A liquid blush that feels like a cloud

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I have a thing with attributing a cloud-like feeling to clothes. You may remember when I talked about cloud pants. Or perhaps this post about a cloud bra.

So when I saw that a new-ish skincare and makeup line launched a liquid blush called “cloud paint” my attention was piqued.

I love cream blush. And whenever I post about it I receive a lot of comments from women saying either that they don’t know how to use it, when to apply it, or they’ve never tried it at all. I wear cream blush every single day that I’m doing my super low key beauty routine, which you can read about here.

I’ve seen a lot of hype about Glossier products already, and I finally bit the bullet to try some myself. Initially, I was quite pleased at the price points. And the shipping was fast. I purchased Cloud Paint in Dusk and Boy Brow in Blond.

Boy brow left much to be desired. I don’t have a lot of eyebrows to start with, but using this product alone did next to nothing for my eyebrows. I proceeded to fill them in and then use Boy Brow to hold them in place a bit and that worked well. This product may work better if you already have enough eyebrows, and simply want to add a touch more thickness and structure.

I really liked Cloud Paint. I expected it to be a bit more of a mousse form for some reason, but it’s like a serum consistency. It blended in really nicely and the result was a really natural looking flush. I apply liquid or cream blush after I’ve applied both my foundation and powder. You can try a few different ways, but this is how I find I get the most impact. On a casual day, with this kind of makeup routine, I’d skip the foundation and powder altogether and simply apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks.

I took a selfie on the day I was wearing this blush for some unimportant reason and I have to say that whenever I scroll passed it in my phone, I really think the blush is quite flattering and natural looking!

Have you tried anything from Glossier? I’d love to hear about some of your favorites in the comments!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.05.17

The subtle difference is beautiful! I love the packaging as well!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Claire says · 07.05.17

I like subtle blushes for summer and this one looks really pretty. I also like to apply a little bit on the tip of the nose as it gives a nice fresh look ! I learned this tip from wayne goss!


Kelsey says · 07.05.17

Hey there! First time commenting, but I love this space. 🙂 I’ve never tried Glossier products, but a friend of mine swears by their lip gloss! I’ve actualy been using a sample of Sephora brand liquid blush that they gave me months ago…. It’s been lasting FOREVER so I keep using it, haha! It will be a sad day when it’s gone and I have to actually go buy some blush…

Lovely color on you!

Kim says · 07.05.17

I’ve actually never tried a liquid blush! The most adventurous I’ve been is with a stick haha but it looks great!


http://trendkeeper.me .. day to night outfit!

Patti says · 07.05.17

How do you think the results compare to the Maybelline Bouncy Blush? I’m still trying to find a replacement for that! A few things I’ve tried have looked nice, but left a more sticky feel on the cheeks than Bouncy did. Do you still feel this after it’s blended in?

Kate says · 07.05.17

This doesn’t feel sticky at all. I like it maybe more than bouncy because I Feel like the color has a bit more depth to it, if that makes sense

Patti says · 07.06.17

Thank you! I will definitely give it a try!

Anna says · 07.05.17

Yes! I bit the bullet and bought Glossier’s 2 sets. I love their face wash and priming moisturizer!! I also got their generation g lipstick in cake, which I might add is VERY neutral. Sometimes I even forget that I’m wearing a lip color so I don’t know how I feel about that yet. I also got their concealer which is incredible for color correction and the birthday balm which I’m obsessed with!! I will say, too, that I got the boy brow in brown and I have enough brow that it’s perfect for structure and filling in for fine hairs. Been dying to know about the cloud paint, so thanks for sharing!!

Kristi Beth says · 07.05.17

I am definitely intrigued by the Glossier brand, especially these blushes. I really hope they start shipping to Canada soon!

Kristi Beth | Be Loverly

Jenn I says · 07.05.17

Love the Cloud Paints. I also like (not love, but like), the milky jelly cleanser and the highlighter. But the cloud paints – I’ll end up with all of the colors soon, I just know it.

Lauren says · 07.05.17

The boy brow does work great for me, but I have brown brows (lot of alliteration there). I also love the cloud paint, and you need so little of it that it feels like it’s going to last forever. I recently got the Generation G lipstick, and the red color is great for being bold enough to get some color to your face, since I look washed out without at least SOMETHING on my lips, but it does have that natural “popsicle” look everyone says! I also like the Balm Dotcom salve, which is great for your purse to use last minute to tame brows, highlight your cheeks (the kind I have is clear so it just provided a little dewey finish for dinner after work), clear lipgloss, and as a salve for dry skin! Not to sound like I work there or anything because I don’t, but in the current trend of looking less made up, especially for summer, these products have been great. Looking forward to trying the SPF!

