A soft cat eye with eyeshadow tutorial

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I like routine, but MAN I was getting bored with my eye makeup routine recently. Even using different shades of eyeshadow wasn’t cutting it. So I tried something new, fairly skeptical about what I would think of the end result, but it’s now the only way I’ve done my eyes for the past few weeks! I should probably alternate between this look and my classic look, so I don’t get overly bored of this soft cat eye, but for now it’s giving me life so I’m going to stick with it!

The goal was a soft, understated cat eye for every day. I wanted to wing my eyes out a bit, especially since I just got another lash lift and my eye lashes were already flicking up and out. I filmed a short little tutorial for you to show you how I do it! I used Revlon creme eyeshadow in Espresso all over the lid, this brush to create the cat eye, and Urban Decay’s Secret Service eyeshadow for the cat eye. For extra definition, I pressed this cream eyeshadow right along my lash line with a brush like this!

You can play around with how far you pull the cat eye out, and how high the point is angled depending on your eye shape and preferences. And I love that using just a dark eyeshadow is all you need to do – no messing with liquid liner and having to redo an inky cat eye flick over and over and over until it matches.

What do you change when you get into a makeup rut? Your eyes? Lipstick? I’d love to hear!

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.26.17

I like it – a much more subtle way of doing the cat eye!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 06.26.17

I really love this! I’ve been loving a cat eye lately, but always feels like it takes too much time when I’m rushing out the door to work – problem solved! Happy Monday XxAllie

Claire says · 06.26.17

I love the revlon cream shadow especially for a soft eye look. I like to do this soft cat eye is but unfortunately i don’t have a lot of space for the liner because i have hooded eyes! I do a small wing instead.


Sophie says · 06.26.17

This looks gorgeous, so soft and pretty! I’m going to have to try it, because I am awful for the have to redo my liquid eyeliner multiple times situation and even when I get them even I sometimes feel the result is a bit harsh.
Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

Alyssa says · 06.26.17

This looks great on you! The soft cat eye is my go-to every day. I just love what it does to my eye shape!

Maria says · 06.26.17

Hi! I had the same issue with my eye makeup. Now I do the following thing: I use a color eye pencil at my lower lashline (my two favorite are violet and green SlideOn pencils by Nyx), and leave the upper lashline nude or cover it with a matching eyeshadow. The eyeshadow shouldn’t be too opaque or too trasparent: just cover it and blend to make the edges smooth. I don’t make any flick or wing or whatever. The color ends where my lashline ends (for pencil), or where the crease of the eyelid begins (for eyeshadow).
I think a touch of black liner between lashes can work if you need more definition, but I like that nude+color look and sometimes I don’t even use mascara.
All the picture may sound quite unconventional, but in fact it looks just modern and fresh, not too ‘only for runway’.
(I’m sorry for possible mistakes, English is not my native language. Thank you for your blog, by the way!)

Kay says · 06.26.17

My kind of eye shadow look. Soft and minimal!

Melissa says · 06.26.17

Such a pretty look on you, subtle but gives nice definition! Your top is adorable as well!

Rachel says · 06.26.17

Hi Kate!
Your nail polish is beautiful! What brand and color is it?

Amanda says · 06.26.17

Looks great. I’ve never been confident with eye makeup, so I stick to what I know. I do change my lipstick often for a boost. I recently learned a trick from a makeover session at Boots No7 counter (over in UK), to use your lip colour on your cheeks for a matching cream blush. It’s works beautifully, especially for dull/dry complexion.

Christen says · 06.26.17

I’m definitely going to try this out. I feel like my regular makeup routine is in a rut, but I also am not crazy about the harsh cat eye with strong liner look (it looks great on other people, just weird on me).

Angie @ This New Southern Life says · 06.26.17

Thank you for this tutorial!! I can’t seem to get this right so I will use your tips!! I just bought the eyebrow kit you showed, and I LOVE IT <3

Susan says · 06.26.17

Hi Kate what type of brush are you using????

NIKKI says · 06.26.17

Kate, I love this make up look. Your posts are so easy to follow! I really love your hair tutorials, as a working mom of two little girls I need the inspiration. If you’re ever looking for dinner ideas how about checking out my blog: girlmamacooks.wordpress.com

Amanda says · 06.26.17

Kate, where do you get your eyelash lift done at? I am looking for a place in the Raleigh Area.

Thank you!

Paige says · 06.26.17

This is so pretty! You did an awesome job!


Stephanie says · 06.26.17

So excited for this tutorial!! Thank you for posting 😊

The pink pineapple says · 06.27.17

Great post
The pink pineapple

Chantel says · 06.27.17


shawn says · 06.28.17

I’d like to know what brush you used too. I am horrible with brushes. Love the hair tutorials! Thanks❤️

Kylie Loewecke says · 06.29.17

Where are the earrings from that you are wearing in this post?

Angie says · 07.06.17

I would also like to know the brish you used. I don’t think you linked it. I tried this a couple times already and it was kind of a fail. Lol. Perhaps I am using the wrong brush.

Dawn says · 08.09.17

nice tutorial. Is it not smudging easily?

Dawn says · 08.09.17

nice tutorial. Is it not smudging easily? but, thanks!