My sister is getting MARRIED!

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Mike popped the question! And the love birds are getting married!

I couldn’t be happier orΒ more excited for Lauren and Mike, and I’m already dreaming about her wedding day hair. . . !


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Franzi says · 11.22.16

woooohoooo πŸ™‚ congrats to Lauren from Germany! πŸ™‚

Lisa says · 11.22.16

So exciting! I think a lot of your readers, and hers, have been waiting for this! They look like a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to read about all the wedding prep. Congrats to them!

Sarah Chavis says · 11.22.16

Congratulations Lauren & Mike! I wish you two nothing nothing but the ultimate best! Sending hugs from Pittsburgh!

Alyssa says · 11.22.16

So exciting!! Congratulations to your family! I’ve been wondering what you’d be planning for her hair!

Marta says · 11.22.16

Congrats to them! I hope they live a great life together!

Tiffany says · 11.22.16

Congratulations to Lauren and Mike! Sibling weddings can be really fun! She will be a beautiful bride. πŸ™‚

Rosa Otterstetter says · 11.22.16

Congratulations to Lauren and Mike!! They make a cute couple<3
And so do you and Justin, Kate πŸ˜‰
You must be so excited for your sister and also about doing her hair on her wedding day!
Now I can't wait to hear about their wedding and look at the pictures!!

Katie says · 11.22.16

Congratulations!!! They are so cute!!! I hope Lauren will do some fun wedding post on her blog! =)

Fran says · 11.22.16

Ahh! So exciting! Yay for Lauren, amazing news!

Patti says · 11.22.16

Awwww- awesome news! Congrats to the happy couple! (How is it that my day is made with this news about people I don’t even know?) Thank you for sharing!

S says · 11.22.16

Woohoo! Congratulations to them from Chicago! πŸ™‚

Christina says · 11.22.16

How exciting! Congrats.

Stephanie says · 11.22.16

Very exciting! Congratulations!

Karly says · 11.22.16

Yay!! Congrats guys

Julie says · 11.22.16

Congratulations to all, from Germany! πŸ™‚

Nikki says · 11.22.16

I’ve been reading both of your blogs for so long, I feel like a family friend. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this news and I’m so excited for them both! Congratulations, Lauren and Mike! <3

Dani says · 11.22.16

Hahaha I am so glad I am not the only one, Nikki! I feel the same way!! I always tell my husband my “friend” Kate- he then quickly reminds me we aren’t really friends in real life LOL! Congratulations Lauren and Mike!

Shari says · 11.22.16

This looks like a jcrew factory ad 😍

Breanna C says · 11.22.16

Marriage is such a blessing! Congrats to your sister and to the whole family on gaining a new brother/son!

Anna says · 11.22.16

yeah!!! Congratulations! They are adorable πŸ™‚

Sarah B says · 11.22.16

Congratulations to them! I love how close it seems like you are with your sister – reminds me of me and my sister! Have fun planning her wedding hair, I’m sure it will be gorgeous πŸ™‚

KellyG says · 11.23.16

YAY! So happy for both of them. I follow both you and Lauren on Instagram and Snapchat and I just love following along with Mike and Lauren when they travel, etc. They seem so perfect and their children will have beautiful smiles and fabulous teeth – they both have brilliant smiles. Congratulations to the happy couple!

micheal says · 11.23.16

Congrats to the happy couple! (How is it that my day is made with this news about people I don’t even know?) Thank you for sharing!

Momzi says · 11.23.16

OH DEAR !! I used the wrong kids name !!! SORRY .. LUKE LUKE .. he’s adorable. Oh my .. SMH !! I call my kids by the wrong names too.

Lauren says · 11.23.16

Congratulations Lauren and Mike!

Mel says · 11.27.16

Soooooo sweet!!!! Congrats!!!

Mel |