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We’ve lived in our house for about 2 years now and the longer we are here the more and more I’m loving it. It’s only a 20 year old home, but there have been some pretty major expenses that put a bad taste in our mouths within the first year. The way it’s laid out is a bit unconventional in that there is an apartment/mother-in-law suite attached to the home. Therefore, we have 2 HVAC units for the house. As you can imagine, it gets expensive to fix them and we had to replace both of them last year. We also had to get a new roof (which was free thanks to insurance) and there have been other things that have popped up along the way.

Most desperately, in my mind, is new carpet upstairs. It’s the cheapest stuff on the planet, I’m convinced. But as soon as I get up the confidence to pitch Justin on the idea, I’ll catch one of the kids creating a huge mess with food on the carpet. And then I tell myself that we should probably wait a few more years before we invest in the good stuff.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about my porch! I love our porch! It’s screened in which is perfect for kids and cats. We basically live with the door to the screened in porch open most of the spring and a lot of the fall/winter. I love the fresh air, the cats love going in and out, and the boys love being out there as well. We eat a lot of our meals out there too, which does my heart good. I love being outside.

If we were to move, a screened in porch would be on my short list of “must haves”!

My mom decorated our cement slab screened in porch at our town home, which is where we lived before we bought this home. It was a surprise and I loved it. We duplicated it over at this house with all the same items, and she added cafe lights to the ceiling edges here to bring a little warmth and character. It’s completely charming.

I was growing a bit tired of the pink, so after a trip to Ikea and many inspirational photos from Pinterest, I decided to give it a new look. All of the furniture remained, which is the reason for buying neutral main pieces, and a few extra accessories and a new rug make it feel brand new.

This cheap little IKEA kid table got a coat of spray paint and it lives near the door. This is where the boys will eat their lunch, and I can be inside cleaning the kitchen and still keep an eye on them.

The casual seating (not at a table) wraps around the outside of the porch to allow for plenty of space for play on the rug. David and Luke will bring their toys out there, and sometimes I’ll move the kid table to the center of the room if we are playing at a table, but I like the open space. My sister suggested a coffee table for in front of the bench seating, but I think I may just move the side table that is currently next to it into the center if people ever want to put their feet up.

I added some functional storage and hooks to the main wall to be used as towel hanging and goggle storage in the summertime. It looks a bit sparse right now, but I like the minimal look. I may look for a throw to place in the basket next to the rocker for chillier mornings. Wouldn’t that be charming?

The door you see below, on the right side, is the entrance to the apartment. We almost never use this door so I don’t mind it being a bit blocked off. I’ll open it and allow air to blow through the screen, but otherwise that’s about all we do with it.

Finally, if you turn back toward the door to the kitchen, you’ll see this table with 4 chairs. I can’t remember where it came from because I’ve had it for so long. It’s got a bit of rust and shows every single spec of pollen in the springtime, but I think a nice coat of spray paint could give it some new life. I considered buying a new table, but everything that caught my eye looked really similar to this so I’m going to try to see if I can refresh it a bit instead of buying a new one. Ultimately, it can be moved out to the pool if we want to, but we use it a lot now so I’d like to keep it here.

The plants are all fake, but I’ll be adding some real herbs and things once the risk of frost is officially over.

This ends the tour! I’m so, so happy with it. We entertain a lot so this refresh makes me to excited to host girls nights and dinner parties this summer!

On the Porch:

main seating, rug, plants, similar dining table, IKEA kid table, cafe lights, lantern, similar hanging candle lanterns, planter, accessories from IKEA

I’m wearing this skirt, these booties, and this top.

For more peeks around my home, check out family calendar gallery wall and command center!


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Elizabeth says · 03.22.17

Loving this – it’s so cozy! Now I’m wishing we had a screened in porch!
Xo, Elizabeth

Marta says · 03.22.17

That’s a really beautiful porch. One day, when I have my own house, I’ll want a porch just like that.

Charlotte says · 03.22.17

It looks so lovely and cosy! Love the colours you’ve put together and I wish I had a porch! Ps love the fairy light too I bet they look lovely in the early evenings!

Charlie from Lotties Thoughts x

Kirsten says · 03.22.17

Jealous ! I want a porch right now. Stuck in a tiny apartment with no outdoor space gets old!

-Kirsten // http://www.porkandcookies.com

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.22.17

I always envy people with porches since I live in an apartment (well, houses are pretty much nonexistent in Hong Kong anyway). I love how you decorated yours!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kalry says · 03.22.17

Very Lovely, similar to what I have minus the screened in part. I also love how its simple, natural colors and so functional. Great Job, Kate!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather to come! 🙂

Bev Philipp says · 03.22.17

Having an enclosed porch must be amazing for having weather from snow to blazing hot sunshine! Our patio is completely open, but thankful we have that outdoors space, especially with kiddos 🙂

Kellie Everett says · 03.22.17

It looks wonderful !! I love the chairs for the kiddos. So cute! We just bought our house a few months ago and our porch is still a complete mess 😂😂

Alyssa says · 03.22.17

It’s beautiful! I’ve always loved screened in porches. Just not as practical in Michigan!

LOVING your outfit too!

Stephanie says · 03.22.17

I love how this looks! I also loved your instastory of cleaning the ceiling, it made me laugh.

Seeing all these accessories is making me want to visit Ikea even more. :sigh: maybe over spring break when I have the time to spend a whole day there.


Lo says · 03.22.17

your porch is beautiful, but girlfriend you look stinkin’ adorable! that outfit is so cute!


Sam says · 03.22.17

I love your porch! It’s so cozy and welcoming, not that I expected anything else after the other pictures of your home.
We have a TINY slab patio at our rental and last summer we finally spent a little money on a couple strings of the glob lights and chairs. It made such a difference and I love sitting out there now!

Morgan says · 03.22.17

So glad you shared this. I read your blog and love the hair and beauty stuff but I also watch your snaps and see pieces of things in your home I love. You should totally do this for your house as well. 🙂 Love your style.

Justine says · 03.22.17

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas!

Lindsay @ Hot Mess, Cool Day says · 03.22.17

I love the whole look! We built a deck onto our house last spring, and we’ve used it a bit for entertaining, but only just recently started to use it more regularly. I love having lunch out there with my husband and watching my kids run around the yard with a drink in my hand!

Jen says · 03.22.17

Everything looks so nice! I wondered how the IKEA trip went and looked forward to seeing what you created. Thanks for sharing

Kristina says · 03.22.17

This is such a great space! I’d love to have something similar in my first house.

Kristina does the Internets

Trisha says · 03.22.17

♥ those mini rattan chairs! So adorbs! I too have a “thing” for screend in porches, but don’t currently have one.

Sylwia says · 03.22.17

I actually love it! I plan on getting a huge terrace out of my living room when I’ll be adding to my house. And I haven’t entertained the idea of having it screened, it’s not common in my country, but it looks so nice and cozy! And my cats would love it as much as yours do… Great idea! And yours looks very cute and well thought out!

Christy says · 03.22.17

We have the same seating set from Target in teal and it’s been wonderful! Stains come out so easily and it gives a nice pop of color! Looks great, I adore those hanging lanterns!!

Dolores says · 03.22.17

Its to die for! Thanks for sharing!

Hope says · 03.22.17

In love with your porch! We are wanting to buy a house soon, and one of my must haves is a screened in porch as well. My dad has one and I’ve always loved it! Love all of the decor you chose as well!

Hope // http://www.misshopeelizabeth.com

Teresa says · 03.22.17

Thanks for sharing with us! Love all the wall hangings and rug.
Kate there are plants that you won’t kill just start with one or two LOL

Kate says · 03.22.17

It’s more the cat factor than the plant death factor!

