Weekend Sales!

The item you need for a precise DIY manicure

I recently read in an article of Real Simple magazine that a stylist recommended a wardrobe being 80% basics and 20% statement pieces.

I thought, “I’m pretty sure my wardrobe is 98% basics.”

There are a few great sales happening this weekend, and I did a quick skim through a few websites and picked some great options!

J.Crew Factory: dress, grey shirt, sunglasses, shorts, earrings

Nordstrom: (from left) one, two, three, four, five

T3 Micro is running a promotion for the weekend as well, and I must tell you that their travel hair dryer is the best. If you travel a lot or have any need for a quality compact blow dryer, definitely get this one.

Do you have any weekend plans? We may have a pool party but the forecast is not looking good for the Raleigh area. Either way, I’m planning on basically eating lettuce and carrots the entire weekend to detox from my gluttenous time in NYC!

Happy shopping if you try to score during some sales!


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