Lauren says · 07.05.17

Sheesh, how many times can I say great? Talk about proofreading…

Kate Davis says · 07.05.17

Looks great! I like it too!!

Liz says · 07.05.17

I’ve tried the cloud paint in beam and love it! I want to purchase dusk next. I also tried their liquid foundation which I did not like. The coverage was exactly what I was looking for in the sense that it was very light and felt nice like I had nothing on my skin. However the formula caused me to break out 2 days later. I purchased the lightest shade as I am fair with freckles but felt it was a touch too light for my liking however I don’t know if the medium would be too dark. The nice thing was when I started the return process for the foundation Glossier made it very easy. They refunded my money very quickly and told me to keep the product! So yeah overall my experience was very positive with them and can’t wait to try other products!

Krystal // The Krystal Diaries says · 07.05.17

I’ve never tried cream blushes before. I have no idea how to use them but this one looks so nice!

Karin says · 07.05.17

Thanks for another wonderful blog! Are you wearing glossier lip balm on your lips? That color is stunning!

Susan Jefferson Cole says · 07.05.17

Nars liquid blush in Orgasm is beautiful! First liquid blush I’ve used.

Nancy says · 10.07.17

I recently bought the same Nars liquid blush after seeing a review by one of the bloggers I follow. Wow! I love it. The color is great–brightens and adds just enough color. It will last forever because one tiny, tiny drop does the trick. Because I am older, I prefer cream or liquid blush because powders emphasize the lines (read “wrinkles!”)

Erika says · 07.06.17

I love Glossier Cloud Paint! I have one in every color. It’s probably my favorite product that I’m using right now. I used to be a die-hard Benefit Benetint gal (and before that, Origins Pinch Your Cheeks). I’ve tried cream blushes in the past but always found them difficult to apply, but I don’t have that problem with the Cloud Paint. It’s really easy to manipulate once it’s on your face.
I’ve also tried Glossier’s skin tint (really, REALLY hated it), Boy Brow (hated it), and the Generation G lip colors (LOVE!). Oh, and I recently purchased their lip gloss, which I’ve only worn once. The one time I wore it I really liked it, although I’m not much of a gloss person. I purchased it more because it reminded me of the lip glosses my best friend and I used to purchase in the 7th grade – super shiny 🙂

Petra says · 07.09.17

you inspire me ^^

Dawn says · 08.09.17

Keep blushed!!

Jill says · 10.04.17

Hi Kate,
Thanks for featuring this product. I’ve seen their videos demo-ing the blush and have been interested in giving it a try. Good to hear your thoughts on it.
Looks great on you!

Alyssa says · 10.04.17

I’ve wondered about this blush! I’ll have to try it soon. Boy Brow was the same for me. It worked great to smooth my brows, but didn’t do much to add volume if I didn’t already have them filled in.

For me, the game changer product from Glossier is the priming moisturizer rich. I started using it last winter (I live in Michigan so things are dry and cold) and my skin totally changed. Usually my skin can be quite flaky, but my skin stayed so smooth and hydrated. Usually nothing works! Something else strange happened. I had no breakouts when I was using the moisturizer. NONE. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence, but it was really interesting and I wasn’t complaining.

Amanda E says · 10.18.17

This is great. Benefit has their Dandylion liquid blush and I love it as well as NARS which has orgasm and a few shades in liquid blush. Both are awesome for subtle cream/liquid blush looks. I think the dandelions my favorite, its a bit more pinky and subtle, very good for a natural makeup look such as the peachy one that is currently in. Have to try the liquid blush you used here, looks great! Is cream a great deal different than liquid as far as blushes go?

Stacey says · 03.11.18

I have never tried a liquid blush, but my powder blush isn’t doing the trick. I put so much on but you can’t even tell I’m wearing any at all. Going to Target this week, may have to get some to try. Your nails look great! Would love a how to paint your nails video. I am nail polish obsessed, but no good at doing my own nails, so hardly ever do them. Yet if I don’t have on nail polish my mails hurt!

Sarah says · 03.01.19

What lip color are you wearing here?