What I’m Wearing

blush crush

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been wearing, that you may have seen on Instagram already. If you aren’t following, come join the fun! I’ve also dipped my toes into the instagram stories pool, and I may be converted from SnapChat! It’s so easy to do it all in 1 single app!

dresssimilar top, similar dress in plus size, similar dress), shoes

top, bag, denim, watch

(blouse*, phone case, lipstick)

cap, tee

*I feel like I need to share a disclaimer that I picked up the Joie blouse thanks to earned Trunk Club credit. You should know by now that I’m a Target, Gap, Loft, Anthro, J.Crew Factory shopper for the most part!

More of what I’m wearing here and here!


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Marta says · 02.24.17

They’re all amazing pieces but that first dress is absolutely gorgeous. And that peplum top is lovely as well.

Stephanie says · 02.24.17

I like that peplum top because it’s not too voluminous at the bottom like some of them can be. It’s just enough and it’s super cute!


Jann says · 02.24.17

I’m a longtime reader who is just now feeling compelled to pop in and comment for the first time ever. THANK YOU for acknowledging your curvy sisters and linking to a plus size dress! Wow! So often my favourite bloggers post beautiful clothing that are just not an option for my body type. Thank you for taking the time to show that you do see us and care that we look fab, too!

Jann says · 02.24.17

Oh wait, I just realized that you linked it because you couldn’t find the original dress. 😛

Blush & Pearls says · 02.24.17

Love a great peplum top. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can ‘t start wearing mine again!

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Nicole says · 02.24.17


I really appreciate the link to the plus size dress.


Elizabeth says · 02.24.17

Your coffee bar is such a great idea – love this!

Andrea says · 02.24.17

Love all these outfits, so casual and pretty at the same time. Also, drooling over your coffee bar!

Diana says · 02.24.17

Do you mind posting the DPCI number on the white Target dress? It’s usually on tag, that way I can search for it in the store. And where is that beautiful coffee buffet from?

Em says · 02.24.17

I just wanted to say that I wish you didn’t feel like you had to asterisk your gorgeous blouse. How you spend your hard-earned money is between you and Justin. It’s pretty ridiculous that people think they have a right to criticize every aspect of your life because you have a blog. That pressure must drive you NuTs!!😓 I’m so sorry!

Paige says · 02.24.17

I love that blue and white plaid shirt!


Camille says · 02.24.17

Can you please tell us where that buffet is from?

Emilia says · 02.24.17

You look lovely in the white dress.

Ashli says · 02.24.17

So, I love the cap look. And, is that really your coffee bar?


Kate says · 02.26.17


Lori says · 02.24.17

love your blog! i cant figure out how to view the instagram “stories” can you help?

Jaclyn says · 02.25.17

I follow you on Insta and Snap, but I have to say I always have a hard time with InstaStories loading. It’s super frustrating and choppy. I hope you stick to SnapChat!

Ashlee says · 02.27.17

Hey Kate! Love your blog, and your helpful beauty tips 😉

Here’s the link for the target dress:

Kate says · 02.27.17

THANK you!

Suezi says · 02.27.17

Thank you Thank you for including a plus size option!

drgul says · 03.01.17

Beautiful dress! Can you please share the link to the slip that you bought from amazon. Thanks!

Katharina says · 03.02.17

I’d love to hear how you navigate underpinnings with a top that has lots of openwork, like your Joie blouse. Nude colored? Camisole or t-shirt layered over your bra? I always steer clear of pretty tops like this because I’m not sure what to pair underneath. Please advise!

Sharon says · 03.02.17

Just wondering where you got that rug your standing on???


Jennifer says · 03.02.17

Love your blog. I was wondering where you purchased the blue buffet cabinet with the sliding glass doors? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with all of us……blessings, Jennifer

Sarah says · 03.03.17

Is there a reason you’re not sharing where the buffet is from? I’m just confused because I’ve seen so many questions regarding it? And it’s a beautiful piece, and I’m also interested in learning where it’s from?

Beth says · 03.06.17

She posted about it a while ago… here is the link. Hope this helps!