Snowcap Cookies

A Day Date with David

Snowcaps were always my choice of candy at the movie theatre growing up. They were also my choice at TCBY, though back in the day they had rainbow sprinkles on top which was extra special to me when I was younger.

I thought the snowcaps made these cookies look a bit more festive as we approach winter and the holidays, and it also delivered a nice texture to the cookie as well!

Of course, you could simply use semi-sweet chocolate chips in the mix if you want to keep things classic!

You can find the recipe here. I’ve made a few things from Sally’s site and they are so yummy!



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Stephanie says · 11.22.16

I was just looking for some new cookies to try for Christmas. I might have to give this to my baker…I mean….SO. 😉

Viola says · 11.22.16

Great cookie swap idea and thanks for the sharing the recipe!

Bri McG says · 11.22.16

What a wonderful idea! I love discovering simple ways to make classics more fun! (Snowcaps are my favorite movie theatre candy too!)

Blush & Pearls says · 11.22.16

Love the snowcap touch! These cookies look almost to perfect to eat (almost).

Kate says · 11.22.16

They almost were! 🙂

Marta says · 11.22.16

They look so good! I think I’m gonna try them out!

Leeann says · 11.22.16 Reply
Charmaine Ng says · 11.22.16

Thank you for the recipe recommendation! These DO look very festive and just right for the holidays.
– Charmaine

Aleeha says · 11.22.16

Ooh, these look yum! So delicious!
Aleeha xXx

Corinne says · 11.22.16

These tasty cookies are just perfect for the holidays! Would love to try these. Thanks for sharing!

Jackson says · 11.23.16

Great cookie swap idea and thanks for the sharing the recipe!

Marie Penrose says · 11.26.16

Mmmmm. I’m sold! Totally making these tomorrow – got a few friends coming over for tea and cakes… but these cookies look much better than a shop-bought sponge. Great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Wildfire Charm says · 11.27.16

Thanks for sharing this recipe. They look so cute and delicious 🙂

Katie says · 11.28.16

I made them last night (just reg choc chips) & they are the best I’ve ever made…& maybe ever eaten! Thanks for sharing.

Martin says · 11.29.16

These cookies look almost to perfect to eat Love the snowcap touch!