Amy says · 03.22.17

Would love to know more about the flooring in your patio!

Kate says · 03.22.17

It’s just raw wood I think. Hasn’t been stained or anything!

Lindsey says · 03.22.17

Your screen porch is so pretty and charming, just like you Kate!! And I love your outfit! My 2 girls use the same Ikea table in our playroom, I spray painted it red. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!!

Heather says · 03.22.17

The best thing I ever did was maintain the home warranty on the house I bought 7 years ago. It has paid for all new kitchen appliances (including double ovens) and a water heater. Minus the deductible of course!

Paige says · 03.22.17

Your porch is so cute! I can’t wait until we can invest in some nice patio furniture like that!


Carol says · 03.22.17

What a wonderful space and you did a great job! I love porches and hope someday to have a home with a screened in porch!

Kristen says · 03.22.17

Your porch is so cute! We were just in Florida visiting friends and family and now I’m obsessed with the idea of having a screened in porch! It’s so nice to enjoy the outdoors without bug bites. 🙂

Also, you should total spray paint your table and chairs. It’s easy and they’ll look brand new!

Lynn says · 03.22.17

We have had a screened porch for decades, even had it rebuilt once! I LOVE it! I LIVE there in warm weather! Yours is so cute, so new and shiny:)

Saskia says · 03.23.17

Lovely! Your home looks so pretty <3


Jackie Chorzewski says · 03.23.17

It looks amazing!

Leah says · 03.23.17

So beautiful and practical and fun! You have great taste. I can only imagine how fun it is to entertain out there or hang with the boys. Makes me want to move somewhere warmer where this would make sense for us!

Courtney Lauren says · 03.25.17

Love the porch makeover! It looks so southern and inviting!!

Melissa says · 03.27.17

I would love a screened in porch! They’re not super common where I live. I like sitting outdoors but I hate bugs.

Jill says · 04.01.17

Porch curtains info please, curtains and rods from?

Susan B. says · 04.05.17

Love your porch! I agree with you. I couldn’t live in a house without a porch. Yours looks much bigger than mine. But like you , we keep door from the kitchen open as soon as the weather gets warm in the Spring, and my husband and I (and the cats) spend just about all our time out there enjoying the birds and flowers! Also want to thank you for all your great YouTube videos on hair and makeup. I’m all thumbs when it comes to the hairstyles, but it’s fun trying!!

Sarah Hoodjer says · 04.06.17

This is so cozy! Great job. Question for you – what did you use to hang the stuff on your siding? It looks like vinyl siding, which is what we have too.

Thanks for all you do. Love the blog!

Kate says · 04.06.17

It’s not, it’s hardyboard! I used nails!

Liz says · 04.22.17

Your porch is lovely. I’m hoping you know the name of the cleaner you had that worked well. I know you didn’t like the Scott’s brand but can’t find the name of what you did like. My friend is having to do something similar at her house and I remembered your instastory and came hunting!

Ashlie says · 06.07.17

This is my dream porch!! Where do you find the patio furniture?? We have been looking and can’t find anything like it!

Susan says · 06.08.17

Love your porch! I’m with you, I couldn’t live in a house without one! We spend 3 seasons on ours. We enjoy the flowers and birds and the Koi pond that’s just below the windows. My kitties have a cat door from the house to the porch and they are out there all the time! I think you were wise to choose neutral colors. I think the next time I recover my cushions i’ll use neutrals! Thanks for sharing your beautiful porch. And all your other talents! I enjoy all your videos.

Jennifer says · 06.15.17

Hi, what is the color of the siding on your porch? I absolutely love it. This is a so cozy.

Shannon says · 05.11.19

Dream porch!! I love the fact it is screened in, that is amazing. It looks super cozy, I would never want to leave! We have a wraparound porch that I adore too but we just moved in…so am still working on how to make it work with our lack of furniture so far! We have to get a new roof too and are in the process of getting estimates….. sigh!