Tousled Half Up Double Knot

Your nails, but better

I’ve been on a serious journey toward hair health after discovering some intense breakage at the nape of my hair a few weeks ago. I do hair masks quite regularly, but on days when I don’t have the time to give to a full hair mask process, I want to rely on my shampoo and conditioner to do the job.

So when I saw the words Repair + Renew on the newly designed Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner, it was next on my list to use in the shower. And it did just that, it left my hair feeling clean but very hydrated. I’ve certainly experienced shampoo and conditioners that left my hair feeling either really waxy or super tangled after I used them, and it’s such a frustrating discovery because there’s no salvaging it!

Because my hair is quite dry, I like adding serums for protection and smoothing, both BEFORE and AFTER I dry my hair. The Infusium Leave-In Creme helped my ends look clean and fresh. I applied a pea size amount to my ends before I dried, and then added half a pea size to my palms, rubbed it around, and ran my hands over any areas that needed a little extra TLC. You can also MIX the Infusium Leave-In Creme and the Infusium Smoothing Serum together to extra hydration and smoothing! If you need an added boost of shine, and to tame frizz or flyaways, the collection also includes the Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment Spray.

Now that my hair was smooth and frizz free after using Infusium, I was ready to style. If you are anything like me and have about 1,000 plates spinning in the air at one time, you appreciate effectiveness and efficiency on days that you don’t have time to spend on your hair, but want something a little extra and trendy.

Here is the quick step-by-step on how to get a tousled half up double knot.

First, pick up the hair in front of your ears, on both sides of your head, and sweep it to the back.

And simply tie it in a knot!

Then, with the remaining “tails”, pick up more hair if you need to, or just tie the tails into another knot right on top of that first one.

Then, grab a few strong bobby pins, and push the pin into the tails that remain, to secure them down and keep the knots in place!

And that’s it! You can virtually do this style without looking, which makes it perfect for busy days. It’s also my go to hairstyle when my hair has been ruined by rain or humidity, but I don’t want to wear it up in a ponytail.

Healthy hair always styles better, so taking care of it before damage strikes will make for so many easier and happier hair days ahead.

You can find Infusium products at Walmart for the great price of $5.89-$7.99!

This post was sponsored by Infusium. All opinions are my own.


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Heather says · 04.13.17

Speaking of hair health… any pointers to go from an everyday hair washer to only a few times a week? My hair is greasy by the night if I wash it in the morning. Thanks!

Tiffany says · 04.13.17

I used to be the same way. Now I can go three days without washing and my hair feels fine. You just have to start going longer without washing, consistently. The oil will decrease over time. Just plan on your second day hair being an updo or something for awhile. 🙂

Katie says · 04.13.17

I’m no expert, but I trained my hair by just doing it! Yeah, you get some greasy days in the beginning but it took no more than maybe 3 weeks for my hair to come around. Dry shampoo – AT NIGHT, so it has time to work – is also miraculous. I used to not be able to go one day without shampooing but now I can wash my hair no more than 3x/week. I say just go for it!

Sandy Denson says · 04.13.17

No waxy coated feeling after the leave in or smoothing products?

Kate says · 04.13.17

I didn’t experience any, nope! My hair is really dry so I’m usually very sensitive to a waxy feeling and didn’t find the products to feel that way!

christine says · 04.13.17

Hi Kate. Read your posts diligently and love your recommendations.
The new Infusium; is it safe for colour treated hair? That is my only concern when shampoo shopping.

Jennie says · 04.13.17

I need to know where the blue shirt your wearing is from? Love it!

Stephanie says · 04.13.17

Such a cute idea! Your email came right when I was getting ready for work and this was perfect! Thanks for the perfect/simple idea this morning!

Kay says · 04.13.17

Your hair looks amazing, unfortunately I have black hair so nobody can see if I do a knot 🙁 great post still <3

Stephanie says · 04.13.17

I forgot Infusium was a thing. LOL. My hair has been super dry lately, so it might not hurt to give this a try.

Teresa says · 04.13.17

So cute!

Dj Hilliard says · 04.13.17

I recently discovered terrifying breakage at the nape of my neck. I realized it was from pulling my wet hair into twists to sleep in at night for pretty waves in the morning. I was simply pinning them too tightly! I loosened up the approach and all is well 🙂

Paige says · 04.14.17

Any tips or ideas for shedding of a lot of hair? My shower drain has to be cleared every other day. It does seem I am losing more than I did say 6 months ago. No changes other than taking 1 med per day but it does not list this as a side effect. I also am using the Dyson hair dryer versus my old regular hair dryer. I’ve always shed hair, but this is extreme for me. I am mid-40s.

Sophie says · 04.14.17

I love the look of that hairstyle – it’s so cool and effortless, plus it looks pretty easy to do even for someone who is terrible at hair like me. Going to have to give it a go – thanks!

Sophie xxx

A jacks says · 04.14.17

I am wondering if you would actually choose this product over a professional brand you would normally use if they didn’t pay you for it? I am not trying to be rude, I am honestly curious if a licensed stylist would really pay for a product from Walmart. I’m interested in your response, and how you think they really stack up to better quality products. Thanks!

Kate says · 04.15.17

A, I’m always looking for drugstore products for those who may not have the budget for high end, professional products. I never agree to a campaign unless I use and like the products. So I used and liked the products here from this Infusium line, and agreed to the campaign. Thanks!

Cheryl says · 04.15.17

Cute hairstyle. I’m going to try it. Thank you!

Tracy says · 04.17.17

Thank you for this post! I love trying stuff that does not cost a lot and this shampoo and conditioner was exactly what you said. Thanks so much!

Julian says · 05.28.18

I love your tutorials they’re so helpful