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one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight(also cute!), nine

Listen, I’ve started and stopped this post so many times because I can’t figure out the right way to tell this story. It’s probably better told on snapchat or instastories so you can hear the light playfulness of it, but I’ll do my best to write it here for you too.

I have this v-neck camisole that is one of my favorite things to wear to bed. It’s a fleshy, nude color and has a soft grey lace around the trim. The shorts that match it are long gone, so the camisole is just that-a simple little camisole. It’s been worn so much that it’s the softest feeling cotton in the world, and it’s light and thin so I don’t get hot. . .I could go on and on forever but you get the point, right?

Getting ready for bed with Justin is usually one of the most fun times of my day. We tend to joke a lot and get to laughing quite a bit. The house is quiet, the kids are tucked in bed, there isn’t any other stressor taking our attention, so we can just be with each other. I cherish going to bed at the same time so we can have that quality time before sleeping.

One evening, a few months back, we got to talking about things we wouldn’t mind if the other would quit doing, in a very lighthearted but honest way. My go-to is to point out the “tweener” ottoman that holds clothes that are not dirty enough for the laundry, but not clean enough to be put away, his travel suitcase, other clean clothes that need to be sorted, etc. And he bravely confessed how much he dislikes my favorite camisole.

“It looks like something my grandma would wear 70 years ago”, is pretty close to what he said.

In shock and horror I gasped, and I immediately started machine gunning him with questions about 1. how long has he harbored this hate for this cami that I always reach for? 2. what doesn’t he like about it? 3. what else of my sleepwear does he not like? etc. etc. etc.

I just remember laughing so much and being so surprised that he didn’t like this perfect camisole! Well, perfect in my eyes.

Anyway, because I’m a loving and considerate wife, I only wear it every once in a great while now, and I’ve found other items that are just as soft and just as comfortable. And if he’s traveling for work, you can be sure I wear “grandma” every single night.


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Kerri says · 02.28.17

LOL this story is so cute. I’ve always been a camisole or little night dress kind of gal, I can’t stand being wrapped up in too much clothes when I’m trying to sleep.

Susan Schnitzler says · 02.28.17

Oh my goodness….years ago this happened with us, too. My favorite pair of pjs I always reached for were the one item my husband couldn’t stand. He couldn’t bear to tell me. Then one day he did….it’s not because he wanted me to wear super sexy, uncomfortable pjs, he just didn’t like my favorite pair. So, I sent him shopping! I loved what he purchased so much that I tossed my oldies, but goodies!

Stephanie says · 02.28.17

LOL That sounds like a conversation Devon and I would have. I have a couple of super oversized and ridiculously soft and comfy t-shirts that I like to wear to bed and we had a similar conversation about how much he hated them.

He hated them so much, he actually bought me new tops to sleep in as part of my birthday gift last year. They’re still comfy but not nearly as boxy and oversized like the ones he hated.

I do, still, wear the boxy ones sometimes, but I’m also a good fiancee, so I don’t wear them all the time anymore either. 🙂


nicole says · 02.28.17

This post is perfect and hysterical. My husband hates my comfy pj’s too. Is this a picture of your bedroom? NEED THAT NIGHTSTAND! Can you share the details?

Noelle says · 02.28.17

Hahaha! It’s so funny how men’s tastes can be so different from women’s. I recently picked up some of the Bath & Body works de-stress lotion in the eucalyptus tea scent, and I wore it for weeks loving the herby scent. I finally asked my husband what his opinion was of it, and he said “well…honestly, it smells like a scent my grandma used to wear so…it’s not my favorite.” Needless to say that lotion lives at my desk at work now.

Jennifer says · 02.28.17

This was the sweetest story… love it!

Lindsay B. says · 02.28.17

I literally laughed out loud at this! My husband has said exactly the same thing about my go-to super comfy over-sized cotton nightgown. I’ve been debating updating my “sleepware game,” I am guessing this article is a sign from the Night Night God’s that now is the time!

Emily says · 02.28.17

Haha oh noooo! Isn’t that always how it goes? Glad you found some other just-as-comfy-but-not-reminiscent-of-grandma pajamas 😉

Ashley says · 02.28.17

This is so cute! Makes me want to rethink my traditional button-down pjs… I love cute cami and short sets, and TJ Maxx always has something I like. Warmer weather come on!

Elizabeth says · 02.28.17

Loved reading this, thanks for sharing!
Xo, Elizabeth

Betty says · 02.28.17

I sleep in my birthday suit. Hubby will never complain about that! 🙈

Cailin Heichert says · 03.02.17

Same!! I HATE sleeping with anything on – I always get tangled up in shirts and I get way too overheated!

Courtney says · 02.28.17

Ha! I feel ya. I have beloved “lamby jammies” (literally covered in little lambs…and they were a gift from my Grammy!). I keep them safely tucked away in the dark recesses of my pajama drawer. Softest cotton ever. My husband had the audacity to suggest that I give them up for Lent! Bless his heart.

