a shimmery cream eyeshadow that kicks your eye makeup up a notch

Tousled Half Up Double Knot

As the temperatures are warming up, I’m starting to simplify my makeup routine a bit. Cream eyeshadow is the fastest and easiest way to apply dimensional eyeshadow with little effort. I use my finger, blend it out, and add a bit of a darker shadow to the crease and corner only if I want to.

I found the prettiest shade that you should definitely add to your makeup bag this spring by Revlon. The shade is called Caramel 710 and it’s a little pot of cream eyeshadow that even comes with it’s own applicator if you choose to go that route!

If cream eyeshadows tend to crease on you, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of eyeshadow primer before you apply the cream eyeshadow. It will act like double stick tape for the product and really cut back on creasing!

For this look, I added a darker chocolate shade to the outer corners, but on more casual makeup days I’ll just swipe a bit of Caramel on and leave it at that. It couldn’t be easier! And for under $7.00 at Target, it barely makes a dent in your wallet too.

p.s. I’m wearing Playful here, isn’t it such a fun coral!?

(photos by Jordan Maunder shot at The Dartmouth)


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Melissa says · 04.17.17

Looks great… I haven’t ever really used cream shadows. What is the brand and name of the chocolate color?

Alyssa says · 04.17.17

Such a gorgeous spring look!

Pam says · 04.17.17

What is the your opinion of the best matte shadow brand ?

Andrea O. says · 04.17.17

Do you recommend cream eyeshadow over powder? I just started wearing eyeshadow and was unsure. Thank you!

Ashley says · 04.17.17

What kind of eyeshadow primer do you recommend to put under this?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.17.17

What a gorgeous, minimal look!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Laura Goodman says · 04.17.17

Do you use any of the MAC paint pots w/ shimmer or color? I love the way painterly stay put and have recently been tempted to try something with a little shimmer or color for a simple summer look.

AA says · 04.17.17

Hi Kate, What is your nail color in these photos? Thanks!

Stephanie says · 04.17.17

That caramel color is gorgeous and the perfect neutral with just a little sparkle!!


Jessica says · 04.17.17

Gosh this is gorgeous! Running out to Target today to grab some!

Dana says · 04.17.17

I love your nail color. Is that one from your recent blog about polish?

Amanda says · 04.18.17

Love this look! Could you tell me what blush you are wearing?



Kay says · 04.17.17

That cream eyeshadow looks amazing! I have only tried the Maybeline Tattoo Line and I need some more in my life <3


Sylvana says · 04.17.17

Kate, benefit has a beautiful copper cream shadow called my two cents. It’s so pretty on!

Darrelyn Kelley says · 04.17.17

I love it when you share makeup products you have tried. It gives me an idea of what may work for me. I see all the colors and different types of makeup in the store and I can get lost. You help to narrow it down for me. Thank you!!

claire says · 04.17.17

These Revlon cream shadows have a very good formula and some of the shades are not crazy pigmented which can be good for beginners or for someone who wants a more soft look ! i really like these and this color is gorgeous.

LindaLibraLoca says · 04.18.17

Cream eyeshadows are perfect for holidays and summer, and paired with the coral lip you are showing us it looks like something I would wear a lot.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

Lauren Garvey says · 04.18.17

This color is so beautiful, I absolutely love blondes with coral makeup. haha It’s my favorite 🙂

Great post!
XOX Lauren

Michele says · 04.18.17

Can you show us some cream blush and techniques for applying it? I’d love to try it but am overwhelmed when I look at it in the store.

Nicole says · 04.18.17

I just got this the other day! It’s the BEST so much better than my typical powder shadow. So less messy. Lasts forever!!!!

Erin G says · 04.19.17

Love this. A year ago a makeup artist turned me onto Maybeline Color Tattoo in a pot. It stays on all day and never creases. You should check it out!

Angela Mielke says · 04.19.17

Is there a color in the Tarte Happy Girl palette that would do the same? I don’t wear make up super often so I don’t want to buy another product (yes I know it’s cheap, but they add up).

Also, I have wider set eyes so the usual makeup trick of adding a darker shade at the outer corners actually makes them look further apart….would love to see some tutorials that address this. (I’ll volunteer myself if you want a little vacay in Panama City Beach).

Jessica says · 04.21.17

On your Instagram stories a couple days ago, you posted about an under eye concealer that you loved before you went to the gym. What was it?

Olga says · 04.22.17

My favorite kind of colour! A little pink, a little brown, a little golden! Looks lovely!

Becky says · 04.25.17

After reading this post, I went out and bought this eyeshadow and I love it!

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Dawn says · 08.09.17

I really like cream eyeshadow since it’s easy to use and travel friendly