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No one loves a white t-shirt as much as I do. To me, you can’t beat the ultimate classic look of a white t-shirt and jeans. It gives you complete freedom for accessories and shoes and bangs and hair. You can dress it up or keep it super casual.

But it’s important to find the right bra for it. A lot of times white t-shirts can be really see-through, which can create a really frustrating problem. Either you have to wear a nude camisole under it which, in my case, feels like I’m wearing an internal heater, or you have to wear something over it. Everyone has their own comfort about how much their bra shows, and for me-I try to keep it as camouflaged as possible.

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My favorite bra lately has been the Gap Body t-shirt bra. It’s silky smooth so clothing won’t get “stuck” on it and it fits like a dream. You may remember a post about ThirdLove from awhile back and I still love the bra but I’m now in need of a new size.

I’m really curious about this bra, and it seems to have gotten a lot of buzz. I don’t need a lot of support, but it is a top requirement that my bra be comfortable. I don’t want to think about it and I certainly don’t want to feel it or see it. And when the temperatures start sitting in the 100’s here in Raleigh, I want my bra to be cool and comfortable as well.

Clearly I choose comfort over “style” for my bra preferences. While I love the look of a lace bra, or even a lace barrette, I am so much happier in something functional for every day.

Check out my favorite basic tees here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.23.17

The right bra for a white t-shirt is so important! For some reason, though, I’ve always worn a black one with my tees… maybe it’s got less to do with the colours and more to do with the material? Haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie says · 05.23.17

I love the shirt you have on! Where did you get it??

Juliette | Namastay Traveling says · 05.23.17

Gah I could have used this post this weekend! It’s amazing how tricky it is to find not only something that doesn’t show through, but doesn’t leave lumps and bumps! So helpful.

Aimee says · 05.23.17

Love these options!

I have to tell you, if you haven’t been to Soma I recommend going! I swear getting a fitting there and wearing their bras is a life changing experience!! 😂😂

Amber says · 05.23.17

Thank you for this! It seems so simple, but I’ve never been able to find a bra that doesn’t show through white t-shirts… so I just don’t buy white t-shirts 😛 I’m definitely going to check out the Gap Live-In bra; I’ve been all about wireless lately xx

Amber ||

Allie says · 05.23.17

Thanks for the tips! I also want to wear white and it can be a struggle!

Lorie says · 05.23.17

Number one priority for me, is NO uni-boob! So uncomfortable and so hot – give me lift and separation in a bra, plus straps that don’t fall down and a back that won’t ride up. That’s all I ask…

Misty says · 05.23.17

I heard recently when watching a “bra expert” that wearing a cool toned red bra under white shirt is the least detectable. Haven’t tried it but curious to try it out to know if that’s true!

Stevie Windler says · 05.23.17

I have the True & Co. bra- it’s great for bumming around the house or even sleeping in, but there is virtually no support and mine actually fell apart after 2 washes (literally split at the seam). For 68 bucks, I’d probably look elsewhere. Just my opinion though!

Kay Nguyen says · 05.23.17

Great blog! Thanks for sharing <3

Julie Rar says · 05.23.17

If it’s isn’t too personal, I mean curious to hear about your ThirdLove bra. I bought one too that fit so well and I loved it, but the band isn’t already getting too loose. Was this your experience?

On a different note, I was never one to like a camisole either, until I discovered the Uniqlo Airism camisole. It’s definitely deisgned to be light and cool and is truly wonderful and so inexpensive! I have so many of nude ones.

Emily says · 05.25.17

I was actually wondering the same thing about your ThirdLove experience. Is there’s reason you aren’t buying another ThirdLove bra?

Sophie says · 05.24.17

Oh yes this is so important, and can be so tricky to find one that works for you! I always go with a nude tshirt bra without too much fuss or detail. The white tshirt you are wearing in the photo is lovely!
Sophie x | Sophar So Good

linda jae says · 05.24.17

omg! this is really helpful , the above bra is my favourite too now.

Joanna says · 05.25.17

Do you have a fave racerback bra? Or have you ever used the clips that convert a regular bra?

Emily W says · 05.25.17

Aldi is the best!! <3

elizabeth says · 05.25.17

I would NOT recommend True & Co. The customer service was awful. I placed an order and hadn’t received any additional correspondence from them and hadn’t received my order after a week (even after being charged!). I tried to email them/contact them through the site/call (the phone was down) and was never able to reach them. I finally ended up having to dispute the order. I was really disappointed in them!

Touch of Confetti says · 05.26.17

I don’t think I have appreciated a post more, I totally get the struggle of finding a good white t-shirt bra, they all are either the wrong shape or the wrong shade. But these are ones I will definitely be trying.

M. x |

Bonheur says · 04.26.19

Those who truly know clothes and fashion know that a cool tone red bra is almost if not entirely invisible under white t-shirts. White bras, nude bras, are not and are often the worst choices you could make to wear under a white T-shirt.

Kate says · 04.26.19

I have not personally tried that but I have heard of that trick! Perhaps next time you have a helpful piece of information to share regarding a blog post, you may consider sharing it in a helpful and mature way, instead of masquerading as an insult. We’re talking about t-shirts here, there is little to be combative about.

Tammy says · 04.30.19

So because of your most recent t-shirt post, I came here, bought two of these bras (a white and a nude), and they were awful under my white t-shirts. I wish I had known about what this poster was saying before I bought what you recommended. Because then I bought a red bra and bingo presto it’s invisible under those same white t-shirts. I spent (and lost) money and you got kickbacks because I bought what you recommended. I can grab random bras to see what works and doesn’t work all on my own; I come to blogs for expertise.

Also: a commenter above actually said the red bra trick right after you posted this. You never responded. Since you just said you’d never heard of that trick before – maybe you never actually read that comment. Are we just clickbait to you? Kinda how it feels right now.

Kate says · 04.30.19

Tammy, if you re-read my reply you’ll see that I said I *have* heard of the red bra trick, I just haven’t tried it yet.
I do not force your hand to purchase anything, and always recommend checking on a store’s return policy.
I’m sharing my experience with bras that work for me. I didn’t call myself a bra expert. If you are looking for a bra expert to assist you, this certainly isn’t the right place! Thirdlove has great customer service and could help you, and I’ve also had a nice experience “in store” at Soma.

Tammy says · 04.30.19

Actually I went to Soma to get the red bra and they actually told me what the other poster said. White and beige are absolutely the wrong and worst bras to wear with a white T-shirt. So when your blog post title is “the right bra for a white T-shirt”, one would expect that you know what you’re talking about. That is the last dollar you make on gullible me.