Accessory swaps

The 2 step bun (aka the way I’ve been wearing my hair all summer)

Similar to the way I feel about a neutral makeup look that allows for endless options of lipstick colors, I love a neutral wardrobe so I can switch up accessories and get a lot use out of them. I never buy an “outfit”. I always purchase items that will go with a handful of different things in my closet, again, so I can wear them repeatedly!

A simple stripe dress is the easiest look that allows for a huge variety of accessory swaps. You can dress it up or down, and keep the jewelry minimal or bold. Even though it’s striped, I think it really reads as a basic dress.

I have 2 colors of this dress from H&M and for under $18, it’s hard to beat it! The white is a touch sheer on bright sunny days, so I’ll just wear this light slip underneath so it isn’t too see through.

For daytime, I’d style it like this. If I was going to the park, I swap those wedges for some flatter sandals, like these!

To change up the look a bit, perhaps for a work day at a bookstore or coffee shop, I’d add one extra layer and choose a different bag.

I wish I could pull off dresses or skirts with sneakers but I just don’t think I can do it! But that would be a great way to also style this dress, in fact I bet Kailee Wright could pull that off perfectly!

Since this post is all about accessories, I rounded up a few of my favorite accessories that are great additions to any wardrobe below! Some of my favorite places to shop online for jewelry, shoes and bags are: Cuyana, Madewell, The Dotted Poppy, J.Crew Factory, Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry and Sole Society. I also love browsing in store at Target, TJ Maxx and Fossil.

one, two, three, four, five, six(another option), seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven(similar), twelve, thirteen, fourteen(similar), fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

Now don’t get me wrong, a really fun statement bag or necklace is almost ALWAYS a great idea against an otherwise very simple outfit. I just usually save the fun for my lip color or nail polish!

Shop the exact items I’m wearing in the photos below!

p.s. this pretty watch would go with just about anything too! Loving this top as well!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.29.17

I love the picks, especially number 11 – so cute!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Natalie says · 06.29.17

I completely agree with you! I can’t imagine how frustrating (and expensive) it would be to buy outfits. Plus, this way, you get your creative juices flowing all the time! I have a dress juts like that yours and I never thought of wearing it with a vest. I love it!

Claire says · 06.29.17

That is a pretty dress! I prefer the white one over the black. It is perfect for eveyday and even for the week end.

Kyly R says · 06.29.17

Very cute!

Will you also link to that awesome fig plant in the background? 😉

Karly says · 06.29.17

I have this dress in a few colors. It is so versatile. I love it, just don’t put it in the dryer it! lol. I need to stripped on next! 🙂

Kendal says · 06.29.17

I loooove the shoes at number six! So cute!

Kendal // Life With Kendal

Liz says · 06.29.17

How’s the sizing in that dress – TTS or no?

Karly says · 06.29.17

yes, true to size.

Rhei says · 06.29.17

Was wondering what size you wear in the H & M dress…I’ve never ordered from them before! Thanks!!

Sophie says · 06.29.17

I love this dress, it looks like such an easy to wear one! I actually don’t own that many ‘go with everything’ accessories and you’re right, it is a pain and can get expensive so it’s something I need to get better at shopping for!
Sophie x

Laura says · 06.29.17

Can you tell me if it’s true to size? I usually wear a 6, I’m 5ft and 130lbs. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Karly says · 06.29.17

yes, its true to size!

J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says · 06.29.17

I love dresses like that, they make styling so easy! Your photos are lovely too, you’re looking all summery and happy 🙂 xx

Amanda says · 06.29.17

This dress is perfect for summer days running around with my three little boys. How does this run in regards to size?

dubliner in deutschland says · 06.30.17

cute! Nice casual look

Sophie says · 11.19.17

Hey Kate, is that the small or the oversized tote you’re carrying in the first picture? 🙂 Thanks!

Anna Teague says · 08.23.18

I can only get one……so your recommendation for a brown leather tote would be the Madewell or Cuyana? Have you have issues with color transfer?Thanks so much!