Sam says · 02.28.17

Had a similar conversation with my husband a couple years ago which resulted in me throwing out some old/worn out pieces and investing in some new ones. I love shelf camis, which I get at Target (usually in a past season color I grabbed off the clearance rack for a steal) and Aerie has some cute bralettes that I love! Now I try to keep up with it and replace items as needed. Having pieces that match and look nice make me feel more like a grown up. 🙂

Jennifer says · 02.28.17

I want to see a pic of the camisole. I have the same feelings about some of my families choices for sleep wear but I keep telling myself that sleeping at home in this clothing beats taking them to the grocery store in it!

Jennifer says · 02.28.17

family’s choices Clearly the family is helping me comment this morning.

Mara says · 02.28.17


Kimberly says · 02.28.17

That’s awesome girl!! #Aspirations

Karen Agreda says · 02.28.17

I feel like you become somewhat of an adult when you start caring about sleepwear which I totallly have recently. I even asked for a nice pajama set for Christmas and my fiancée thought I was joking but that’s really all I wanted!

Missy says · 02.28.17

Oh, but you didn’t mention Soma? I love the sleep sets with longer tops because I can remove the pants and still be covered up down low. They are divine!!! https://www.soma.com/store/product/oh-my-gorgeous-tunic-pajama-set-navy/570194206?color=544&catId=cat40092&fromSearch=true&scPos=1-1201-3374

Amanda says · 02.28.17

Great selection. I loved the ones from #1, they had a bunch of nice pajama S on their website. My fav place to buy PJ’s has always been http://www.eberjey.com. Check it out if you haven’t, they are a bit expensive but they are worth it and stay looking nice for years. Some great comfy but sexi cami’s and slips as well. Cheers!

Tiffany says · 02.28.17

Oh, this was hilarious! I’m sure I have LOTS of items like that in my sleepwear collection, lol. Thanks for sharing!

Paige says · 02.28.17

This is so funny! I’ve really been wanting to up my sleepwear the last few years, but have never pulled the trigger, this will be my year!


Jennifer Gentry says · 02.28.17

Kate, I love this post! You should also check out the Wantable Intimates subscription! Similar to all the other monthly styling boxes, it arrives at your door with 2-4 items you will love, seasonably appropriate. Easy returns and there is a style profile you can exclude items you dislike. I have been a Wantable Intimates subscriber for over two years and I cannot stress how wonderful it is to have ‘intimates’ on my doorstep every month! Here is a link to check it out: https://www.wantable.com/?invite_token=72UyByi8lJk

Katherine says · 02.28.17

Such an honest and funny post! I can totally picture the conversation between the two of you.

Elise says · 02.28.17

Hahaha! My husband says the same thing if I wear a night gown that hits below my knees. Even if it truly doesn’t look like something a little old lady would pick out!

http://www.americaweakly.com says · 03.01.17

I even asked for a nice pajama set for Christmas and my fiancée thought I was joking but that’s really all I wanted!

Kate Hofer says · 03.01.17

That is too funny! The hubby clothes struggle is real in my house too. drives.me.nuts.

Raya says · 03.01.17

:))) Loved your post! Made me chuckle, but at the same time – I can totally relate to that! I have a drawer full of cute silky pyjamas, satin camisoles and what not, but I just never wear them! I should make more of an effort to war them and just like you – bust out the “granny” when my man’s away. :)))

Amanda says · 03.01.17

Possibly my favorite post you’ve ever written! Probably because it hits so close to home! I need to up my sleepwear game for sure!

jodi says · 03.01.17

Oh my gosh this just made me laugh!!!! Love it!

Toni says · 03.01.17

Confession time! I am VERY small chested and the ‘headlights’ are always on! This means (a) high neck t-shirts that won’t gap away from my body when I bend over and (b) lots of print on the front to act as camouflage. So, no cute camis or thin cotton for me or I would be flashing my family 24/7. Anyone else?

Valerie says · 03.01.17

This came at the perfect time for me! Had a similar experience just last week with my hubby… *apparently* he hates my favorite slouchy off-the-shoulder gray sweatshirt. I wear it to bed often and thought it was freaking adorable. Apparently not so much 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your suggestions since clearly my sleepwear game isn’t where it should be! Thanks Kate!

WindySue says · 03.01.17

I have never understood the point of adult pajamas. Why spend money on super comfy sheets and comforters…and then waste money on bulky pajamas that get in the way of (1) those super comfy sheets and (2) warm, amazing skin-to-skin contact with your partner? Over here, it’s a pair of underwear, with a shirt nearby in case I need to get up quickly. Husband’s never complained. And I get to actually enjoy, you know, BED. To each their own.

Tina Matteson says · 03.03.17

Kate, your husband isn’t the only one who has a ‘tweener ottoman.’ 🙂

Sarah says · 05.10.18

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