My Simple Makeup Routine

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On the weekends or days that I don’t have much going on, I usually opt for a simple and light makeup look.

I’ve hopped on snapchat or instagram stories a few times in the last weeks to demo the process and steps I take to get this look, but I wanted to share the final look and products here!

bare Minerals Foundation, Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer, Benefit Precisely, My Brow pencil* and Fiber Gel, Smudge brush with a rich brown eyeshadow, Benefit Roller Lash + Cherry Blooms Lash Fibers, Benefit Hoola Lite, Tarte blush in Exposed, fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment

wearing: sweatshirt, earrings, hair tutorial

It takes just minutes to do, and it’s just enough to help me feel pulled together without looking overly made up.

*I think I prefer Anastasia Brow Wiz or Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil to this one, but I had it so I’m using it up! 


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Christen says · 03.06.17

Love this look – and this type of makeup is pretty much my everyday look. I work hard at keeping my skin clear so I try to wear as little makeup as possible most days to keep it healthy!

Kylee says · 03.06.17

Have you thought about doing a tutorial for eyebrows? I have heard a lot about brow fiber but not sure even where to start with the bold brow trend.

Kim says · 03.06.17

I love this makeup look! Perfect for everyday!

Kim .. NYFW Vlog!

Sarah Chavis says · 03.06.17

Isn’t that sweatshirt you’re wearing the most comfortable thing in the world? I was about ask if you got it from Target, until I saw your link. I think I literally wear mine like 3 times a week (mom confession)..thats if my 2 year old doesn’t destroy it. Thanks for all the beauty tips, you rock!

Alyssa says · 03.06.17

I haven’t tried Bare Minerals loose powder in so long. I heard that the formula changed, but I think I’m going to need to try it again!

Kirsten says · 03.06.17

I LoVE those earrings !!

-Kirsten //

Elizabeth says · 03.06.17

Loved reading this – thanks for sharing.
Xo, Elizabeth

Claire says · 03.06.17

I love the earrings and the makeup look is so beautiful and natural. I also prefer the anastasia brow wiz or the l’oreal brow stylist definer. This one is so affordable and the quality is awesome .

Claire From

Alison says · 03.06.17

Do you use the Make Up Forever concealer for dark under eye circles? Mine are so dark and I can’t seem to find a Bobbi Brown shade that makes them go away.

A Sparkle Of Grace says · 03.06.17

I love this look, it’s so sweet and simple.
A Sparkle Of Grace

Laura says · 03.06.17

Darn too bad you couldn’t share the saved snap. Maybe next time? Seems a bit like a product pushing post /revenue grab without the tutorial demonstrating how to use the products. Food for thought! 😀

Whitney says · 03.06.17

I’m not one to leave comments, but I am confused. How is this a post on a make-up routine without the actual routine shown? This seems like a post to get people to click on the affiliate links. I understand it is posted on instagram, but you would think you would want your readers to be able to see your blog content on your blog.

Angela says · 03.07.17

Such a pretty simple make-up look! Love it.

emily says · 03.07.17 Reply
Jennifer says · 03.07.17

Loved reading this! Do you have a video showing how and win to use bronzer?

Jo says · 03.07.17

Would you consider doing a post on the bare mineral makeup? I tried it when it first came out and couldn’t get it to work for me. It’s changed I hear but I’m nervous about trying it again.

Nancy Miller says · 03.08.17

Nice Post. Thank you for sharing.

Paige says · 03.09.17

My routine is almost the exact same as yours! Love it!


Jennifer Bunker says · 03.09.17

Hi, I love your blog and wondered if you have ever demoed a product called LipSense? It’s a long-wearing lipstick and gloss combo that binds to your lips for 4-12 hours a day. I am a distributor (ID: 297873) and wondered if that would be a product you would be interested in demonstrating on your blog? Wax-free, Lead-free, water-proof, Kiss-proof and smudge-proof. Please let me know if you would be interested in more information. 🙂

Katie says · 03.21.17

Hi Kate! You inspired me to try bare minerals again, but I am not sure I am using the right brush for application. The sales girl recommended the IT blending brush over the bare minerals ones but it seems to soak up a lot of the powder. I end up having to do a lot of coats and seems like I am going to go through it too quickly. What do you use to apply it?

Kristina says · 03.26.17

Hello Kate!

I love this natural look! So refreshing and simple. The Fresh lip treatment and the Bare Minerals foundation have been some of my favorite products for years now . I also have an “everyday” makeup look on my blog! Check it out here: