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Growing up in Illinois meant I was no stranger to dry, cracked skin and static hair. Since moving south neither of those issues have been as bad as they used to be, but I still battle dryness throughout the winters here.

I’ve tried a few new products to help with that, and also have 2 tried and true products that are practically irreplaceable!

  1. Origins Three Part Harmony. This is an oil-infused serum that I apply to my face after I remove my makeup in the evening. It melts into my skin and doesn’t leave me looking shiny or feeling like I have a layer of waxiness on my skin. It’s a great lightweight moisturizer that delivers serious hydration!
  2. Bite Agave Lip Treatment. I’ve only forgotten this tube on ONE trip since I discovered it years ago. It’s the absolute best lip balm, and I slather a good bit on every single night.
  3. True Blue Spa (found at Bath and Body Works) Super Rich Foot Cream. My feet are horrifically dry. I have a literal TOOL that I use to slough off the dryness so I don’t hear my feet against my sheets in my bed. That’s right, I said hear. This cream smells like peppermint and makes my feet feel almost as soft as newborn feet.
  4. I’ve been using Philosophy Fresh Cream as my body moisturizer for a long time, as I love the light scent, but I do find that I need a little heavier formula on really dry days. The Lavanila Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla smells like a vanilla dream and moisturizes my skin for a full 24 hours.
  5. I received this Kerastase Resistance Cement Thermique Blowdry Primer as a gift from the brand a few weeks ago, and love this serum! It helps repair my dry, damaged hair and also cuts a bit of blow dry time. It’s not necessarily formulated for DEEP hydration (this would be a good one for that if your hair feels like straw), but the repairing aspect of it helps my hair feel less dry and fragile.

I welcome the cooler temperatures and crisp air versus the stifling humidity of the south, and these products have made the wintertime a bit easier on my skin and hair.

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Maryn says · 12.06.16

Crisp hair??

Mel says · 12.06.16

Clearly she meant air lol! Seeing as she is a hairdresser and all I thought it was a cute Freudian slip ; )

Dina says · 12.06.16

We have fairly hard well water (even after the softener and filter). What do you suggest for a good shampoo and conditioner with this? I have naturally wavy/curly super fine hair that more often than not feels like straw. Have tried just about everything under the sun. Most days I let it go curly, but love a good blown out day (which lasts until I go outside). In south central Indiana if that helps. Also, good detangler?

Sarah Chavis says · 12.06.16

Hey Kate, I can totally relate to dry feet. I hate it. But I have been using the Anderson Lilley NO.1 Coastal Beach Butter Body Cream-Winter in Manhattan Beach.

OMG it is amazing. The instant I put this body butter on my hands…it’s like pure magic. It instantly makes my hands feel silky. Last night I put some on my feet withs those fuzzy-aloe infused socks…my feet felt like a dream.

All I can wonder is “Where have you been all my life?” I’m in love with this body butter.

You may want to give this body butter a whirl, I’m from Pittsburgh and I know it is going to be a winter staple!

Alyssa says · 12.06.16

Great suggestions! Thank you! I live in Michigan and my hands are already cracked and so so dry! Doesn’t help that I wash my hands constantly! I’ve also been loving the Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream.

Mara says · 12.06.16

Thank you!! YOU ROCK 🙂 Needed this list (WI girl here!)

Anastasia says · 12.06.16

I was honestly thinking about asking you about this!! Living in Ohio and my skin is always so dry in the winter. I’ve tried tons of things none that have really helped. Hopefully some of these will!

Anastasia says · 12.06.16

Oops I meant to say tried things that HAVEN’T really helped*

Aleeha says · 12.06.16

My hair is in need of a good oil, it’s so dry!
Aleeha xXx

Mel says · 12.06.16

OMG, I was just talking about the dryness today!! This weather is already killing me!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Autumn says · 12.06.16

Awesome post!

Are any of these products cruelty-free?

Merry Christmas!

Sarah O says · 12.06.16

Anybody have an idea for a dry scalp? My hair doesn’t dry out but my scalp REALLY DOES during the winter. I’ll try just about anything!

Ashlee says · 12.21.16

I never really comment but I’ve followed your blog for a long time now. I just wanted to let you know that I love your recommendations. Everything I have tried based off of your recommendations has been amazing. I just tried the origins serum and love it. Thank you for your posts.

John Kerns says · 01.03.17

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nicola says · 07.05.17

So happy to see you like cement thermique too – I’ve sworn by this product for years. Its light but it really works to moisturize my hair, and the smell is great. The most amazing thing about it though is that it really holds curls. I have fine hair and no matter how much product/spray/prep I put in, my curls tend to fall out quickly. If I apply cement thermique before I blow dry, or even into dry hair straight before using the curling iron, my curls will last 48 hours. It is amazing.