A Golden Glow Makeup Look

An easy way to add balance to your outfit

I love the makeup look of a super bright lip paired with a light eye, loads of mascara, and a strong brow. Like this!

I feel like my features are better balanced with a darker eye and more pink lip, but is it just because I’m used to seeing that makeup look on me the most? Couldn’t we just get used to looking a DIFFERENT way with makeup? #deepthoughts

I received a product gifting from Smashbox recently with their new Spotlight Palettes inside and I thought it was the perfect time to really give the look a go.

I used the Gold palette versus the Pearl because I loved the warm tones of the darker and lighter highlights. I though it would go well with the overall warm look! I also used a drugstore eyeshadow for my lids in this beautiful warm shade called Nude Glow. To be honest, this eyeshadow stopped me in my tracks at Walgreens. It’s a shimmery and light shade, so it was all I used to make sure the eye still stayed simple!

I found the most nude/natural looking blush for this look in my Tarte collection. I love Exposed for a “barely there but there enough to contribute color” blush” and then swept a bit of the middle shade from the Gold Spotlight Palette over top. I used the lightest shade as a highlight and left it at that!

The look was warm, summery, and paired perfectly with the orange toned lipstick!

P.S. Find my perfect white tee here and very similar earrings (which I also own) here! Did you see this crazy green lipstick


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.24.17

Such a perfect look for you! The warmer colours really suit the spring and summer to come 🙂

Melanie says · 04.24.17

What brow pencil are you using?

Claire says · 04.24.17

This look is my favorite to wear whenever i want something quick but glam somehow. I also prefer to wear a lip liner underneath the bold lip to prevent feathering.


Kendal says · 04.24.17

That’s such a beautiful look! I love that lipstick 🙂

Kendal // Life With Kendal

Stephanie says · 04.24.17

I love how natural that looks. I’m not sure I could pull off an orangey lip color, but I love the face makeup look!


Nicola says · 04.24.17

You look gorgeous! Beautiful Make up!
xx Nicki

Allison says · 04.24.17

Looks great on you!

Liz says · 04.24.17

Hi Kate….I get a message that your sister’s web domain has expired. Has she closed her blog?

Jennifer says · 04.24.17

She recently changed her URL to http://www.Lauren-Loves.com 🙂

Liz says · 04.24.17

Thanks, Jennifer!

Linda says · 04.24.17

Hi Kate,
I like your blog, and I love your hairstyle in this post (and other ones where it is similar). Could you please do a tutorial of how do you curl it to look like that? It’s so pretty and I would like to know. You always look so pretty!



Stephanie says · 04.24.17

Teach me your ways!!! :)) Could you do a post on just brushes?? I’m so clueless on everything make up but keeping up witb your blog has taught me so much! I know I need some good brushes to help create these looks! Thanks so much beautiful as always!!

LindaLibraLoca says · 04.24.17

I know the palette is supposed to be the star of the show but the lipstick is oh so pretty!

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

Ashli says · 04.24.17

Your eyebrows are on point!


Rebelle Kitchen says · 04.24.17

This is gorgeous! I’ve been a fan of a lighter eye recently as I feel like dark smoky shadow ages me. I also found NYX Indie Flick lipstick, which is a super fun pop of red/coral for summer: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/matte-lipstick/NYX_005.html

Kelly M. says · 04.24.17

Would you be willing to share how you used the highlighting palette and where exactly you put it on your face? Looks great!

natalie says · 04.24.17

So beautiful girl! That lipstick is amazing!!!



Becky E says · 04.25.17

This is my go-to everyday look: just mascara and a bright lip color. My favorites for spring are bright rose pink and a vivid salmon color. It is quick and looks way more put together than I feel!

A says · 04.25.17

What’s your nail color here? I love it!

Shawn says · 04.26.17

Sorry did I miss where you mentioned the foundation you’re using? I love this look and your foundation looks flawless!

Zhenya says · 04.30.17

I absolutely love your makeup and you look so adorable!

On a side note, I just started a new beauty link up on my blog. Hope to see you there – http://beingzhenya.com/whats-in-my-gym-bag/

christy says · 05.19.17

Can you share your nailpolish color? 🙂