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My favorite piece of wedding day advice

Most of my weekends involve a Saturday trip to Home Depot to get something for some project we are working on in the yard. There are so many things that Justin and I are longing to do to the house, and we are slowly chipping away at the list!

If we have any other plans that involve less sweating and working in the yard, and more showers and perhaps real clothes, I always reach for comfortable outfits. I’ve been living in these linen pants now that the temps are warming up! This knotted t-shirt is just a little bit more interesting than a simple grey tee, and it’s perfect if you like the front tuck look but don’t want to do an actual front tuck.

top, pants, sandals, bag (similar)

p.s. I was wearing these pants here too! Also, you can never go wrong with wedges or a cute clutch!


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Jennifer langworthy says · 07.07.17

Always enjoy your posts. Think I’ll try this shirt. How do the sizes run?

Kate says · 07.07.17

True to size!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.07.17

Cute! I love wearing greys and blacks, they’re basically my whole wardrobe. A casual look is always the best for relaxed weekends!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Katie says · 07.07.17

This looks so perfect and comfy! So relaxed 🙂

Katie // wordsbykatie.com

Sophie says · 07.07.17

This outfit looks so comfortable and relaxed – perfect for the weekend! That tee looks great and so useful.
Sophie x


Kristen says · 07.07.17

I’ve been doing the knotted tee quite often lately along with grays and blacks! Love the simple look. Leaves room for accessories!

Sidra says · 07.07.17

Hey Kate! If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? I love this style of pant but feel it will be too slouchy on me at 5 feet tall unless I’m wearing heels, which is not happening at seven months pregnant with two kids in tow!

Kate says · 07.07.17

I’m about 5’5”

Michele says · 07.07.17

I love the idea of the fake tuck tee, but can’t get past that price tag. Woof! Those sandals are fantastic though

Kori says · 07.07.17

You can get the same look with a regular T and a hair tie or rubber band! From the inside of a t’shirt, just bunch up a small handful just above the hem and over to the side, and then secure it with a rubber band or hairtie, kind of like a little mini-bun. You may have to fiddle with it a little bit, but saves you having to buy a special shirt to get the look!

I know I didn’t explain that very well, but hopefully it conveys the general idea! 🙂

Michele says · 07.08.17

Neat hack, thanks! Kinda line all of the lu la roe hacks I’ve seen on Pinterest. However, can’t jump on board the lularoe train just yet. Knowing me, I’ll catch that trend a year after it’s relevance, haha!

Annie says · 07.07.17

Love the look but whoa! $58 for a grey tshirt😳
Budget blown with one tshirt.

Lynn says · 07.07.17

I have a very similar pair of pants like those from Old Navy. Recently Woden them on a travel day and they were so comfy! I streamlined the look with a black tee, black sandals, and carried a black cardigan……I felt very chic yet was very comfortable!

Lynn says · 07.07.17

Wore them, not Woden them! Lol

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 07.07.17

I have to tell you – after your post on the True & Co. bras I immediately went and bought a couple. They. Are. Amazing!!!! Of course the ‘True Body’ version is the most comfortable, but I also tried the ‘Merced T-Back’ and it’s great for more structure.

Kelly Martin says · 07.07.17

I love your style Kate! Our family is currently living in the Wilmington NC area and are seriously contemplating a move to the Cary area to farther my husbands career and you are the perfect style icon for me being a sahm while also wanting to be put together. Thanks for inspiring me to get out of jammies all day lol.

Brittany says · 07.08.17

I’m totally a casual weekend dresser. This top is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon running errands!

Brittany | thechicette.com

Marah says · 07.08.17

Love your weekend style! I’m definitely all about that comfort life, especially on the weekends.

Fashion Blog


Jennifer says · 07.09.17

Kate, have you tried TrendSend from Ever Eve? It sounds very similar to Stitchfix, but without the styling fee. Just curious about your thoughts on that.

katie says · 07.10.17

I love this outfit, I swear I’m at Lowes at least 2 times a week and have never looked this good lol!