Makeup for a Wedding: how I’ll do my makeup for my sister’s wedding!

A floral dress and sneakers that go with everything

I’m assisting Lauren with her makeup and doing her hair for the big day. She’s pretty good at doing her own makeup, so I may just help her with a few things. I came to Wisconsin fully prepared to help any of the other bridesmaids with their hair and makeup as well, so I’ve been brainstorming looks and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration.

I bought this amazing palette from Tarte last week on a whim. I wasn’t looking for a palette when I found it, but it caught my eye and I put it in my bag immediately. I was actually shopping for primers and cleansers, and I’ve tried a few different ones lately so expect a post on those soon!

Anyway, I did a trial run with some shades from that Tarte palette earlier on in the week and thought I’d show you what I used and the final look. I used this technique which is my favorite way to do my eye makeup lately!

Full disclosure, I used a drugstore mascara on this day to test it out and I didn’t like it at all. I’ll be using my tried and true Benefit Roller Lash on the big day.


01. I’ve returned to Mac Pro Longwear concealer (in shade Nc20) just to give it another go. I used it for YEARS and then switched to Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. I was battling a little bit of smudging under my eyes and I remember the MAC product drying a bit more than Make Up For Ever so I thought that would help it. Spoiler alert: it has! I still love Make Up For Ever for blemishes though!

02. I’m loving this L’Oreal Prep and Shape brow kit still. I use a longer brush to apply it, but it goes on like a breeze, looks natural, and lasts all day.

03. I’ve gone without primer for a few months because I hadn’t found any that I loved. I picked up a trial size of Laura Mercier Oil Free primer at Sephora and have really enjoyed it! It feels light on the skin and keeps me from getting a bit shiny mid-day.

04. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation is the only foundation I would use on a day where I needed my makeup to be flawless from start to finish. It can’t be beat!

05. I applied my foundation with a slightly damp Beauty Blender. I typically use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but I watch so many beauty videos with pro’s raving about using a Beauty Blender that I had to give that method another try. The coverage is pretty darn good, and it looks flawless.

06. I bought my first NARS velvet matte lip pencil in “sex machine” last week and love the shade. It wears really nicely and doesn’t turn to chalk like some long-wear products can. My only complaint is that it requires a sharpener.

07. I love using a translucent setting powder on days I know I’m going to be photographed. The makeup won’t look too heavy with a powder on top, but I can guarantee I won’t be shiny either!

08. The Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette is a stunner. If you love browns and neutrals, this is the palette for you. I’ve used almost all the eyeshadow shades already, just to try out a few different looks, and have used both of the lighter bronzers/contour shades. That dark contour on the right won’t work for me as that, but it will definitely be used for eyeliner or a crease color on my eyes!

09. Tarte’s exposed blush is my go-to shade. It’s like the perfect neutral color that lets me pick a range of lipsticks to finish the makeup look. It’s not too peachy, it’s not too pink, and it delivers a good bit of color so I don’t look like I’m dead.

10. Benefit’s Roller Lash has been a favorite mascara of mine for a long time! It lifts, separates, and adds a great amount of definition without being too many or heavy.

11. I like pressing a very thin line of Bobbi Brown’s Longwear Shadow Stick in Bark along my lash line to add thickness. I’ve been using eyeshadow as liner for the past month or so and love the softer look, so keeping the darker eyeliner to just my lashes gives me the best of both worlds.

For more recent makeup tips, check out this liquid blush I tried and my favorite neutral makeup look!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.13.17

What an honour to be helping your sister! The makeup looks flawless!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lois says · 07.13.17

Hi Kate, could you please tell me what shade you are in?

Jill says · 07.13.17

Where do you buy the Arbonne? I don’t want to order the wrong shade online-

Jodi says · 07.13.17

What shade of Nars lip pencil are you wearing? It looks like a such a pretty soft pink.

Ashley says · 07.13.17

sex machine

Kelsye says · 07.13.17

Beautiful look, Kate! Ok, quick questions: do you have a favorite bronzer? Maybe you’ve mentioned this before, but I’m fairly new around here. I used to use Tarte’s color matching bronzer, but then it was discontinued, and I don’t like their new one!

Laurie says · 07.13.17

Kate, you are so lovely, and I enjoy seeing your pics, watching your videos and reading your blog. You look just wonderful in the makeup shades you’ve chosen for your sister’s wedding. What shade is the NARS velvet matte lip pencil you used? Love it!

Ashley Higgins says · 07.13.17

I am dying to know the mascara you tried and didn’t like!

Claire says · 07.13.17

such a pretty look! i love how simple and flawless this is!
You don’t use a setting spray for the wedding?

Liz says · 07.13.17

It’s perfect that today is a make up post because I was thinking of you as I was putting on my mascara this morning since I know that you are always searching for the perfect mascara, as am I! Lately I have been using L’Oreal voluminous lash along with Maybelline lash sensational and it works so well! benefit roller lash worked very well for me too, but I was always frustrated with how fast it would dry out! happy wedding weekend to Lauren!!!!

kait says · 07.13.17

What colon Nars Lip pencil did you use?

A. Cooper says · 07.13.17

I believe her link to the lip pencil/ color is Sex Machine

Christen says · 07.13.17

This palette is definitely for me then. I love mixing neutrals and never really go crazy on eye makeup. I think less is more in this kind of thing, but I love this look!

Karly says · 07.13.17

So Beautiful, I love this look on you. I love all these products too, they are some of my favorites I use on a daily basics! 🙂

Have Fun too!!!

Natalie says · 07.13.17

Love using the beauty blenders! Your makeup looks amazing!

Tiffany Renee Harmon says · 07.13.17

This makeup look is great! Perfect for weddings 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I love Tarte blush too, but I haven’t tried that particular shade.

Becky says · 07.13.17

What shade Arbonne foundation did you use?

Michelle says · 07.13.17


Erica HTE says · 07.13.17

Great pictures, dear

Michele says · 07.13.17

I’ve gotta give your sister credit…I would NEVER have attempted my own wedding day makeup! Knowing me, I’d be all sorts of heavy handed with the blush or something equally awful. I’m envious of you and Lauren for your confidence and skill. And hair.

Oh. The. Hair.

brandy says · 07.13.17

Seriously…those lashes! Curious if you are using a lash growth product? Even with mascara you are not fond of, wowza!

Tracy says · 07.13.17

I’d love to see a tutorial on your hair style from blow drying to done. Love it!!

Cora says · 07.13.17

Which lotion did you use on this day?

Christine says · 07.17.17 has friends and family discount right now – 25% off almost everything.

w says · 07.17.17

simple and beautiful! this is a type of makeup I love the most, truly enhancing your natural beauty x

Donnell Bourgoyne says · 06.29.20

I enjoy your hair and makeup ideas.

Katrina Moffatt says · 02.09.23

I’m a friend of Jenna Sherard😍Would you still use these same products for wedding day makeup for mother of bride? I’ve already purchased Clinique beyond perfecting foundation & even better concealer + eraser & Pur love your selfie foundation & concealer & Ulta Col.Lab meet your matte foundation & Benefit porefessional Super setter spray.
I’m mainly concerned about my eyes as every combination I’ve tried I get smudges. I tried Bobby Brown vitamin enriched eye base, Clinique & benefit liquid eye liner, & L’Oréal infallible iced late & Clinique eye shadows. Benefit they’re real magnet mascara. What can I use that I already have?
What are must purchases?