3 Crowd Pleasing Recipes

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Are you entertaining for the 4th of July?! We are in Wisconsin so my mom will happily be doing all the cooking, but if we were having our own party, you can be sure one or three of these recipes would be in the works!

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Cucumber Salsa

Triple Berry Muffins would be quite festive as well for the morning of!

The boys love poppers, those little tiny pellet things you throw onto the ground so they pop. Luke loves to jump on multiple poppers at a time for a big crackle. I think they’ll both be into the fireworks this year which will be a lot of fun! There are always a few good shows available near where our home is up here, so I’m sure we’ll find something.

Happy Independence Day, America!


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Stacey Kelly says · 08.07.17