They’re exactly the style I’m loving right now! I hope they aren’t too expensive!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Tate says · 08.11.17

I have a 2.5 and 3.5 year old too and just switched from my traditional diaper bag (from Pottery Barn Kids) to a Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpack. I feel like it fits our situation better since we are ok the go more now, and it looks less “babyish.” I love it!

Tabitha says · 08.11.17

I don’t even have kids, but I use the Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpack as my gym backpack! I love it and all of it’s pockets and compartments.

Alyssa says · 08.11.17

That is so gorgeous! I love the color of the material!

Ray says · 08.11.17

These are so cute and fashionable.

Meredith says · 08.11.17

Yas!!!! I was converted also when my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. Now we also have a 7 month old so a backpack style is the only thing I can deal with. I actually use a Vera Bradley style bookbag for my diaper bag. While I don’t love the crazy prints, I found a tame one and I love it because it’s so lightweight. I have a Steve Madden gray leather backpack I use as my everyday purse that I picked up from TJ Maxx. They always have a large selection and I always find a Steve Madden one I like…at a great price!

Sidra says · 08.11.17

Love the one you chose! I have a 4 year old and 2 year old with baby three on the way. My husband got me the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack when my first was a toddler. It’s perfect! She has a ton of colors on rotation and it’s always going on sale. Also love the style of the Japanese brand Anello. It’s similar to the one you chose.

Rebecca says · 08.11.17

Cute! Good choice.

Traci Cross says · 08.11.17

Backpack is the way to go!! I have 9 month boy/girl twins and being hands free is so important.

Lisa says · 08.11.17

I’m generally not a backpack-loving kind of gal, but your bag makes me want to try! It’s cute, stylish, and functional; which is likely why I’d be willing to give one a try as I don’t find traditional backpacks to be very stylish. Super cute and I love the colour!

Alexandra says · 08.11.17

Option five is gorgeous!

I personally stand by Fjallraven Kanken. I love them! They have so many colors, different sizes, they are waterproof, hip and they fit everything!

Jennifer says · 08.11.17

I have a backpack purse from Target that is basically a Henri Bendel knock-off. In my opinion, Henri Bendl has the market cornered on backpack purses. Theirs (as well as my Target one) are convertible – meaning they can be back packs, cross-bodies or satchels, depending on how you want to wear it. They’re big enough to hold everything you need, but not too big and heavy. Hoping to get a real Henri Bendel for Christmas.

Kribss says · 08.11.17

Love my Henri Bendel’s!!! They have a smaller size that I carry around as a regular purse and a larger one for travel. I had an issue with my smaller size one but customer service was awesome and they switched out for a new one with no problems! Definitely wait for their sales.

Karly says · 08.11.17

I have the ‘Medium Julian’ Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff in Antique white and I love it! Its my go to bag even without toting kids around!

Carolyn says · 08.11.17

I bought the Longchamp Le Pliages backpack while on my honeymoon in Italy and I love it! I love Longchamp bags, they are nice and simple looking but can go with anything. And the fact that they fold down into almost nothing is an amazing concept for travel. They can seriously fit way more than you think too! I just love it!

Lauren says · 08.11.17

I bought a “hobo – pack” from the company Rough & Tumble. It goes from cross body to backpack with the slide of the strap, I LOVE IT! It was not cheap, but I usually use the same purse for 5 years or more, so quality is key.

alecia m says · 08.11.17

I recently bought this one – so far really like it and have received lots of compliments. I have never had a back pack as my every day bag so not sure if I will like this approach or not but it is nice to have arms free for kid wrangling and can also use it during the week to tote my work laptop back and forth.

Jen Van Horn says · 08.11.17

It’s pricey, but I got the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack for my birthday- waiting for sales is the way to go (this one was part of the Anniversary sale)!
Love that you can buckle it at the top or bottom, and that it has easy to access zipper compartments.
There is a smaller version of it too!

Chelsey says · 08.11.17

Where did you purchase your backpack?

Paige says · 08.11.17

I love that bag! It’s gorgeous!


Kay Nguyen says · 08.11.17

All of them are so cute! I’m a huge sucker for cute-but-not-childish backpacks <3

Radhika Sharma says · 08.11.17

I’ve actually been thinking about getting a backpack. I love your picks, super cute and stylish too! <3

Melissa says · 08.13.17

That is super cute! I think I might invest in one of those to use as my purse the next time I travel overseas (I have a family member who lives in Europe). I like to have a bigger bag for the actual travel portion of my trip, going through airports and the like, and then switch to a smaller bag while I’m at my destination. This is so cute and chic.

Amanda says · 08.13.17

This is a great idea! Thinking back over the summer, I could have definitely used a backpack on some family outings. Hoping I find a cute one on sale next time I’m shopping!

Natalie Webster says · 08.13.17

I tend to love Skip Hop products, and was super excited when they recently came out with a beautiful leather one. There is this dark grey color and a lovely blush color too!

Sophie says · 08.14.17

Oh I love backpacks and the one you are wearing in the photo is lovely! I have a black one that I wear all the time but I’m looking for one in a lighter shade next x

Sophie | Sophar So Good

Brooke Sawyer says · 08.16.17

I have a 1.5 year old, and I absolutely love the Fawn Design backpack! Very spacious, and organized! A very good choice if you’re wanting something more dressy!

Charissa says · 02.01.18

I love the backpack you chose! Would you mind sharing how it’s held up over the past few months?